Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 18

18th Law Of Power : Do Not Build Fortresses To Protect Yourself -Isolation Is Dangerous.
“ dear are you sure you want to be in school today? We can just go back home if you want to. ” my mum said for the third time today. She had insisted that I stay at home and rest because of what happened yesterday but no! I can't have that. I would have loved it but my dad is staying at home today and his presence irritates me. I can't stand to be in the same house with that monster even if it means coming to school and being stared at by your class mate for fainting In class then so be it.
“ mum I have told you already, am fine and I think I will do just fine in school so don't worry cause I got this. ” I grinned. Mum can be a drama queen sometimes so if you want her to stop worrying over anything, you just have to smile like you won a lottery or like someone whose crush just noticed her existence. Our car is still parked at the school car park and we are still inside talking while others are heading to their various class. Oh I missed the school assembly ground, all thanks to mum who thought it was necessary to meet with her doctor Friend before going to school.
“ okay then. Call me if you start feeling strange okay? You're with your phone right? ” she asked, daring me to say no. May be because I left it at the dinning table yesterday but she really don't have to remind me again especially when that's the only thing I will use to distract Amina, Angela and K C over what happened to me yesterday. God! The probably think that something is wrong with me or that I fainted because of the new kid.
Seriously? Why the freaking hell will I faint because of someone. I just hope that am really fine cause this is not Nollywood for Pete sake, people don't just fainted for nothing right? Whatever. I know am fine cause I can feel it and if anything is to happen to me, it's all my dad's fault.
‘‘ okay mum see you later ’’ I hugged her, unlocked my seat belt and then opened the car door while I step out. I started walking towards my school, everyone in the school hallway is just looking at me strangely.
“ pfft! have the rumour spreed this far? Am surprise it didn't get pass the school gate or something. ” I mumbled pretending not to care if anyone is looking at me. Suddenly everyone started staring behind me with awwww and that crisps the hell out of me.
“ what are they really looking at? Definitely not me ” I did what a normal teenager will do, I turned to look at the intruder who obviously have taken my celebrity title. a Lamborghini sport car just parked exactly where my mum had parked earlier before she drove out.
Wow I wonder whose parent own this car so I decided to watch too. Is not as if am trying to gossip or something. I just want to know the kid his or her parents just dropped with a Lamborghini. That's my favorite car in the world after Ferrari of cause. Everyone gasps as the owner of the car stepped out. He's the last person I expect to come out from that car and most shocking thing is.... He's driving the freaking car himself. For Pete sake he's just a teenager and driving is not allowed in this country as long as you are less than eighteen. Though he's looking quite tall and well build but definitely he should be less than eighteen.
“ I can't believe Chinonso is driving my favorite car. Jesus the fucking Christ! A freaking Lamborghini! My Lambor. ” I can't help but to stare at him in aww too but something just clicked in my head. Am the school prefect and driving is not allowed in school. So I need to let him know this or I will be in trouble if the school finds out that a teenager is driving himself to school and of course in a Lamborghini sport car. Damn!
“ hey crazy fellow are you there? ”
Jeez! I must have been lost in my thoughts again cause I didn't even notice him approach me and now he probably thinks that I was admiring him or something. No I have to correct this before he starts entertaining some strange thoughts.
“ I can see you drive yourself to school new kid ” I stated. Trying to compose my self so I don't end up looking like am nervous or anything. The last thing I want right now is to give him another stupid impression.
I think something clicked in his eyes. He's expression changed but I couldn't point what it was he was feeling before he smiled weakly at me. “ yeah got any problem with that ” he asked, sounding like he's tired of standing here with me. My mind went back to when he said I was boring so may be he thinks am boring again.
“ is not allowed here. You are a still in highschool and even the country forbid it. You are a teenager for Pete sake and teenagers are not allowed to drive both here or anywhere Mr Obi ” I stated with finality. He should listen to me but if he doesn't then I will make him if I have to. I can't just let anyone be a reason why I will be scolded by the school principal.
“ Ama Ama, don't tell me that after recovering from fainting because of me yesterday now you are approaching with the school rules? Do you wish to faint again? I can make it happen ” he winked at me.
Crap! Bullshit! He thinks I fainted because of him yesterday? God this is so embarrassing. What even made me approach him? Because you need to set him straight Amarachi. Right now I just wish the ground will open and swallow me. You know... One of this earthquake that usually happens in any of these strange countries? Yeah right. I just want it to happen right now and swallow me up cause this is so embarrassing. Does everyone think the same thing too or is it just him. I wish is just him but If I know my friends very well like I do, well then they also think the same thing.
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