Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 12

12th Law Of Power : Use Selective Honesty And Generosity To Disarm Your Victim.
“ okay class bring out your text books and note books please ” Mr Timothy said. The man can be very funny sometimes, of cause we were all going to bring out our text books and note books. No one would like to be punished by Mr know all.
“ last week he told us to go and eat and that we should make sure we eat during break. Like we were not going to eat in the first place ” I heard Angela mumbling behind me. If anyone hates Mr Tim then that person should be no other than Angela. It will take an Angel to come down from heaven and clarify this before you will believe that his her uncle. And the funny thing is that they stay In the same house.
Angela is the only one that have managed to score the same mark with me on maths. But I think she might score more this term cause she said something about Mr Tim giving her some extra lessons during the holiday and because of that, she was not allowed to go anywhere. I don't think it have stopped cause she seems so annoyed with him. Seriously I so much understand what she feels. I can't imagine myself sitting to take an extra lessons on maths after enduring it during school hour. Are you kidding me? That's like killing me the second time, trust me is horrible so I totally understand her feelings.
And do you know what is worst? That you are studying an annoying subject with an annoying teacher. He's not cute, he's not funny and he's always serious and that makes me think that this subject is for serious minded people and not me.
“ hey what are you thinking? Mr Tim is asking if anyone can solve that. Don't you have any idea cause right now everyone is looking at you to safe us. ” K C said, distracting me from my thoughts. I must have fazed out again. Wait did he just say solve a math problem? They better start thinking on how to safe their sorry ass cause I got no idea on how to solve this.
“ huh ” I looked at him like he has strange hair or something weirder than that. Which obviously is, cause trust me he looks so weird to have asked me that. Everybody knows how much I hate maths so what's up with him?
“ for Pete sake KC, that's maths you are asking me to solve. You of all people should know how that subject terrifys me ” I stated
“ oh. I thought this new term will be different. ” he grumble.
“ Pfft... Yeah right so different ” I mumbled. I
suddenly hear the class mumbling to themselves. What's up with them? Can't they get it that I can't solve that? Were they actually expecting me to solve it?
“ Ama look. Your new tourist looks like he's going to safe us all. ” K C said. I stared at the new kid like he's from another planet. Today is his first day for Christ sake and he wants to solve a math problem? Is either he's a genius or he has come across that problem before. Cause he doesn't look like someone that is going to make a fool of himself right now.
“ Obi do you think you can solve this? Cause I don't think so. You just started today and here is completely different from your country. So just go back to your seat ” Mr Tim said. Well sometimes I just can't help but to like the man. He sure knows how to bring someone's pride down.
‘“ trust me Mr teacher, I can solve any math problems I come across to and I can solve them more than you can. ”’ the new kid says. What the hell! Did he just say that to Mr Tim
? Oh my God! Mr Tim will so kill him with maths problem today. The last kid that tried this kind of stunt with Mr Tim ended up disgraced cause he wasn't able to solve the second problem Mr Tim brought out. He had to withdraw from school because of that embarrassment and now "him." Am so loving this. Just perfect cause may be he will withdraw too.
The whole class right now look so excited by the drama. As Mr Tim write some questions on the board without saying a word to the new kid. Oh this is so looking bad. The boy took the chalk from him and confidently went to the board and started solving both the older one and the new one too.
“ isn't he going to use a calculator or something ” I heard YEMI ask Oluchi. Yeah that's right. I didn't see him with any calculating machine, not even a cell phone. Nothing at all then how the freaking hell is he going to solve that thing that looks like a world math?
“ good you solved it. Now solve this one too ” Mr Tim write like three more questions on the board again and to my surprise he solved them in less than five minutes with out calculating anything. What the heck!
“ if you want me to solve your whole text book then meet me after school Mr… what's your name again? ” the boy said. Jesus the freaking Christ! Did he just insult Mr Tim?
“ you will go to your seat but after solving this one ” Mr Tim said smiling. Oh no this is so not going to be good. Not ending well at all.
Mr Tim brought out his phone and searched something then he smiled again before writing something that looks so weird on the board. I have never seen something like that before all my life. And it wasn't just me cause the whole class were mumbling on how strange the question is. No single number , just alphabet and some weird drawings.
“ you have just five minutes to solve this and you can get yourself a calculator if you want to ” Mr Tim said. The new kid just smirked then took the chalk and went to the board again. For the first time in my life, I prayed for the new kid and then I closed my eyes cause I don't want to see how this whole thing will end. The class became so quiet, everyone wants to see how he will solve that but me.... No!
“ Ama he solved it OMG! ” Angela shouted and everyone joined her. But they received a death glare from Mr Tim which made them keep quiet again.
“ can I go and seat now? ” the new boy asked looking so bored with the whole thing. I can't believe this. If am this good, I won't be bored with it but instead I will head straight to Abuja and take the seat from Mr President for sure. God this boy is a genius.
“ hope you are not just good In maths but with other subjects too ” Mr Tim finally said, after waking up from his shock.
“ come to me anytime anywhere with just anything and am always ready ” he replied and started heading to his seat. I try to not look at him. I can't afford lucking eyes with him right now. The class were just gazing at him in awe. Did that just happened? Then why is he sitting at the back seats?


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