Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 26

26th Law Of Power : Keep Your Hands Clean.
I gazed at my mum for the third time after I have told them everything and for a moment I thought my airtime had run down cause I didn't even hear a single word from Chima. They both went mute like they both were on a competition on who will talk first looses the game. The room went completely quiet and the only thing I can here is the ticking of the clock on the wall.
“ mum I thought you said she has been seeing a psychologist so how come she's not getting better instead she's loosing it completely. ” I finally heard my brother say.
What the heck! Did he just say that? And why will mum tell him that am seeing a psychologist? Am seeing a therapist and not a psychologist. Wait did he just say am loosing my mind? Does that mean that they think am crazy? Like am running mad or something.... Wait they don't think am making this up do they.
I never expected them to believe me instantly but I never expected them to assume that am running mad neither so what am I hearing?
“ God my daughter has finally gone mad ” I heard my mum's voice finally. Wait, what did she just say? Why are they freaking assuming that am going mad?
“ mum weren't you monetering her medication? I thought you said she was seeing a freaking psychologist? ” I heard my brother's voice thundered from my voice. For a moment the phone shaked on my hand, scaring the hell out of me. I had to drop it on the bed instantly. What is really going on here?
“ am not going mad Chima and am not seeing any psychologist. Am only seeing a therapist who I told this to and she adviced me to open up to you both. Believe me am not making this up. Daddy freaking raped me. No no no!!! Not raped cause he's still doing it till now and if you doubt me mum, pretend to be sleeping this night and you will see your husband snicking out of your bedroom and coming to mine to rape me again ” I almost shouted at them. They have to believe me. They just have to cause I have prove for Pete sake.
“ so you're saying that daddy rapes you every night? Like our daddy rapes you every night? How is it possible for a father to rape his daughter? ” chima shouted over the phone.
“ Chima please believe me am saying the truth. ”
“ yeah the same way you told me that you were a witch last year right? ” he said and I can feel the disgust in his voice and I know is for me. God that was just a teenager joke but he took it serious and reported me to dad and that was settled with daddy warning me never to say it again or lie again. So why is he bringing that up now. I thought he have forgiven me about that joke already.
“ please believe me ” I almost pleaded. I haven't heard a word from my mum. She look completely lost. Is she going to believe me?
“ am going to call your father Chima cause I think your sister have finally lost her mind ” she finally said. What! No she cant do that. What am I suppose to do now. Tears were just flowing from my eyes and for a moment I thought I saw them too on her eyes before she stood up and left my room without saying a word.
I turned to my phone to see if Chima was still on the line cause I never heard his voice too but to my surprise he's still listening but not saying a word after he had succeeded In labeling me a crazy person. Did mum actually thougt that I was going crazy when she took me to the therapist? Was that why she was always looking at me strangely like I was crazy or something? God! Now they really think am crazy since I have been visiting that therapist now.
“ I think you need help Ama so please do whatever mum and dad ask you to ” my brother said, distracting me from my thoughts. I forgot that he's still on the line.
“ CHIMA please believe me am not going crazy. Is really the truth ” I pleaded with all my heart.
“ you need help from a professional and not me so call me when you have finally gotten that help ” he said and cut the call. I cry as I crawl on my bed, I know this is the last time I will ever call him or him call me. God I have lost my brother! I know deep down in my heart that this is going to be the last time I will ever hear from him again and the mere thought of that fill me with so much pain, disappointment, hurt and anger.
now dad is going to hear about this and I will loose everything and everyone that has ever mattered to me. God is this really my end? Is this really how the story ended? No I don't think so, the story still continues....
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