Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 25

25th Law Of Power : Re-creat Yourself
Staring at my therapist again for what feels like hours but was probably just a few minutes. I can't just comprehend what she means. Wait, is it that she wants me dead or what? cause I don't know how to explain what she just said to me. I had returned today instead of going to school cause am still not ready to go back to school. I know my friends are probably worried but I need to fix my life first and even though my mum don't understand why I have to return here nor skip school, she still dropped me here and here I am, listening to this woman and to even think that she's telling me to do this.
“ Ama you have to tell them. Look, this is how you will do it... Call your brother on the phone then put it on loud speaker then bring your mum to your room and talk to both of them. Hear what they both have to say or you will die enduring this. Look if not that am your therapist and I have agreed not to share your secret with anyone, I would have sued your father myself but that will only ruin your image and you're quite young for that drama now. So talk to your family and let them fight for you in their own way. ”
Can I really do this? But how will I even start?
‘“ what if they hate me for this ”’ I asked hoping that it will make her give me a second option cause seriously I need that right now.
“ Ama that's the only option you have right now unless you want me to do it my way and you know how it will go right? But it will definitely set you free but your family might hate you for it more than this option I just gave you. Trust me your mum will understand why you never told her and she's going to fight for you herself cause you're her daughter so do it ” she stated.
Maybe she's right . That's what I have to do so I nodded my head In approval for what she said and she smiled at me in support. God please help me. Give me the courage to do this, please let me not loose my life nor that of family because of this. Please dear lord, I know I really don't pray or ever ask you for anything but if you help me with this then I will forever worship and serve you even if I have to be your servant in that big church. I prayed in my heart.
* * * * *
“ mum can you come to my room for a while please. ” I asked my mum quietly. Thank God dad is not back yet. She looked at me for a while before finally saying a word.
“ are you okay? ” of cause am not okay and you are going to find out what it is today so just come with me.
“ no mum ” I replied, biting back a sob. I can't break down now or I may end up not telling her anything so I have to be brave and woman up for once. Nah is actually called “manning up or is it man up? Which ever one it is, since am just a girl, is woman up for me. ”
“ tell me, what's wrong? ” she asked, looking really worried and concerned.
“ just come with me to my room please ” I have to do this in my room so that I can just crawl back to my bed and cry to sleep after telling them every thing.
“ okay... ” she stood up and followed me quietly to my room. I went to my phone and dial chima's number and he picked up after the second ring. I immediately put it to loud speaker and trust me, if looks can kill, the strange look my mum gave me when she heard my brother's voice over the phone would have killed me right away.
“ Chima mummy is here and you're on loud speaker ” I quietly said. “ oh. Mum good evening ” he said. “ is there any problem?” he added.
“ ask your sister cause am really confused myself ” my mum said.
“ Chima there is something I want to tell both you and mum and I want you both to just listen till am done ” I said. God! Now this is more difficult than I thought. I sighed not knowing how to start.
“ Ama are you dating someone? ” was my brother next question. Is he okay? Why the heck will he think that I will call them for a family meeting just for some boy? Yuck! That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard him say all his life and not mine.
“ no why will you even think that? ”
“ cause you sound nervous ” well yes of cause I am scared not nervous but how can he even tell when he's not even seeing me?
“ Ama your voice sounds like someone who is about to make a death wish ” I heard him chuckled over the phone. He must be teasing me cause I can imagine him smirking right now. I really miss him so much that I wish he's here right now.
“ enough you two! Now Amarach tell us why we are here ” my mum retorted. huh did she just say why they are here like there is another person here with her. Come on don't tell me that chima's voice also stand as we. I rolled my eyes.
“ I have something to tell you ” I started
“ you have said that before ” my brother interrupted. Can someone please shut this boy up. “ yeah I know and I also remember that I told you to just listen and not talk until am done ” I retorted.
“ okay fine go ahead ” he said. I looked at my mum's face, obviously she's loosing her patience here so I have to hurry up and tell them before she looses it completely and I don't want dad to meet us here.
* * * * *


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