Monday, 18 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 2

"Must the two of you always fight over which movie to watch? Can't you two settle for something without having to drag or fight over it? " my mum shouted from the kitchen.
Our kitchen is just by the left side of our living room so it wasn't that difficult for my mum to hear our mumbling over the movie my brother had succeeded in making us watch. Me to be precise cause obviously he's enjoying the movie. Which is really annoying, seriously I don't see why boys love superman! The idiot actually thinks he can pull the stunt the man on our television was doing.
Seriously do I need to remind him that this is just some film trick? And his grinning… God… he's so annoying especially since I have to mope around like an idiot. I stared at our television sets, is a flat screen hanging just at the wall. With home theater and V C D set arranged by the both side of the television.
Our living room is well arranged In a way that will really attract even the richest of people. My Dad sure have a good taste when it comes to furnitures and electronics. Actually his taste in every thing is quite a lot. That's why he had to marry a woman who had it all. Well endowed and I can't help but to smile at the fact that I so much took after her when it comes to looks and intelligence.
“ ke ihe na to gi? ” ( what's funny? ) my brother asked in Igbo language, after he realised that I wasn't paying attention to the movie any more but rather I was just smiling like a child whose daddy just bought her an ice cream.
Distracted from my thoughts, I frowned at him. “ what? Nothing. ” I replied way too quickly or should I say sharply cause I still had that frown on my face. He smiled knowing at me, like he just caught me stealing some meat from my mum's pot of soup.
Well that wasn't new. My mind went back to the day my brother caught me stealing some fried meat from the container my mum usually stock her fried meats in. I had actually pretended that I was just counting it for mum's sake but he gave me this same knowing look. Yuck! I can't believe I actually did that.
I smiled broadly at him “ is really nothing, I was just thinking how more annoying this movie can get if I stay here anymore longer than I already had. ” he looked like he didn't buy my fat lies which in a way wasn't really a lie cause seriously am dying of boredom sitting here with him, watching this terrible movie and I think I might really lose it completely if I stay any longer.
He didn't say anything though, he just shrugged and continued his movie. For a moment I thought he was going to change the movie for his little sister's happiness but hey! Who am I fooling here? Of cause he just have to continue with his superman movie. My brother is really set on ruining my evening. I groaned slightly at him before standing and heading to the kitchen to help mum.
At least, cooking or cutting vegetables are more fun than watching an unrealistic movie with an ambitious brother. The guy's dream is just so big for his tinny head. Just joking but trust me, he dreams a lot. From being a future footballer star, to being a movie star and then there is him bragging about his looks to an extent that he thinks every modelling agency will be eager to have him. What! Seriously does that guy seriously thinks he's good looking, then what happens to his small tinny little head? Ah before I forget, there's his recent obsession with engineers but he's kind of serious with this one and daddy is even supporting him.
That left me with one thought or rather a question actually. What do I really want to be in the future? What do I want to do? I asked myself this same question over and over again as I head towards mum In the kitchen.
She was busy cutting the vegetables. Something I came to help her with cause trust me, that's the only thing I can actually do in this room right now. Am still learning how to cook and mummy isn't making things any easier by not letting any of us close to the kitchen.
Okay may be is my fault, I nearly burned down the house on a certain day like that and since then, mummy have been too tight with her office. The kitchen. I have had these thought about getting married to a super rich, handsome and caring man, who won't let me any close to the kitchen and probably will be doing the cooking himself when he want to of cause. And also he won't let me work cause we have all the money In the world. Mmm... Like a multi billionaire or something. I chuckled at my own thoughts, now that's quite much for a dream. Not every one is as sweet as daddy, mummy had said that once. Wake up Amarachi! I gulped when mum turned and gave me that look that say “ I know what you are thinking ” I smiled shyly at her and turn back and head straight to my room.
I think reading will be the perfect thing to do since am not really needed in both the kitchen and the living room. Drawing or reading a romance novel on my wattpad will be a perfect distraction until daddy comes back. I smiled as I stepped Into my small room.
* * * * *
2nd Law Of Power :Never Put Too Much Trust In Friends. Learn How To Use Enemies.


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