Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 30

30th Law Of Power : Make Your Accomplishment Seem Effortless.
Five Yeas Later...
September 22nd 2017, 5:55pm.
Looking at my small room, my childhood room, a room I so much used to love, I cant bring myself to feel anything other hatred. I can't let anyone tamper with this lady now like they did with that little innocent girl that used to stay in this room. Not any more and am going to make all of them pay for every single drop of tears that she had shared in this room, on that bed.
Now am a lady of prestige, a woman with power and I will make him burn with my fire.
I had returned earlier this morning but I didn't come here straight away, instead I went to visit my dead twin's grave. For the first time in my 20 years of existence, I actually went to his grave. Mum had tried all these years to make me visit his grave with her but I had always gaven her one excuse or the other but today, he was the first person I went to see when I get back to this country. I had to let him know that I finally have grown up and not a weakly anymore.
I can't help but to image the look my stupid father will have on his disgusting face when he sees me. Nobody knows that am back. I didn't see mum when I came back, that stupid woman that thinks she knows everything when she's actually an idiot and so full of shit. I haven't even called my so called brother for over five years now and I heard he's in Nigeria too. Such an idiot and a waste for men species. Well I don't care about my bunch of useless family especially my mum and my brother. What I care about right now is Mr Obinna Adiekwu! The beast that calls himself my father. I didn't just went through the stress of taking that flight to land here In Nigeria to see their sorry ass family reunion faces. Yuck!
I want to show the monster how much of a heartless woman he has succeeded In turning me into cause I will make sure he pay with his life. Only his blood can pay for my tears, my blood and my five years of a normal life. I will like to see their faces when they finally see me here especially Chima and my shameless mother. The gate man was even shocked to see me so I can only imagine the same thing for my happy family who probably thought am dead. Oh was dead actually. Nah I can't possibly die without making them pay for ruining my life and turning me into a monster myself.
They made me turn into a woman I don't even recognize so I might as well use this woman I have turned into right now to finish the game for them. I can't believe they are my family and yet they couldn't believe me but instead they choosed to mock me and turn me into an item of mockery. Putting me in that cell hole of a place instead of school. I begged them, I pleaded and told them I wasn't going crazy or running mad like all of them had assumed but instead they said I was turning into a crazy girl and so I shouldn't be part of the family or live with them cause am going to disgrace there stupid family name.
I spent six months in the psychiatric hospital for some sickness I didn't even have and that didn't even move the idiot I called father. Instead he encouraged it and had me locked up and forced to take those dangerous injections and drugs. Well fortunately for me, I was able to escape and now am back after five years of not being here. Hahaha I will love to see their sorry ass face when they get back from wherever they went to.
“ Ama? ” I heard someone call my name behind me. I must have really gotten lost in my thoughts to have not noticed that the door have opened and my angelic mother had walked in. I didn't even hear her foot steps.
“ Ama? Is that you” she asked again. Is she an idiot? Who else owns this ugly room am standing in? Oh it actually belongs to Ama, that naive Amarachi of a girl. So I turned gracefully to face her. I have to correct her mistake. The name has changed and so has the destiny of that little sweet innocent girl they took advantage of.
‘“ is Bianca Adams now and not Ama m-u- m? ”’ I made sure to emphasize the my last word. Am not so sure if I should really call her mum, sounds strange.
“ Woman who are you speaking to? ” I heard another voice behind this strange looking woman in front of me. Oh I think I know who it is.
“ Ama? ” I hear his ugly voice call with shock written all over his face. He must have really thought that I was dead. Hmm now that makes it more interesting. Finally the man I have been waiting for. Now where the heck is that excape of a fool called my brother cause I can't wait for this family reunion meeting or whatever they call it.
“ Ama? ” I heard another voice behind the two idiots standing like status in my room.
wow finally who do we have here? Almighty Chima is here too. They must have really went out together since they all came back at the same time. forgetting there sweet daughter I guess but not to worry cause am here now.
“ Nay…Is Bianca Adams now. Am very sure You're familier with the name Adams so yes I know you know the Adams am referring to... Sweet family ” I mocked at their faces. Now let's see how this goes.
* * * * *


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