Friday, 22 December 2017

The Delicate Episode 10

10th Law Of Power : Infection: Avoid The. Unhappy And Unlucky.
“ Ama you seem so calm what's wrong? ” Amina asked. If anyone is to notice how quiet and sick I feel, is no other than Amina, my best friend. I woke up today hoping not to go to school cause I still haven't come in terms with my body yet and daddy…am still scared and terrified with what he has been doing to me since Friday. He came back as promised on Saturday night when I thought he had forgotten what he said when he and mummy came to check up on me.
He did it again and no matter how I tried to fight him off, he will just slap me and force himself on. The most painful and terrifying one was yesterday, when I tried to make mummy sleep with me, he just have to lie that he's sick and that he wants mummy to cuddle him to sleep and mummy being….mummy, she accepted his plea and left me to my fate. When I needed her the most, she wasn't there . When I needed her help, she choose her husband.
I stayed awake, scared to sleep cause I don't know when he will be knocking on that door. When everyone has gone to bed, I remained awake waiting for this monster I call father, to come just like a thief and steal what is left of me. When I thought everyone has finally slept, I decided to rest my eyes. “ may be he have slept off or may be he forgot what he promised. ” I told myself but just then, my door opened “ I should have lucked it with my keys or something but NO! I choose to leave it open and wait for this thief to come back just because he threatened to kill me if I dare.”
“ hey! are you even listening to me? ” Amina asked, distracting me from my thoughts, no my pains. “ sorry what did you say? ” I asked.
“ I was just telling you how everyone have been talking about your birthday. It turns out that the two Gossip Girls of Madonna High school have been doing a lot of latest gist broadcasting.” she smiled.
YEMI and Oluchi sure can be classified as Gossip Girls but they don't have to cause mostly all my class mates came for the party, so even though they choose not to talk or gossip about it, there are quite a number of people that will.
“ Ama guess what? ” Angela chimed In as soon as she sat close to my seat. She always does that each time she have a news to tell us. “ what? BBC! One of these days we will have three Gossip Girls here In Madonna and not just two ” Amina said, rolling her eyes at Angela who seem so excited to mind what Amina is saying. I like the girl's accent though, she doesn't have your normal housa accent but hers sounds like she's from France or something.
“ babe your birthday gist dey every where and not just our class but the entire school. Everyone thinks your lucky to have a daddy like yours ” she said, sounding so excited.
She doesn't know the effect what she's saying was having on me. it made me feel like a hammer had been hit on my chest. I try my best not to cry or show any sign of weakness. I don't want them to notice anything. To my relief, our English teacher walked in at that moment and saved the day.
But she wasn't alone. She's with someone, a boy and it seems like am not the only one that noticed him, cause everyone gasps.
“ oh my gosh he's hot! ” I heard the girl sitting behind me almost screamed. Well she's not wrong, but I didn't expect them to react that way just for some new kid. “ wait did I just say new kid? In S S S lll? Are you kidding me! ” I thought.
“ okay student, listen up! ” our English teacher, miss Thelma said. “ this is a new student, he was transferred all the way from California and he's going to introduce himself so treat him nicely and please go ahead ” she ushered the boy to us.
“ good morning class, my name is Chinonso Obi and am a transfered student from Highland high school, California and I hope we will all get along. ” he said, our eyes locked for a moment then he winked at me.
‘“ what the heck! ”’ everyone turns to look at me. Then I realised that I just said my thoughts out loud for every one in the class to hear. Miss Thelma gave me a weird look and I gasps, then I gave her a shy smile. It was so embarrassing, especially since the new boy chuckled at my uneasiness.
“ is there a problem Amarachi Adiekwu? ” miss Thelma asked, looking a bit angry at me.
“ no ma'am, I just got beaten by a mosquito ” I lied. What the freaking hell Amarach! Mosquito? Of all the excuses In the world, that's all you can come up with. I pinched myself, I really need to work on my lying skills. Everyone laughed at my stupidity, excluding the new student, Amina and Angela who obviously didn't buy my lie. There is nothing like mosquito here for Christ sake.
“ okay Adiekwu since you are doing a good job making yourself noticed, I think you should show our new student around the school environment later today, for a whole week. ” miss Thelma said nealy giving me a heart attack with what she just said.
Did she seriously said that? How the freaking hell did she expect me to tour this strange boy around the school when he's already flirting with me on his first day without even knowing who I am?
“ ma'am excuse?” I stared at her in horror.
“ yes do you have a problem with that? ”she said, challenging me to protest. Can my life get any worst than it is already? My life is already messed up, to add any drama to it right now.
“ just make sure to take him to the school library, clinic, media house and everywhere and give him the school and class time table too. Get him a copy of it. Did I make my self clear? ” she asked, giving me this “ I dare you to say no! Look.”
“ yes ma'am ” I uttered a low glittering sound in frustration and disapproval. I took a glance at the boy and there he was, with a huge smirk on his face, he winked at me again. “ kill me already. Someone should please help me slap that smirk off his face. ” I groaned and brought my face down to my desk.
“ good! Chinonso, this is the class prefect as well as the school head prefect and she will be your tour for a week." she smiled broadly at him. " Now Young man get yourself a seat, and student bring out your English text books, let the class began. miss Thelma said as she went closer to the board.
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