Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 16

16th Law Of Power : Use Absence To Increase Respect And Honor.
It took another five minutes before miss Chika Uto, our Biology teacher walked in. what took her so long? I have already given up that she's going to come today.
“ class am sorry am late. Hey! No biology text books or note books today ” she smiled broadly at us which to me is really weird. No please don't get me wrong, I know that miss Chika is the nicest of all the teachers I have had since junior year but come on...“ no text book and note books? Is she planning on given us an emergency text or what? I haven't even attended her class since resumption. ” I thought.
" am not teaching today if I am, I would have been here a long time ago. Am going to give you guys a topic for your project and you have to researched on it then prepare for your future practicals. We only have until next term to prepare you guys for your WAEC, cause as of next term, it will just be all about revision and some extra lessons for the whole senior year. ” she explained and that made everyone drop back their books and notes.
“ good. I was thinking of making it a group project but since some of you are not serious, I think pairing you to a partner will work more better cause I think it will make everyone participates in it. ” she smiled.
God! did she just say pairing? Now I have something that will keep me away from home till night fall. But does that even change anything? He will still come when am sleeping. I groaned.
“ now let me tell you how this goes. You are to meet up with your partner five times in a complete week till the end of this term. Your partner will still be your partner during practicals, next term too. So through out your last year in school, you both have to work together. ” she go on and on with her explanations. I hope am paired with a nice and smart person since he or she will be my partner for a whole year.
“ after am done calling the names, each group will will step out and pick one of these papers, it contains your topic for the research. Have I made myself clear? ” she asked.
“ yes ma'am ” we all said In unison.
Why do I have this feeling of excitement in me, like I will have a nice experience during this project? I think I will like my future partner so please partner just be a nice girl or a nice boy. I will love it more if am paired with any of my friends. Yeah I don't even mind if is Oluchi or YEMI.
Anyone is okay as far as they are not “ him ”
“ now listen to your names and know who your partner is cause am not going to call these names again and if you miss your partner, you have failed both the practical and the project and trust me, you wouldn't want that. ” she smiled at us like she was telling us what happens when a bad child steals her mother's meat from the pot of soup without permission of cause.
“ Amina Ibrahim you are with Emeka Obi.
Angela Daniels is with Oluchi Okoro
YEMI Bola you are with Kelechi Eneh ”
“ damn! Don't tell me am stock with that talkative? ” I heard K C groaned behind me. I chuckled at his misfortune. I can only hope that am not going to end up with some one worst than he's.
“ Hannah Montana is with Solomon Daniels
Tim ikeokwu is with joy Nndubuisi ” she went on and on, calling and pairing each name with a partner and I patiently waited for mine to be called. Am tired of being nervous and anxious of who my partner is and I seriously pray I will like him or her cause I need all the distraction I can get or I will die of this guilt, sadness and pain that I feel each time I see my mum. I can't even talk about how frightened I am each time I see my dad, the monster that calls him self my daddy.
I think I must have thought too much cause the name I heard her call next shocked me to the core.
“ Adiekwu Amarachi you are with Obi Chinonso ”
What! I stared at her, totally shocked with what I just heard. I take back what I said about her being the nicest of all the teachers I have had since junior year. I think I hate her now. As she keeps calling the rest of the names, my mind wasn't paying attention anymore. It went blank. The only thing in my head right now is who she paired me with. I felt my eyes going blurry, it feels like the class room is spinning around and am totally lost.
“ what the heck! Chinonso Obi of all people! ” I shouted. That's it, that's it, I have lost it completely cause everyone was just staring at me like am crazy. Probably because of the way I screamed that out. The last thing I was able to see before the darkness took over me and I lost consciousness was his face and the huge smirk plastered on it. “ damn you Nonso ” I said and booom! Everything became black and blank.
* * * * *


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