Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 19

19th Law Of Power : Know Who You're Dealing With. Do Not Offend The Wrong Person.
I walked in side the class room and is even worse than the attention I got outside the class. Everyone is just staring at me like I have two heads or something.
“ hey Ama come here ” Amina shout from her seat. Now here it comes, the almighty interrogation I had hope I will escape. This is where I use my iPhone to escape whatever it is they are going to ask me.
“ hey guys good morning ” I greeted. Hoping they will just forget it already. But come on who am I fooling? Of course with someone like Amina who love to play her mother role and Angela who doesn't like to miss any information and then there is K C who acts like the best friend he is. Is not possible to escape this so let's just face it.
“ How are you feeling now? Sorry we couldn't check up on you before you left. I was so worried and I thought you won't be coming to school today. ” Amina said in one breath. Huh? They seems really worried and not just to tease me.
“ you shouldn't have come to school today. We were planning on visiting you after school and I was taking notes for you ” Angela said, looking genuinely concerned.
Awww I can't believe I have these people as my friends.
“ what happened? Why did you faint like that? ” K C finally asked.
Now the almighty question have popped up.
What will I do now? What am I going to say and how the freaking hell am I going to escape all these.
“ guys chill down. Am fine now and here look what Chima got for for me ” I said, bringing out my phone from my bag. I hope it works cause that's my only road to escape.
“ wow wo wo! An iPhone? That's huge Ama. I thought your brother is still schooling, how was he able to afford this? ” Angela asked, staring at the phone in aww. She collected the phone from Amina who had rushed the phone first.
“ look Ama we are going to switch phones okay ” K C stated. I rolled my eyes at what he said. “ that's my birthday gift young man and am not switching any phone with you even if I want to. ”
“ why not? ”
“ cause my mum is going to kill me. She has been over protective of the phone so if I tell her that I switched it with my loving best friend K C, guess what she will do ”
‘“ she will chop off my head I know. I can't even imagine my sexy body without my cute face on it. ”’ k c said way quickly.
“ ptfft. You wish ” I roll my eyes at him. What's up with boys and thinking they are cute all the time. My brother never woke up from that dream and now K C thinks he's cute too. Whatever but at least nobody is saying anything about the new kid. I looked at the girls who were busy pressing the phone like they have not seen an iPhone before. Their parents actually own an iPhone each so why are they acting like kids when their parents can actually afford that for them if they want to.
“ girl for a moment we actually thought you fainted because of Nonso ” Angela said still glued to the phone she is typing whatever in it. Thank God she isn't looking or else she would have seem my expression at what she just said. God am boiling up.
“ hahaha very funny! Why will I faint for some kid? ” I started fumbling my uniform as always. Am starting to get used to fumbling my skirt anytime am nervous.
“ I don't know. We just thought that. Any way I think I like him already cause he carried you bridal style to the clinic ” she grinned raising her face for once ever since I gave her the phone she actually dropped it. Wait! What did she just say? He carried me to the clinic? Oh my God! Now I wish I didn't come to school today. Now he will have something to tease me with but wait why didn't he mention anything like that when we saw at the gate?
“ Ama are you okay? ” Amina asked. Now she has dropped the phone too. I guess I must have zoom off again.
Speaking of the devil. He walked in with two guys and to my surprise, he's actually laughing at whatever the other one is saying to them. Wait he had made friends already. He seems so quiet that I thought he won't make any friends.
Our eyes locked for a moment and he looked at me weirdly like he's thinking of something but just shrugged then he winked at me. I didn't know that I have been staring at him until now. Damn! Keep making him think you are stupid Amarachi.
‘“ hey you can just go and say thank you than staring at him like that. Go up to him and tell him you are just grateful and not drooling over him like he probably thinks ”’ Amina said. She's right. I think I should set the record straight and not complicate things so I did what a normal teenager will do. I stood up, walked up to him majestically of cause. I wouldn't want him to think that am nervous now do I.
He looked surprised for a moment. May be he wasn't expecting me to come to his seat.
“ hey don't tell me you can't wait to confess your feelings for me. You could have wait till later when we meet up ” he smirked.
I hate how he smirk and what is he even saying? Confessing my feelings to him? Are you kidding me Mr new kid! Well let's play along then, doesn't change anything anyway.
“ oh no don't worry about that. Am just here to say thank you for carrying me to the clinic yesterday. ” he looks like he wasn't expecting a thank you from me. What does he really think of me? A bad person? Well that's him and not me. I was just about to leave him to his thoughts when I heard him say something.
“ what? ”
“ let's meet after school today ” he repeated. But why do I have to meet with you after school?
“ hey stop having negative thoughts. Am talking about our group project ” he explained. “ oh ” God I just made a fool of myself right now. The ground should just swallow me already.
“ what were you thinking anyway? That am going to rape you? ” he tease. I stared at him shocked. He didn't know the effects of what he just said. He didn't mean it. He didn't mean. He's probably teasing you without knowing it so don't cry Amarachi. I tried my best not to show any sign of weakness.
“ I guess I should go now and thanks again ” I finally said with every composure I have left. I stormed out on him and booom.... To my seat.
* * * * *


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