Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Day The World Ended Episode 1

Story written by Royver
My hands are shaking so bad.
Okay. Okay. Dad says I should calm down, I'm no use to anyone if I'm screaming all over the place. Moreover screaming seems to attract more ofthem.
Tayo has just been killed! Tayo!!!
Calm. I'm calm. I'm calm.
Okay. Dad says I should write what I'm seeing. That I should pretend I'm not even here right now. That if I don't write there would be no record of what happened and it would all have been for nothing.
But how do I start? How do I concentrate in all this madness?
My senior bro just came in. There's blood all over him but he doesn't seem to be hurt. He quickly allays dad's fears...the blood is from the others still in the field. My mom is out of the kitchen and briefly hugs senior bro, blood and dirt and all. She's telling dad that the hot oil and hot water are ready. If they try to break through the barricaded windows, we'll bath them in it. There's an excitement in her eyes. Nothing like I've ever seen before. Who knew mom herself had a dark side? Dad is a military man so I can understand him taking all that is going on without breaking a sweat but mom? Sweet mommie?
I'm not making sense. I'm not making any sense!
Let me try again...
Hello. My name is temitope Richards. My parents are Mr and Mrs Yinka Richards. We reside at what used to be no. 12 Wednesday street, off Macaulay junction in Offa, Kwara state. Of course, since after the earthquake our 'street' is more like a hilltop now. Our house was the only one left standing after the incident, mainly because dad fortified the foundation a few years ago and our house isn't a high rise one like Chief Akpati's own. His house just fell over like a stack of cards and there were no survivors. Of course no-one in Nigeria built houses with the mind that there would be earthquakes, in fact we had never experienced any real earthquake in this country until last week...
Dad is smiling at me. He's happy that I'm calmer now. He is bleeding from his left cheek but I don't think he notices it. Deji has gone to bring in more fuel from the filling station nearby. He's very brave. He says fuel is going to be like money in the months to come...if we survive this last tear. He likes calling the great earthquakes 'tears.' Mum has backed baby with her wrapper and is pointing dad's other rifle out the window. She doesn't want them sneaking up on us. Initially we thought our only house surviving the quake was a blessing but now it has become a nightmare. It attracts them...
Another quake has started. I'm getting used to the rocking motion, like the whole earth is shaking from side to side and the only thing you can do is lay flat on the ground and hope and pray that the ground does not open up beneath you. That's the worst of all. That's what killed most of the people in my school.
Teachers...classmates...a few of us survived because we were foolish enough to climb a tree when the quake started. It was a dangerous place to be, the tree, and I remember our geography teacher screaming at us to come down and lie flat on the field. He was still shouting when the field opened up beneath him and he and the others fell to the depths. I can still hear their screams...their voices echoing from the depths and then sudden silence.
NEPA has brought the light. Dad immediately tunes to CNN. Reception isn't good and sound is completely gone but we can read the headlines.
"Breaking news...South America continent vanishes...millions of lives lost..."
The screen is filled with horrible pictures of floating bodies and debris floating in an endless sea of where used to be the vast land that was south america.Helicopters fill the air. The president of the united States is making a statement. I wonder if they won't be too busy handling their own problems to bring relief to Nigeria.I wonder what our President is doing about this.
Dad was right. I'm much calmer now. The sound of screams and gunshots and explosions outside have died down to a bare minimum, at least in mind. So I'm going to keep on writing. Today I'm not going to worry how we are going to survive, what Aso rock intends to do. I'm not going to bother about the bleak news on TV or whether i'll see Sola again. I'm not even going to think about those people that burst into ashes just before all this began, leaving behind only their clothes.
Today I'm simply going to concentrate on telling you How the World Ended.


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