Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 28

28th Law Of Power : Enter Action With Boldness
Isn't he going to say anything? We both have been quiet, going through the text books he brought for the research. The awkwardness is really getting to me and I don't like it.
“ I think I have seen what we need for this project ” he finally said. Oh thank God, I thought he's not going to say a damn word to me. “ let me see ” I said going closer to him. I can smell his perform and is making me feel dizzy. After I have managed going through the page he picked, I came to a conclusion that he's not just brilliant but smart too.
“ okay I guess this will do. We will just make our individual research on it then get back here tomorrow right? ” I asked. Why do I feel like I don't want to go home already and is not just because of my father.
‘‘ I guess so. ’’ he replied reluctantly. He seems a little but lost in his thoughts and is taking all of my will not to ask him what's bothering him. I so much want to touch his shoulder and ask if he's okay but of cause I can't do that or it will complicate things especially since he like flirting with me but for some days now, I haven't seen him flirt with me and I miss that. “ Amarachi what is wrong with you? ” I pinched myself, fumbling with my uniform.
“ should I be worried with why you are pinching yourself and messing with your uniform? ” he said, distracting me from my thoughts. How did he noticed? I thought he was thinking? Was he paying attention to me too? I smiled nervously at him.
“ should I ask you something? ” he said, looking at me closely. I nodded my head in approval
“ do you know my mum ” Jesus! Did she tell him?
“ hey chill, you look like you're going to pass out any minute. She only told me that you both bumped into each other but I feel like there is more to the story than what she's saying and with the way you just reacted, I guess am right. She said I should take care of you and always try to make you laugh, why do my mum want me to watch over you? ” he asked, still looking closely at me. May be he wants to figure out the truth even without me saying it or he want to know when am lying or something.
I can't let him find out or that will be the end of me. Why will Mrs Amanda even want him to do that? I know she's nice but this is my personal life and he might figure that something is wrong and that we are hiding something from him.
“ is nothing, I guess she just want us to be friends. ” I said. That's not really a lie. I just can't tell him why though.
“ seems like it but she doesn't even have to do that cause I want to be your friend ” he said, looking serious for a moment. Why is my heart beating so fast? God I have to leave this place before I do something stupid.
“ I have to go, my mum is not coming to pick me today so I have to leave early in order to get keke before is late ” I finally managed to say.
“ I will give you a ride home and please don't bother saying no cause am not taking any excuse from you this time. Like I said earlier, my mum wants me to watch over you so am going to do just that. ” he stated before standing up and stretching out his hand for me. I looked at his hand for a few seconds before holding it and with that he helped me to my feet.
The ride to my place was quiet, neither of us said a word. It didn't feel awkward instead is more comfortable than I had expected.
When he dropped me to our gate, he had stared at me for few minutes like he wanted to say something but just held himself back.
“ take care of yourself ” was his last word before I get down from the car and he drove off.
* * * * *
"Amarachi who is that boy that brought you back home? "My dad asked breaking the silence that had been among us as we eat our dinner. I had thought he didn't see nonso but I guess am wrong.
“ my class mate and also a son to my therapist ” I said truthfully.
“ so you're still going around with this your madness? Has It gotten to this extent that you are now making stories and telling everyone you see ehh ? I thought you are already getting better ?” my dad said with so much disgust in his voice.
“ dad am not making any stories and I didn't tell anyone this other than mum, Chima and my therapist but we both know is true dad. You raped me! ” I retorted, looking really angry at him. Mum didn't say a word instead she continued her meal like we are not even there.
“ we are taking you to a psychiatric hospital tomorrow and you will be staying in the hospital for for while. I think you need help and they are more than willing to help you. ” my dad said with so much anger In his voice.
What did he just say? “ am not staying in any psychiatric hospital with some mad people ” I retorted. He can't be serious right? God please don't let him do this to me or I might as well just die already.
“ you look very much crazy to me. You need help Ama and your dad and I have concluded that you will be retaking your exams next year cause for now your health is more important to us than your SSCE so please prepare your things cause you're leaving tomorrow. ” I stared at my mum like she just stabbed me. No she actually killed me. For Pete sake what the heck are they saying? My dad stood up and left, leaving my mum and I “ mum please don't do this to me ” I pleaded. May be I can make her change her mind and she will talk to daddy.
“ dear there is nothing I can do. Your dad insisted that you need it and I think he's right cause you're really loosing it and your dad is worried so please just get your things ready ” she said before standing up herself and leaving me to my fate.
That night I couldn't do anything other than cry my eyes out. I crawled on my bed and cried till I couldn't hear my own voice any more. I tried to scream in pain and cry out my sorrows out but my voice got stuck. I couldn't hear it anymore. I picked my drawing materials and started drawing once again until I slept off with one prayer in my heart “ God please let this whole thing be a dream ” but to my dismay, I woke up only to see my dad in my room looking at me with those deadly eyes.
“ get your things ready we are leaving soon after breakfast ” he said with a hard look on his face. I tried to talk but I couldn't hear my own voice. What's going on with my voice? Why can't I be able to utter a single word? I tried again and again but my voice got stuck in my mouth so I gave up and sign what I wanted to say to him.
(“ dad please don't do this to me, am sorry and am not going to tell anyone again ” I find myself pleading. ) I tried signing but I really don't know if he understood what I was trying to say.
‘“ you are even lucky that no body believed you or else you wouldn't be alive right now. ”’ he gritted his teeth. I have lost everything and everyone. I just stared at the man I once called father and hope for just one thing, that one day I should be capable of destroying him just the same way he did to me.
“ get your things ready, I wouldn't want to repeat myself ” with that he matched out of my room and I cuddle myself back to my bed, crying my eyes out again.
“ is this how is all going to end or is this just the beginning? ” I can't let this be the end, I will definitely make it the beginning and all of them will pay for this one day.
* * * * *


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