Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 20

20th law Of Power : Do Not Commit To Anyone.
He stared at her as she went back to her seat. Did he say something wrong? He kept on wondering. He was only teasing her but why did she look so affected by what he said? She looked like she was about to cry. Thank God for the psychology classes his mum always make him attend. He can easily tell what someone is feeling and that's why he's very good in hiding his feelings from people.
His mum is the only one that can tell what he is feeling cause she's one of the best phycologists the world has. He stared at her again, something is definitely wrong with her. He thought. But just shrugged it off. He felt like something is connecting him to her but he doesn't know what or why. He just feel so connected to her. “ am going to find out every thing about her cause only then will I know why I feel this connection. ” he said to himself before opening he's drawing book and started drawing.
* * * * *
“ hey what's our topic ” I asked the boy for the third time today. After our last class, I received a paper from that blonde girl that loves gossiping a lot. When I opened it “ meet me in the library” for a moment I thought the paper was referring to her but when I got there it was him. And he has been so quiet and that creeps me a lot.
“ tell me what you don't like ” he finally said. What the hell! How does that concern our topic “ what do you mean ” I asked looking lost. “ our topic is procreation and all the process.” he said “ but I want to know what words or actions you hate so that I will be careful not to irritate you ”
Did he just say that? May be he's not as bad as I thought. “ what angle are we covering ?” I asked, hoping is just going to be among animals or something.
“ all angles. Everything including sex, rape and she said is kind of a sex education or something like that. She said a lot of things and she wants us to cover all aspects of procreation. ” did he just say rape?
* * * * *


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