Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 29

29th Law Of Power : Plan All The Way Till The End.
'“ Her mum said she will be staying there for a while until she gets better ” KC said looking at his friends. He still can't believe that Ama has been admitted in a psychiatric hospital.
“ I can't believe this! I know she has been acting really weird but she's not crazy right? Right? ” Angela asked her friends again. Amina have been really quiet since the day Amarachi's mum told them everything. She still find it hard to believe, though it has been a week now since ama was admitted to the hospital, she still can't comprehend it.
‘ La ila ha illala Mohammadu rubisobillahi! What is all this ?’ Amina suddenly exclaimed.
“ and the annoying thing is that we can't even visit her. I can't believe we have been friends and yet we couldn't tell that something was wrong with her and now it has gotten to this ehh. Which kind problem be this na? ” Angela said looking really worried.
* * * * *
“ babe latest news dey ooo ” YEMI shouted with so much excitement as she approach her friend. Grinning so much that for a moment Oluchi thought her cheek were going to split out.
“ why do you seem so excited? What's the news please don't tell me is about your crush again cause am tired of that news already ” Oluchi said looking not so interested with what YEMI has to say
“ abeg na me tell you say make you no get crush? I come manage get, you come dey do busy body for my head abeggy no be that one even carry me come here jhoor ” YEMI said rolling her eyes.
“ so... ”
“ have you heard that Ama has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital and that she's really running mad at the moment ” YEMI said looking really serious.
“ I heard it ooo my sister. I heard it today from two of our teachers discussing it In the office when I went to collect our assignment. But babe so finally Ama is now officially crazy? Like really a mad woman…I mean mad girl okwiyanu ehh? ” Oluchi asked looking really amused.
“ na official oo. We now have an ex mad class mate ooo ” YEMI said giggling. the both girls bust into laughter.
“ no be just ex, na future cause very soon, the psychiatric hospital will realize that they can't withhold her so they will let her run away and boom.... She will be running in the market square naked ” Oluchi said.
“ obu ara ooo! ” YEMI said In igbo. Oluchi couldn't spare her a surprise look.
“ since when did you know how to speak igbo, nwannyi ofe mmannu? ” Oluchi teased.
“ I have told you to stop calling me that! igbo woman. ” YEMI teased back and they both laughed again.
* * * * *
Nonso couldn't stop thinking about her no matter how he try. He still can't believe that she's now crazy but how come. He was shocked when he heard the same two girls he over heard talking about her once, saying that she's in a psychiatric hospital now. Is been over a week since she has not been in school and the teachers are taking it like they know why she's been absent but no body is saying anything about it.
Her friends always look sad and distance each time they are in school. Haven't they tried visiting her or something? He kept on thinking. He didn't even notice his mother walk in until he heard her call his name.
“ Nonso are you okay? ” she asked again. She have noticed that he has been acting really out of place for some days now and she's wondering what's been bothering him.
“ mum they said she's crazy. They said she's running mad but why can't I find myself to believe what they are saying ” he said beating back the sob that threatens to come out. He have never felt this connected to someone before.
“ who? ” Amanda asked, hoping is not who she's thinking. She has been wondering why she haven't heard from ama for over a week now. She didn't even know if she have managed to talk to her mum and brother about the rape but she still hoped for the best. The last time she called the poor girl's mother, the woman had told her that Ama won't be needing her services anymore and that she's fine. Even Nonso told her the same thing last week when she had told him to always look after her, so it can't be her right?
“ who are you referring to ” she asked again.
‘“ Ama. They said her parents admitted her to a psychiatric hospital and that she's mentally disturbed but I don't believe it cause she seem so fine the last time we talk. Only that she always look worried and distance but other than that, she's okay. She's even one of the best student our class have so how come, what happened? I just can't figure it out mum ”’
“ oh my God! She must have told them and they didn't believe her instead the accused her of being crazy. God I wished I had taken the step myself, now I don't know what to do ” she says to himself. What is she supposed to do now? She kept wondering and her son seem really lost himself.
“ this is not how is going to be, this is not how it's supposed to be. Don't worry Ama you will definitely have a second chance to make it right but where the heck is she exactly? ”
“ which hospital ” she asked her worried son.
“ I don't know. I don't think her friends were even aloud to visit her. ” he said.
I will find you I promise even if it takes all of me…I will definitely find you I promise. Just hold on for me Ama. She said to herself before walking out of her son's room. Leaving him to his thoughts again.


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