Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 27

27th Law Of Power : Play On People's Need To Believe To Create A Cult Like Following.
I managed to come to school today though I so much want to be somewhere else but of cause I don't have that privilege anymore. Mum and dad have completely stopped me from visiting my therapist. Dad said it will ruin the family name if I take my madness there. Mum agreed with him even though I pleaded with her not to. I can't call Chima cause he said I should only call him when am done with my madness, neither did he call.
I guess am all alone on this one and there is nothing I can do about it.
“ Ama have you guys started your project work already? ” Angela asked. I have almost forgotten that they are here with me. The two had been worried about my absence in school for two day so they came to my place on Sunday to check up on me and dad told them that am not feeling too well and that they should always watch over me incase I start acting weird or saying weird things, they should call them immediately. Amina had looked at me to be sure if I was okay but I just smiled at her even though I so much wanted to talk to her, my dad never left my side.
May be he thinks am going to say something to them, he even threatened to stop me from going to school if I ever try what I did again and mummy have been acting weird ever since. I can't even look her in the eyes anymore. What am I suppose to do now Amanda?
“ are you okay? ” I felt someone tap me behind. “ Ama Me'ne? Meyafaru? Kinadelafiyane? ” I heard Amina say in housa. She only use housa if the situation is serious and I couldn't grab anything she said other than mene. Which I know stands for “what is it? ”I faked a smile at her, I can't tell her anything even though I want to. She might see me as a crazy person too and I wouldn't want that right now. ‘“ yeah am fine ”’ I replied.
“ you don't look like you're okay. You didn't even hear what I have been asking you neither did you hear us call you ” Angela said, looking really concerned.
‘“ am really fine. What was it you were asking again ”’
“ Ama you have been quiet all through our clasess today and now school has been dismissed but you didn't even hear the bell ring. Are you sure you're okay cause I think you are really loosing it ” Angela said. Did she just assumed that am going crazy? I better leave this place before they label me crazy too.
“ am fine and am leaving, I need to see Nonso for our project. He's probably waiting for me in our study area ” I said, rushing to the door immediately. I heard then call my name but I ignored it and continue with where am going to.
“zaki gia'mini injima kinjikwo? ” I heard Amina shout behind me but I have already left the classroom before I could turn. ( you will tell me later)
* * * * *
“ babe you hear watin I hear today? ” YEMI asked her friend Oluchi as they were walking towards the school gate.
“ what's it? ” Oluchi asked, acting like she wasn't interested with what YEMI has to say. The two girls are known for their profession in gossiping so most of the students try to stay away from them.
“ is like something is wrong with Amarachi ooo, I heard those two agbalingo discussing about how she's been acting really weird like she's going crazy or something. ” YEMI said.
“ I thought as much. Why won't she run mad when she's sleeping with her father ” Oluchi said with hands akimbo.
“ Oluchi! That wasn't what I said ooo. We are not sure if she's sleeping with the man ” YEMI said looking around to be sure no body hears what they are saying.
“ were you not at the birthday party? Didn't you see the way he hugged her? He even squise her butt ” Oluchi rolled her eyes while proving her point.
“ eh I know, I saw it but we are not so sure yet but if is true then she's really going crazy like her friends are suspecting. They even said that the dad called them out and told them that Ama is slowly running mad and that they should be careful around her ” YEMI said.
‘“ how did you even hear that one kwanu? ”’
“ Angela was telling KC and Amina was also there. It turns out that the two girls visited her place on Sunday because of her absence in school on Friday and Thursday though Amina was nonchalant about the whole thing, Angela in the other way is more enthusiastic with the whole thing. KC have been looking for her everywhere since then and I think he's still in school looking for her ” YEMI said.
“ hmm but I saw her going to the roof top, I think that's where she always meet up with Nonso, may be for their project or something. ” Oluchi said.
“ pro watin! Make I hear word jhoor. Who said they are just doing there project there? Me and you follow them go there? Abi we dey there with them? Free me jhoor, make they do watin they want there, is it my concern? Is it my business? When she finally get pregnant, na then her eyes go open wella. ” YEMI mocked.
“ but that girl dey intelligent kwa, why she dey fall my hand like this? Anyway, that's there business. If she likes let her get closer to her father for comfort sake and if she likes let her be sleeping with our school hottest boy all for money. ” Oluchi said
“ yes ooo see you tomorrow dear ” YEMI said after she sight her driver across the road.
“ okay dear take care and watch out for any latest news ooo. I dey your back ” Oluchi teased.
“ Gossip Girl! You like gossip kai.”
* * * * *
Nonso have been waiting for his project partner for close to ten minutes now and he's beginning to doubt if she's really coming. He remembers the way she was acting in class like she wasn't there at all. Through out their classes, he have been trying to see if he could at least see her eyes cause he can be able to tell what she's feeling through her eyes but she has been looking straight at the board but yet it felt like her mind wasn't really at the board. In fact her mind wasn't even in the classroom but somewhere far and he badly want to know where her mind is.
He still remember what his mum said this morning. He still doesn't understand what she meant when she said he should always look after her. Her tone sounded so worried and she looked like she wanted to tell him something but she's only restricting herself from doing so. When he asked her how she got to know a girl called Amarachi Adiekwu in his class, she said they bumped into each other and that he shouldn't worry about that but he should always take care of her and always try and make her laugh.
What exactly is the relationship between his mum and Ama? He kept on asking himself but couldn't come up with a reasonable explanation. May be he will find out when they meet today but that's if she will come.
“ am sorry for keeping you waiting ” he heard a female voice say behind him. He turned to look at her and he swear his heart skipped a beat. He stare at her angelic face. Finally he was able to see her face and lock eyes with her but that didn't last long cause she brought down her face. He frowned at her uneasiness. “ I hope this goes well ” he prayed.


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