Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 15

15th Law Of Power : Crush Your Enemy Totally.
“ now Ama tell us what's been killing you inside for some days now. Ever since school resumed, you have not been your self. which is so unlike you cause the Ama I know, always look excited with everything so what's wrong? What changed ” Amina asked, looking genuinely concern.
Crap if she suspect that my trauma is from home.
Double crap crap! if she figure out that what am about to tell her is a lie.
“ what? Oh is nothing. Am just worried about our last exams coming up. You know i have to make good grades right? You know... To join my brother soon. ” I lied, I wish she will just drop it already.
Don't cry. Don't cry. You can't let anyone see you cry again remember? You have to be stronger than this and not break down here. I kept on fumbling my uniform, something I like doing each time am nervous and I don't want anyone to notice.
“ you know that's just bullshit right? Do you really think I became your best friend today? ” Amina asked, glaring at me so hard that for a moment I thought am going to choke to death or her eyes are going to boast out with the way she was glaring at me with all her strength.
“ I.. I-I do.. nt no what you're talking about ” shit! What is wrong with me? I just gave her a reason to doubt me even more. I can't break. I can't break. She will look at you differently if you tell her Ama so don't show any sign of weakness. If anyone is going to find out that am going to break right now, is Amina. The girl knows me to well for my own good.
“ okay I think I know what it is ” Angela chimed in, looking seriously at me.
Crap! Double crap crap crap. Oh no that's triple crap crap crap. She knows she knows, now what? They are going to judge me for what is not even my fault? Just perfect. Just what I needed.
“ you like him. ” she stated with finality.
“ what? ” Amina and I said in unison. I don't even know what she's talking about or who.
“ like what? ” I glanced at her to know which angle she's coming from. What is she even saying?
“ The transfered student. You like him ” she said, sounding so sure. I stared at her like she has finally gone crazy. I knew she's the crazy one among us but I never knew that it has gotten to this extent. Wow! I think very soon she's going to start pulling her cloths off and then booom….straight to the market quare she goes.
Okay may be that's too much but trust me, she sounds like a crazy woman to me right now. And wait, what does she mean by I like that perverted new student? Do I look that desperate to her? Definitely not cause right now, I don't even want to have anything to do with any opposite sex. My father have ruined that dream.
I rather live my life solving mathematics than be with that idiot. Okay may be that's not better either but I rather eat all these nylon fried rice and chicken my dad always buy from those terrible fast food restaurant than to be with that new student. I swear I rather stay all my life eating pizza, meat pie and all these food made of floor and remain single too than to be with that man whore.
“ hey you okay? ” Amina asked. I must have fazed out cause they looked so worried. Well that's Angela's fault not mine. Why will she even think of such a pathetic thing. That's the worst thing anyone has ever said to me. Me, like that boy that nearly took advantage of me yesterday? No way! trust me.
“ huh? Pfft.... Why the hell will you think that? ” I stared at her in horror. Total horror. You know how horrified you look at your screen when watching “ the Walking Dead or Zombies movies? ” that's just how my face stared at her. Yuck! that's ridiculous! Total crap with a triple crap crap crap. I can't believe that my second best friend thinks so low of me.
‘‘ hey! He's not that bad. I mean the guy is completely hot and sexy. Have you seen his body, how build it it? Babe he's so muscular and don't forget that he's super rich too. He makes me think of Jim Iyke!’’ Angela said, grinning like a total idiot that she is right now. God! I wish I can slap that grin out of her face. Well at least that will sure wake her up cause right now, I can't just believe that all this while, I have had a man whore as a friend. Oh wait she's a girl so is called a woman whore... Whatever but right now I feel like strangling her.
“ okay then if that's not it then what? And please stop glaring at me like that before you actually kill me with your eyes you know. ” Angela said “ eyes can kill sometimes too.”
I can only wish. I mean I have a couple of people I would love my eyes to kill but No! They are still breathing and some are even
here with me saying some bunch of nonsense.
“ you seriously don't want to kill me right? ”
I rolled my eyes at her stupidity. Well all thanks to her idiotic behavior, the topic have been dropped cause Amina rolled her eyes at the both of us and concentrate more on whatever it is she's seriously searching for in her bag.
* * * * *


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