Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 11

11th Law Of Power : Learn To Keep People Dependent On You.
The bell rings, signifying end of our first session.
“ everyone should make sure to read page 12 and 15 then make out questions from there. When we all see again in our next class, we discuss them. Understood? ” miss Thelma said, arranging her stuff.
“ yes ma'am ” the class said in unison. Then she left the class.
I sighed in frustration, remembering that our next class is Maths. Trust me I don't understand why people study that course In the universities after having to endure it during their secondary school. I know am brilliant and happens to be the best student in our class with straight A's since J S S l with the exception of maths of course. Maths have always gave me a hard time. Sometimes I end up with B or C on that course and believe me, am the only one in this class that have ever gotten that much score.
But for the first time, I hope it last till forever.
I didn't want to tour this crazy new student neither do I want to go home to meet my monstrous father. I sighed in frustration for the umpteenth time today.
“ if I don't know you any better, I will say something is definitely bothering you and is not just about this new student. But he's cute though so I don't know why you are acting up ” Angela who was sitting just beside me said, distracting me from my thoughts. The both of us turned as we heard some girls mumbling to themselves something about the new student. I don't care what they are saying, but I can't help but to listen.
“ hey girls I heard that his uncle owns this school. ” one mumbled “ yes I heard that too but I also heard that he's related to the governor ” the other girl who I think I have seen once said. Oh she's the girl the class mocked once, last term about having a yellowish teeth. Hmm I think she have finally visited her dentist course trust me, she didn't have friends then but now... Well that's if you count some group of Gossip Girls as friends. What are friends for anyway? In gossip and in truth. They continued their gossip about how rich and influential the new boy is and of course they didn't exclude the fact that he's hot and handsome. Whatever!
“ mehhnn…that boy smells of wealth and power ooo. ” Angela said and I chuckled at her words. When things gets serious, she always like to remind us that she's from Lagos. I wish I will visit there someday.
“ if he's a relative of the governor and the owner of this almighty school then I wonder who his father is or don't you think so? ” she said.
“ I won't be surprise if they say his father is Nnam Peter ” I said, rolling my eyes at her behavior. Nnam Peter is the mad man turn beggar who stays across our school. Who cares if he's parents are multi billionaires anyway.
Angela chuckled at what I said “ oh you mean if he's parents are Dangote. ” she said, still staring at the boy.
Earlier, when the teacher had asked him to get himself a seat, I had swallowed my pride and glanced at him to know where he will be sitting and to my surprise, he went for the last sit at the back. I was thinking he will sit with these girls gloating over him or at least the boys in the middle. The students sitting at the back seats are usually known as the unserious students so why choose to sit there or is he a dumb student too. I smiled at the thought of that, well that gives me a leading hand then. Our eyes locked for a moment, I suddenly realized that I had been staring at him for a while now. I had looked back earlier to see what he was doing but then he was just laying his head on his desk but now he's staring at me. I think he must have raised his head up and caught me staring cause he's looking knowing at me then he smirked. I can't help but to chuckle at my stupidity.
“ just perfect! Now I have given him the impression that am admiring him too? Yuck! ”
My mind went back to my father, he had ruin my imagination and any desire to have a boyfriend in future. Not even a husband!
“ are you okay? ” Amina asked, making me realize that I just allowed my tears fall. Oh God! How am I going to escape this? Just then, Mr Timothy, our maths teacher walked in. I sighed in relief “ what took him so long? ” for the first time in my life, I thank Mr Tim in my mind for saving me a long explanation as to why am crying. “ thank you Mr Tim for saving the day.” I muttered.
“ this isn't over, you are still going to tell me later ” Amina said before facing the teacher. "Well that's if you see me later cause unfortunately I have a tourist to tour around and then I will try and escape even if it means running all the way from school to the house" I thought
* * * *


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