Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 23

23th Concentrate Your Forces.
“ how did you know what I was thinking? ” I stared at her blankly, not giving her any expression. I don't want her to know what am feeling. She might use it against me someday.
“ am your therapist Amarachi and besides am a trained psychologist so I can easily tell what someone is feeling or thinking like you called it. ”she said. well yeah of cause I know that, what was I even thinking? She's well trained in this field so obviously she can tell what anyone is thinking.
“ oh ” I replied still looking at her. I really want to figure her out and it seems like she's doing the same thing too.
“ my name is Mrs Chimuamanda Samantha Obi and I will be your therapist, psychologist or guardian chancellor, which ever one you choose to call it dear but first you have to pick among my three names which one you prefer. ” she said, smiling broadly at me like am some kid who is trying to figure out her name or something.
“ can I call you Mrs Amanda if you don't mind ” she sure have some nice name here but the obi sounds familiar though.
“ you can. Since my name is settled, how about yours ” she said still smiling. Is like she like smiling a lot or is she just trying to make me feel comfortable.
“ my name is Amarachi Adiekwu but you can call me Ama if you want to ” I smiled too. Well since this has turned out to be a smiling competition, am sure going to win this.
“ I will love to. Okay Ama let's talk about you now. ” finally the reason am here is staring at me now.
“ okay am ready so let's start. ”
“ how old are you? ”
“ am 15”
“ I guess you are still in school ” she asked, sounding more like a statement than a question.
“ yes I am, S S S III, Madonna high school ” I replied. May be if I tell her which school am in, she will know that am from a very comfortable home or may be I told her because I want to confirm my suspicion. I want to know if she's related to him in anyway.
“ wow really? My son is also going there. And he's in the same class with you. Are you in science class or art? cause he's in science class, Chinonso Obi but we call him Nonso. ” is settled then! She's his mum and am here? No way I can't do this. What if she tells him everything and my name get ruined In school? No way am so not doing this.
“ oh ” I replied reluctantly.
“ do you know him? ” oh yes I do and he has really been a joker and a pain In the ass.
“ yeah ” I said, sounding not so sure myself.
“ trust me Ama, whatever we discuss here stays here. Am professional and I know what confidential means. Not even your mum will hear about it cause my patient well being is my top priority. ” she stated with finality. Easing my mind a little bit. That's a good start. At least this one is cleared now.
“ thanks. That means a lot to me. ” I replied, smiling at her in relief.
“ so tell me, are you friends with my son? ” she asked smiling. Oh no here it comes.
“ nah your son is really annoying and he likes to tease me a lot. Always looking for my trouble and giving me a reason to loose my temper. ” I said.
“ oh ” she replied, looking really disappointed. Wait was she really expecting me to be friends with her so annoying son. Nah not so happening in a thousand years.
“ my son can be funny but he doesn't really talk to people he doesn't want to be friends with so I think he is just looking for a way to be your friend ” she said, smiling again. Huh? That's like impossible. Does he really want to be my friend but then I remember the way he looked at me yesterday and he waited till mummy came to pick me up.
“ enough of my son now let's talk about you. Why are you here? ” the almighty question is finally here. Why do I suddenly feel uncomfortable to say this. How will she look at me after this? Will it be pity, normal, anger or disappointment? She probably will ask her son to stay away from me right? Well who cares anyway. If anything I want him to stay way too.
‘“ Ama you can talk to me and it won't change anything dear. And during this section, we will have a break where we will just talk about what we love and wish to happen so that we can cheer up other than talking about our problems. Are you okay with that. ”’ she said. Wow this woman is nice, really nice. Her son is so not like her, he's so annoying. How did she even know what I was thinking? She's really good.
“ okay Mrs Amanda ”
“ just Amanda will do. We are friends now ” she stated.
“ okay Amanda. ” I sighed “ where will I start from. ”
“ from the very beginning dear ”
“ is quite long ”
‘“ we have a whole day so I don't mind ”’
“ okay then Amanda, this is my story ” I chuckled sadly.


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