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The Day The World Ended Episode 26

There you are diary! Found
you at last! It’s been a
grueling two hours and so
much has happened. I
survived as you can see, thank
you very much. I’m going to
tell you what happened after I
ran off into the field, my
machete in one hand and my
courage in the next.
When I rushed into the field I
saw sola swinging at some of
them along with a group of
young girls and I went to help.
Our job was to bring in our
people that were injured in
the field and we did a good
job of it. As more people let go
of their fear and joined the
fight, the under dwellers
became more serious. They
seem to enjoy combat a lot.
I’m sure they were happier
fighting our trained soldiers
than fighting us…but I’m
getting ahead of myself.
We fought valiantly, keeping
our small circle together and
helping those that we could
back behind the fighting lines.
I have never seen so much
blood in my life, so many
dying and dead people. I got
splashed a lot with the stuff
and even some green blood
from the under-dwellers got
on my clothes which are
ruined by the way but I don’t
care. I’m so happy, for the first
time in a long time I’m happy.
We made it…we survived the
end of the world. It didn’t
seem that would be the case
at first as despite our brave
men and women fighting as
hard as we could the under-
dwellers were definitely
getting the upper hand. Ayo
had gone to defend Deji who
had started bleeding again
from the wound he sustained
earlier this morning. The
under dwellers finally broke
through our line of defence
and went for the ruins of
Chief Akpati’s house probably
because that was where we
were carrying all the
wounded to. The one astride
the giant snake finally moved,
devouring both underdwellers
and humans who had lost
their lives on the field and was
heading towards the
wounded when a burst of
gunfire tore flesh from its
sides. The snake turned
around as did we all and we
saw to our surprise and joy
that the Nigerian Army had
arrived! They came in pickup
trucks and armoured vehicles
with machine guns mounted
on stands and when those
things started firing it was as
if another earthquake was
taking place, the whole
ground shook and vibrated
and in a short while they had
cut down a large number of
the under-dwellers. The ones
that remained turned as one
and charged the soldiers and
although they used crude
weapons like spears and
arrows they soon overran the
soldiers and another life and
death struggle began. A lot of
soldiers were killed but mostly
by the huge snake which
struck down and overturned
two armored vehicles before
its head was torn apart by a
hand grenade. Some of the
Army boys ran up to Dad and
carried him and mum to
safety. He tried to tell them his
children were in the field as
well but they seemed more
concerned in getting him to
safety first. They later came
back for me and one of them
carried me roughly on his
shoulder to a large truck
where I got the shock of my
There, kneeling at the back of
the truck, helping to clean up
and bandage the wounded
soldiers was Arnold and
James! Arnold had a funny
looking bandage on his head
and his left eye was terribly
swollen but other than that he
looked okay. James didn’t
seem hurt at all and kept
asking for a gun but the
soldiers refused. I was just
dazed and looking at the two
of them as they grumbled
over another soldier that had
been pulled out of the fight
with an arrow in his gut.
“They won’t give me a gun,
am I not mature enough?”
James was saying.
“Leave them na, they are
soldiers and you are a bloody
civilian, let’s do the one they
told us to do first.” Arnold’s
voice, croaky but firm came to
my ears.
“Arnold?” I whispered, hoping
against hope that this wasn’t
a dream and I wasn’t
hallucinating in the middle of
the battlefield.
Arnold turned around and
James looked up. Both saw
me at the same time and
smiled, Arnold getting
hurriedly to his feet. I felt my
throat go dry and my heart
beat painfully in my chest.
“Temi! Temi! Arnold look, its
Temi!” James shouted.
“I know, I’m not blind!”
Arnold shouted back and
limped towards me. I couldn’t
move, I was just riveted to the
“Hey, Temi, It’s me, Arnold.
What?” He asked getting a
little alarmed at my behavior.
I rushed forward and hugged
him tight , and yes I started
crying like a baby.
“I thought you were dead!” I
repeated over and over again.
