Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 17

17th Law Of Power : Keep Others In Suspended Terror. Cultivate An Air Of Unpredictability.
“ Ada bia nso'o. Come and sit here ” my mum said while holding the chair for me.
I totally made a fool of myself today in school by fainting. Just because I was paired with our school hottest boy. When I woke up, I was in the school clinic and that was where my mum picked me up. I didn't even get to see Amina, Angela and K C before leaving and now here I am, In the dinning room, receiving all the attention I have always wanted but why do I find it disturbing?
I use to love my parent's attention, especially my dad. Yuck! Now I just feel nothing other than hate for the two of them. My mum for not being there nor noticing that something is wrong with me or her husband and dad for.... You know being dad the monster that he is now.
“ eat up sweetie. You need all the strength you can get right now. And here is your phone, I got the SIM registered and your brother wants you to call him later. ” she said. Sitting down herself and we started digging through the food. I don't really care about the phone she dropped on the table, neither do I care about chima. All I care about right now is to finish my meal then head straight to my room and cuddle myself to sleep or think about my misfortunes.
The more I swallow the food, the more bitter the food taste in my mouth. I tried enduring the taste but I don't think I will keep up with it any longer. “ mum am done ” I said while standing up.
“ are you okay AMARACHI? ” she asked looking genuinely concerned. I faked a smile at her just to get her off the case. “ am fine. ”
“ are you sure? You know you can talk to me just about anything right? ” she asked. Can I really talk to her? Will she believe me without judging me or doubting me? I bet she will. She wasn't there when I needed her.
“ mum am fine. I will just be in my room ” she looked at me closely like she's going to get all her answers from looking at me that way. She probably don't believe me but she just shrugged and that gave me the signal to leave.
How the heck am I going to explain why I fainted to my friends? I don't even know how I ended up in the clinic but that's not even important right now. Why the freaking hell did I even faint in the first place? That's so weird cause I have never fainted before.
Suddenly I heard my door open and that startles me. I know just one person that will be responsible for that but to my relief, is just my mum.
What is she doing here? I don't have any strength to talk right now. “ is there any problem mum? ”
“ I should be asking you that. ” what does she mean by that? And the way she's looking at me.... Makes me feel anxious and nervous.
“ you just forgot your birthday gift from your brother on the dinning table ” she stated but why do I feel like she's accusing me or something.
‘“ oh that's it. It skipped my mind ”’ I tried collecting the nylon bag from her but she didn't let go. “ Ama this is one phone you have been asking for and you are telling me that it skipped your mind? Amarachi ke ifeo? ” ( Amarachi what is wrong) I swear I nearly broke down by the tone of her voice. She seem so worried and concerned. So helpless and confused. It took all of my will to not tell her the whole truth. My life, her life and my brother's life are all at stack here.
“ Mummy Adimma. Am just tired ” I smiled then I opened the nylon bag and bring out the phone pack. ‘“ oh my God is an iPhone ”’ I almost screamed.
“ wow! I think you should call your brother and thank him ” she smiled broadly at me.
“ sure. But how was he able to afford this? He's still In school ” I stared at the phone with full surprise.
“ I think your aunt helped him out and she bought you some clothes and jewelries too ” I smiled happily, hugging my mum with every strength I have. I think this phone have managed to cheer me up seriously. And thanks for my emergency fainting cause I think dad will not disturb me this night. I know my mum will definitely tell him but who knows right? A monster doesn't really care about anyone or their feelings right?
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