Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 13

13th Law Of Power : When Asking For Help, Appeal To People' self-interest, Never To Their Mercy Or Gratitude.
The room was very welcoming and tidy. I closed the door and walked in but he was not there. I looked around critically but did not see him. The sound of water coming from the bathroom gave me the answer I needed. I swallowed and adjusted the bed spread which did not look like anyone had lain on it recently. The room had his perfume clinging to it, making me aware of him who was in the bathroom. I heard the bathroom door open and I froze as my heart beat wildly.
He had seen her immediately he stepped out of the bathroom. She was obviously very nervous as it showed on her and her stiff back which was turned to him. The sight of her made his heart quicken alarmingly and he frowned, wondering what the hell was wrong with him. “I thought you would join me in the bathroom or Is that how scary I am. I am not going to bite you unless situation calls for it."
I heard him say, he was flirting with me, I know it. Instantly, I became aware of the slow strides that were drawing closer. I needed no one to tell me that he's behind me. Immediately he got closer , I became aware of his presence in a terrifying way. I knew that he must be standing very close because I could not hear any steps anymore.
I swallowed. “I won’t deny that I didn't thought of it and please situation would not call for anything." I said then turned to look at him. I became iced immediately wishing I had stayed with my back to him. That was the very first time that I would really see his chest. His chest was filled with athletic muscles which depicted power and strength.
He looked alarmingly inviting and try as I may, I could not take my eyes off him. I forgot to breathe as I stared with curious interest; apart from his chest being muscled, it was also hairy. Staying in the room just became more difficult, I thought absently. I turned nervously and raised the blanket up so I could get under in and on the bed but was slow, maybe deliberately slow.
His hand touched my shoulder and I shivered and turned instantly. That was the biggest mistake I made.Standing so close to him now was much more frightening because he was shirtless. He looked totally masculine. Breathing became an impossible task as I gazed at his chest, not able to look into his eyes. He took his hands off me but kept he gaze on me, probing my senses.
“What are you doing?” I asked, my voice barely above a whisper. He was no longer touching me but I still felt the heat of his palm against my shoulder. I could not move away from him also because I was trapped between his massive body and the extra large bed.
“What do you think am doing?” he said
I breathed deeply. “am not thinking anything that's why am asking”
his left hand left his side to touch my hair. I had packed the hair the way I was used to and he so wanted to see the hair without the band. “I think I know what you are doing. You were trying to seduce me ” I said
He laughed. A very melodious laughter that I find sexy and beautiful.
“If I am , is it working?”
“no is not ” I said. he smiled “Let me show you just how much I can seduce you and it will definitely work this time ”
Before I could think of a word of protest, he pulled me into his arms, pinning me to his flat chest. He gazed directly into my eyes, trying hard to control himself. My lips beckoned invitingly but I think he's waiting for me to protest or accept him. He seem determined to never do anything that I don’t agree to.
Slowly, he lowered his head to mine, keeping his gaze steady with what seems like a huge difficulty. He kissed my nose slowly, may be still expecting a refusal and hoping that none would come. I was not about to stop him. No body had ever touched me with such tenderness before.
His lips covered mine as he kissed me with the whole of his heart. All my life, I had always imagined what it will feel like to be kissed by the man who loves and adore me.
He could not resist the temptation again, he buried his hands In my hair and felt it texture as he kissed me hungrily.
“Your hair looks more irresistible when it is without a band” he said as he broke the kiss.
I heard his words and tensed. He must have noticed that am nervous and so he smiled.
“Maybe I don’t want it to be irresistible” I gasped out. Is that my voice? I wondered. The pounding of my heart became louder than any other sound in my own ears.
“It is still irresistible this way” he whispered in my ear as he bites it. I jumped, he laughed heartily, making me look at him.
“What the hell is wrong with you?”
“I don’t know, maybe you can tell me. You are the one responsible for all these, he succeeded In pulling me into the circle of his arms. I squirmed and shook furiously in his arms, brushing my body against his. i was shaking, trying to loosen his hold. My leg brushed against the evidence of his desire and I froze, standing dead still.
He bit back a groan as he stood with a lazy grin on his face. “It is not a good idea to squirm like that in a man’s arms, his body might get a wrong message” He grinned. He released me and I instantly jumped out of his arms. He laughed and then sat on the bed.
I felt shaky and alarmed. He had affected my senses in a very strange way and it frightened the living day light out of me.
“Why are you worrying yourself about that now? I teased ”
“of cause am not. Not when is you ” gleam in his eyes. Before I could think, he jerked me until I fell, sitting awkwardly on his laps. “What are you doing ?” I asked breathlessly
“Would you like me to show you or tell you” his voice was husky with desire.
I could not even think of a reply as his hand moved to loosen my hair. “Your hair is so beautiful” he whispered huskily as he kissed my earlobes. I gasped. He kissed my neck and I whispered his name, not knowing if I wanted him to stop or continue. He raised his eyes which were dark with desire to mine. He could see the desire also in my eyes in my quickened breathing.
He swore and crushed my mouth with his. I responded with equal hunger, not even pretending to be impassive. My slim hand went to his neck and held him close. His hands were everywhere at once and I became lost. He stood up instantly, carrying me in his arms and lain me down on the bed , kissing me as we adjust our position. “I love you, and I will always love you. You are now my wife and the future mother of my kids " he said. And we eased in the darkness. I was happy cause finally I gave my husband my virginity.
The tap on my shoulder woke me up and there stood my father. " God is just a dream" I thought it was real, it felt so real but hey! Who am I fooling? My father, the monster standing in front of me right now have taken my virginity so right now, no man will ever want me. I lazily stared at the man I called daddy and wish that one day, someone will wake me up from this dream too. He just woke me up from my dream so why can't he or anyone wake me up from this dream? This thing he's doing to me? Is it when am dead?
“ what were you dreaming about? ” he asked, smiling knowing at me. He's mere smile irritates me. ‘“ don't worry I will go easy on you right now. Your mum have slept off so let's start ”’ for a moment I wish mummy will just wake up and come to my room.
“daddy this is wrong, please stop. Don't do this to me again, am beginning you in the name of God ” I pleaded with tears.
“ is not wrong. I brought you to this world so I know what is wrong or not and I know what is good for you. Is better I do this than let those useless boys mess you up ” he said, a little agitated.
I knew it was wrong, I know is wrong and if anyone finds out, is an abomination but there is nothing I can do to stop it. I didn't have any straight to fight him cause I know I will only get a slap for trying to, so I let him do it. And again he took what he wanted, leaving me with nothing other than tears and heartache. May be is my fault. May be I coursed all this to happen to me and him and just may be there is still a little hope of me saving us both. I prayed.


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