Arnold held me and said
nothing. James just stood in
the background, grinning
stupidly until the soldier on
the ground called his
“I didn’t know what
happened,” Arnold said, still
holding me. “I was trying to
fight off one of the under-
dwellers who was aiming an
arrow at James when another
one struck me on the head
with something heavy and I
passed out. When I regained
consciousness James was
dragging me into the bushes
and blood was flowing down
my head into my eyes, nose,
everywhere. We found our
way back to Sola’s mum’s
place and James hid me there
while he went around looking
for drugs and food for both of
us. We stayed hidden until this
morning during the
earthquake when we had to
come out of the house when
the whole thing started to
“We stayed hidden in the
ruins, watching those things
come out of every nook and
cranny in the ground but I
couldn’t go and fight because
your guy here was still not
alright.” James added from his
side by the wounded soldier.
“We waited until we saw this
convoy of soldiers passing
through and we raised the
alarm. We have been following
them since then and they are
even calling for
reinforcements even though
they won’t let me handle a
“Bloody civilian.” Arnold
grinned and James grinned
“I thought you were dead.” I
repeated once more, letting
go of him a little.
“For where, I dey kampe. You
don’t know this my gorilla
head is strong?” Arnold said
smiling at me.
And then he stopped smiling,
looked me in the eyes and
drew me to himself again. We
kissed, it was the most natural
thing in the world to do.
James started whistling in the
background but we ignored
“You like frightening me, don’t
you?” I said afterwards.
“It’s not intentional, I
promise.” Arnold said then
stiffened suddenly. I turned to
look at what had shocked him
so and saw my dad and mum
looking at us.
“You survived, thank God!”
Mum said clapping her hands
gleefully. James waved at her.
“Yes we did ma.” He replied
then faced my dad who had a
slight frown on his face. We
realized we were still hugging
each other and Arnold let go
of me immediately.
“Sorry Sir.” He said.
“For what?” Dad replied, “For
surviving or kissing my
daughter once again in my
I covered my face with my
“Both sir.” Arnold replied
nervously, then “I mean…”
“Temi when you are through
come and tend to your
brothers. The battle is over,
we managed to defeat the
under-dwellers and drive the
few survivors back
underground. My boys are
moving us to the barracks,
they have an apartment for us
to stay while we rebuild our
place.” He gave Arnold a stern
look and Mum whispered
something in his ear. HE
shook his head and laughed.
“Carry on, boy.” He winked at
Arnold and limped off with
mum. I went back into his
arms as James shouted
“But, I survived too na… no
kiss for me?”
It was a worldwide victory.
The Under-dwellers were
pushed back into the depths
from whence they came. It
was so bad for them that the
United States Army led an
attack into their cities in the
bowels of the Earth. They had
to surrender and draw up a
peace agreement. It is said
that they have many minerals
and raw materials that will
benefit the Earth greatly. Also
the Animal life down there is
making scientists rethink the
whole evolution theory.
Sanity has returned gradually
into the world. Nigeria elected
a new president, one of our
leaders who had not run
away during the crisis but had
stayed to rally the army and
executive government
together to launch a counter
offensive against the invaders
and to also provide relief to
places hard hit by the
Earthquakes. Most of the other
countries and continents
followed suit with major
changes in leadership. New
technology hitherto hidden by
the developed countries was
deployed to make
communication and
rebuilding of infrastructure
faster and more effective.
Despite the fact that there was
now peace between the
under-dwellers and over
dwellers, there was still some
mistrust and fear that they
might attack again especially
during the night so the
nation’s power grid was
greatly enhanced to provide
light mandatorily at night.
Every day we watch the
building of the new bridges
that will join the three land
masses of what was once one
Earth together. I can imagine
if our geography teacher was
still alive, he would have died
with excitement at the way
the world map had changed.
We did memorial services for
Bimpe and all the others we
had lost during the crisis but
all in all we knew this
experience had made
humanity stronger. Although
ironically there were now
three Earths, There had never
been as much feeling of
togetherness among the
inhabitants of the Planets
Earth as there was when it
was just one globe.
My name is Temitope
Richards, and this is how the
new world began.


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