Friday, 29 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 21

21th Law Of Power : Play A Sucker To Catch A Sucker. Seem Dumber Than Your Mark.
Standing here in my room, staring at my bed scares the creeping hell out of me. Crawling on that bed is what I really long for right now but hell! My dad is going to be here soon and all I can think about right now is how much pain he's going to infect in me. Is not making things any less worst with this topic miss Chika, our biology teacher gave us.
“US?” that sounds creepy". It was really difficult assuring Nonso that I was really cool with the topic and that there was no other meaning associated with the topic. Gosh! Who gives that kind of topic to some teenagers to research on? Some perverted students will even practice it if possible but the mere thought of the "rape" word he used disgust me.
He had looked at me, worried that he had said something wrong but I assured him I was okay and totally okay with RAPE. Yuck! But why was he worried anyway. Like he knew me and that he can read me like an open book and that scares me. Each time I look at him, I feel like I have seen him before but hell no! He had this eyes that can pierce through your soul and get through your deepest secrets and that... I wouldn't want to happen.
He had stayed with me till mummy came to pick me up and I had to make sure mum doesn't see him or him getting any closer to her cause I don't want her questioning me. I just feel this strange connection towards him but I just meet him then why do I feel like we have meet before or that we are bound by something strong? I have to stop thinking about him and focus more on my problems. Like how mummy was asking me earlier on today when we had returned same time with dad but I didn't hug him like I used to.
“ Nne are you fighting with your daddy or is my baby girl finally growing up ” she had teased me, without knowing the true secret behind our both behavior. If daddy was still daddy, then no matter how far I have grown, I will never get tired of hugging and feeling excited each time I see him. But now... Jeez I nearly got a heart attack when I saw him come down from the car.
Mum had looked at me weirdly like she was suspecting something and I can't help but to pray that she finds out soon without me reporting this madness to her. This whole thing is just killing me already and I so much want it to end soon. But mum being…you know... Mummy, can never suspect something like this happening under her roof. No body will ever believe that my dad is really capable of this and that's one of the reason why I can't even tell anyone. Nobody will believe me. And I just feel like everything is just my fault, I coursed it all and now am helpless. Please God save me from all these and I promise to love you forever.
The sudden knock on my door Jack me up from my thoughts. Looking at my worst nightmare as I turned, my dad. He's here already? Has mum slept already? Why can't she just sleep In my room?
“ I can see my baby girl is already waiting for me. ” he said with that disgusting smile plastered on his face. A smile I used to love and try to be responsible for but now, all I feel towards it is just disgust, panic and fear for the worst. He came closer and closer to where I'm standing and I just stood there with tears and pain, staring at the man I once call father. He grabbed me and pushed me to the bed. No am not going to let him succeed this night or it will be the end of me. So I pushed him with every strength I have left. Pleading is not an option since it doesn't work on him, I hit him hard on his jaw and for a moment I thought he was going back off because of the pain I had inflicted on him. I definitely saw something like blood coming out from his mouth, I must have hit him really hard.
“ dad are you okay ” I went closer to him. I just can't hate this man no matter what I do he's still my father and I just can't wish him death. What happened next killed that little hope instantly. I touch my cheek in pain as the slap stinks so much. If the slap was painful, the next thing he did is even worse. He punched me on my jaw and blood flowed freely from my mouth and I can't help but to cry In pain. he pulled my pyjamas down so as my pant. I thought he was only going to do what he does best but instead he forced his fingers inside me and that hurts. The pain was so strong and I try to free my self but that's even the worst. Am going to bleed if he doesn't stop. I can still feel the pain
“ daddy please stop, it hurts ” I cry in pain.
“ then next time don't pull that stunt with me cause you will get worst than this ” he said with full bitterness. He look so agitated as he withdrew his fingers from my vaginal. I seriously thought he was going to leave after giving me that much pain but no! He forced himself on me and go on and on until I felt the same feeling I usually feel In my stomach each time he wants to stop. Same thing coming from him that ends up in my stomach and is so cold. He just stared at me for some seconds then stood up and dress himself up before leaving without a single word from him.
“ am not going to let this continue. I have to talk to someone, I need to talk to someone. Mummy, Chima, I want to talk to you about this or I will die in silence. I have to talk to them or this will be the end of me. My Death, My Story, My End, And My Life ” I cry out loud as my body shake in freight and.... Something else.... Something horrible is going to happen.


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