Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 14

14th Law Of Power : Pose As A Friend, Work As A Spy.
Madonna high school is one of the richest school in the country and the best private and most expensive secondary school in Anambra state. That's why all the students are mostly from rich home or are super brilliant to win a scholarship.
I walked inside the class with my best male friend in the world, K C. The guy have been talking since we meet at the gate when our both parents both dropped us at the gate. He doesn't even know when to stop or when someone is not in the mood. And they said that girls are the only ones that loves to gossip. well please meet Kelechi Okoro, a.k.a K C. Our number one Gossip Boy of Madonna High. I sighed, am still feeling pain all over my body.
“ Ama did you read the pages that miss Thelma asked us to go through? ” he asked after we sat down.
“ no ” I replied reluctantly. I actually forgot that such thing existed.
“ OMG! Did you just say no? Since when have our brilliant Ama forgets to read? ” he faked horror.
“ K C please don't start before Amina and Angela hears you ” I almost pleading.
‘‘ well I sure heard that ’’ I heard Amina say as she approached us. I sighed in surrender but then someone caught my eyes. Him, the new student. I can't help but to remember my ordeal with him yesterday. He has this annoying smirk on his cute face and then he winked at me before going to his sit. Did I just say he's cute? Well that's not far from the truth, for Pete sake the guy looks like a California model. He sure did come from California. I think “ A Greek God ” suit him better.
God Amarachi you're not supposed to find him cute or even think about him in that way.
“ OMG Ama! Is there anything going on between you and our transferred student here?” K C asked, looking so excited. I couldn't help but to chuckle at his childishness.
“ of cause not. I wish I could switch fate with you right now ” I said, looking seriously at him, meaning it.
“ what about me? Why K C? He's just a guy unless he's really... ”
“ shot up Angela ” Amina scolded and I chuckled.
“ I was just trying to say that she should switch fate with me instead and not some guy cause trust me sweetheart, is easier if you switch with a girl ” Angela said.
‘“you don't know what you are wishing for princess ”’ I said
“ why not? I mean you have a perfect life, a perfect Dad and mum then there is your sweet brother Chima ” she stated and my mind instantly went back to Chima. I have not heard from him since my birthday and I miss him so much. I haven't even opened the gift he bought for me but he told me is a cell phone with my number in it. I think I should really open the phone today when I get home.
My mind went back to yesterday when I was taking Nonso around the school....
“ did you just call him Nonso? Amarachi! ” when he told me yesterday to call him Nonso I had refused but now…I don't know.
I stare at the girl who had given me a tour yesterday and I can't help but to remember how it had went.
"This is the administration office," she said as we walked inside said building. "You processed your documents here before you transferred to this school so you must be familiar with this place already. Next is..."
The rest of her words faded away in my mind. This was so boring.
Why did that teacher had to ask her to tour me? She's so boring and very serious. I haven't even seen her smile and I don't even need this tour right now. I feel like I'm gonna fall asleep on the spot. I don't know how long we've been walking around campus and how long she's been explaining stuff that went from one ear of mine to another. So, I decided to tease her a little. I want to see the amusing expressions on her face. I can't help it. I'm bored.
"You're boring." I said. She stopped. Uh-oh, I think I just sounded too blunt. But I kept on going anyway. "You're so, so, so, so boring."
Why the heck did I just sound like a kid?
An unpleasant look crossed her face as she folded her arms against her chest once again. "Well I apologize for that. I'm just showing you around like what Miss Thelma ordered. What else do you want me to do?" Her tone was impatient and I noticed how she puffed her cheeks in annoyance. She was losing her temper. I found it surprisingly funny but I hid my smile and kept up my straight face. I wonder how mad she'll get? Will she explode?
"I don't know," I put my arms above my head and narrowed my eyes at her. "Strip and dance." She took a step back.
"Keep dreaming!" she retorted
"Then do something to entertain me," I persisted. I said this with a straight face, but I was actually just teasing her.
"I'm not your maid alright?! Don't just order me around!" Her face was looking really angry now. I wonder, will it boil if I do something new to her?
"That's right," I walked closer and closer to her. Because she kept taking steps back, her back ended up against the wall. Looking up close, I noticed that she had a really pretty face. Her eyes were beautiful like the sky and her skin was clear and smooth, her lips pinkish without even a trace of lip tint. I snapped my head out of my thoughts. She really is pretty. What the hell am I thinking? This isn't like me at all.
I held her chin up so she could focus all her attention on me. Instead of being nervous like most girls would, she looked more than pissed.
“ you are the student head prefect and class monitor so am your responsibility ”
Her expression quickly changed. She looked panicked and her face turned red. She slowly escaped from the corner and looked at me half-frightened, half-angry. Shit! What have I done?!
I wanted to apologize for teasing her to that extent, but instead, I scoffed and turned around.
"I was just kidding. You really thought I was serious with you?" And then I clicked my tongue as if I was bothered with her presence. My tone ended up more arrogant than I had intended. I am a complete asshead.
"So you just want to play around with me then?" she spat, venom on her tone of voice. I noticed her clenching her fists and I regretted everything I said. Giving me a last glare, she spun around and left me alone in the an office I can't even remember what she called it. Luckily there was no one there to witness it. I was just staring at the ground until she finally disappeared. Realizing my mistakes once more, I kicked the wall where I seemingly trapped her with earlier until a small crack became visible. The pain on my foot didn't bother me as much as my past actions did.
Damn it, I played around too much. I cooled down a bit but my feelings hardly made any difference on my outer appearance. Having an emotionless face was pretty convenient.
I was at the door of our classroom now. Before I stepped inside, I heard familiar voices arguing over something.“ they are talking about her ”
I smiled again and when I looked up at her again, our eyes locked and I saw something flash in her eyes but it was quickly gone cause she looked down. '“ what was it? Was it pain Or what? It was the same expression she had on yesterday when I held her chin up.” that brought my mind back to what the girls were talking about her yesterday.


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