Monday, 18 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 3

"Daddy Daddy! Welcome sir " I heard Chima shout with excitement in his voice. I groaned loudly. Just great! i rolled my eyes out of jealousy. He beat me to him first and now he's going to tease me with it later which by the way, is really annoying. I lazily dropped my drawing book and stood up.
I have been drawing all day, I kind of didn't have any interest with reading any romance fictional stories today so I stick to drawing anything I can think of. I think my drawing book will soon be filled with all this things I have been drawing here.
My dad had told me once that my talent in drawing is really amazing and that if I want to, I could study Fine and Applied Art or go for Architecture. But I just can't see my self making a living out of drawing or may be am just scared that I might not be good enough for my clients. I had wave the subject off, when I get there, we figure it out. I had assured myself.
As I come closer to the living room, I saw my brother showing something to my dad from his book. The boy just likes to brag about being in senior year. He just got promoted to S S S l, and trust me, he never gets tired of talking about how their Biology subject is more advance than ours, the juniors. Well I just got registered to his school, J S S l to be precise so I don't really understand it when he talks about physics, chemistry or statistics. Though am happy with the fact that am finally in secondary school, I just hope, that those subjects he always mention, are as easy as there names sounds.
“ Daddy welcome!” I said way to loudly just so I could distract what they are doing. come on…the girl needs her dad's little attention.
“ hey my princess! Come to daddy will you. ” he said, pointing towards the space between Chima and himself. I smiled victoriously. Now tell me who has won this battle.
“ Amarachi come and help me carry this food to the dinning! ” I heard my mum say. I can't help but to sigh at her bad timing. I just won Chima and she had to ruin it. Well my mum can be dramatic sometimes and I don't want that now, do we? so I quietly stood up and headed straight to the kitchen to help her like a good daughter does. I hope I am though.
* * * * * *
We were having dinner in a total silence until mum broke it with her question “ darling have you told him what his aunty said? ” she questioned, staring at chima who looked less interested with what they were saying but trust me na... I so much want to know why she will be asking my dad a question and be staring at Chima like it was meant for him.
“ what ” my dad asked looking slightly lost for a moment and I nearly concluded that he had no idea what his wife was saying.
“ oh! No I haven't, is still far sweetheart ” he smiled and continued digging through his Food. We were having fried rice and chicken, yeah my favorite but only when is cooked by mum of cause. All those lylon bags my dad comes back home with sometimes, taste quite different from mum's cook
“ I think he should know so that he will work harder on his grade ” mum said.
“ his grade is just fine honey and sure why not. ” dad smiled at Chima and I felt a slightest hint of jealousy in my stomach.
“ Chima your Aunty Ruth wants you to join her in California when you are done with your Senior WAEC. You are going to continue your studies there. Engineering right? ” Dad asked, looking happily at Chima who looks so shocked to say a word.
“ yes yes Dad! Engineering of cause and thank you Dad, please thank Aunty Ruth for me.” Chima said, looking so excited. I frowned, why is no body saying anything about me or my future. Well unless you count that time that Dad suggested or should I say complimented my drawing skills. Of cause that doesn't count right?
Oh by the way, Aunty Ruth is dad's younger sister, who got married to a white and relocated completely to California. She actually meet her husband when she was still studying over there, according to what dad told us. Makes me wonder if Chima is going to meet a white girl there too, and probably gets married to her just like Aunty Ruth? Since he's going to be studying over there.
“ oh you can call her your self, I actually bought you a new phone today, so you get the SIM card registered and then call her. ” dad smiled.
Now that's it! Everyone has completely forgotten that am here, and look at all the attention and gift chima is getting. I groan, I so much want to go back to my room and cull on my bed, draw till I forget this drama.
Oh come on Amarachi who is being the drama queen here now? I pinch myself.
“ thanks dad, you're the best and I will definitely register the SIM tomorrow ” he grinned.
Now he's finally a big boy. I thought as everyone concentrate back to their meals. I kind of lost my appetite. I sighed loudly but nobody seems to notice or so I thought until I saw my dad staring at me strangely like he knows what am thinking or he's just thinking something else. Which was kind of weird but I ignored it and turn back to my food and the night went on like that.
* * * * * *
Law Of Power Number 3: Conceal your intentions.


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