Wednesday, 13 December 2017

The Day The World Ended Episode 23

I’ve been sleeping for hours
now. They don’t want to wake
me. I sit up and say a prayer
for Bimpe, Arnold or is it Tayo,
and Sola. I want to go and see
her later in the day, this
rumble hasn’t stopped and
might go on till the end of
today and I want to make
sure at least the only friend I
have left is doing alright.
Ayo is still trying to see if we
can communicate with Ilorin
and neighboring villages to
know how they are faring.
Nobody wants to venture out
too far until the earthquakes
are over, but we have gotten a
few visitors from neighboring
towns and villages.
It’s 2 o’ clock. I’m going to
check on Sola. For goodness
sake her house is only
30minutes walk from here.
I’m in my room with Sola.
Sorry this is coming out
disjointed but I think it’s
because I am grieving. Sola
was at home alone, hugging
her mother’s clothes when I
met her. Deji accompanied me,
thank goodness my parents
allowed me leave the house, I
think they think it will do me
good and besides the
earthquake hasn’t started yet.
Just this low rumbling,
humming sound that I am so
used to that sometimes I
forget it’s there. We got to the
house without incident and
saw Sola like I said, hugging
her mom’s clothes which
when we were finally able to
pry it from her hands were
filled with ashes. SO she’s
gone to wherever those that
turn to ashes go to. I’m not
even trying to make sense of
it anymore.
She followed us back willingly.
Seems like she spent the night
alone yesterday. Mum was
glad to see her and trust
momsie, she quickly made
something for her to eat.
Sola has been reading my
diary and adding some parts I
may have missed out. We are
healing together. It’s not so
bad, I guess, when you have
someone you can relate to
and talk with. Mum is
delighted to hear us giggle
and laugh. She says it’s a good
CNN has some fresh news.
Various countries of the
developed world have been
putting money together and
building a huge satellite they
will launch into space,
something that will give
everyone free wifi if I
understand it correctly. Then
we will be able to make calls
and communicate better.
There was something about
building domes for large cities
to trap air in case the
explosion is worse than we
anticipate but that is only for
cities in the developed world.
It all sounds like science
fiction to me anyway. Anyhow
Nigeria has always found a
way to survive; hopefully we
will survive this too
The borders of those
countries have also been
closed and a lot of foreign
leaders and prominent people
being sent back home. It was
in NTA Lagos news that the
United Kingdom refused one
Nigerian Pastor from entering
their country with his private
jet. They believe that if world
leaders stay in their countries
and see there is no escape for
them as well that they’ll work
to save the nations they come
We still get power from the
electricity stations, but usually
only at night. It’s ironic that
the light system is better now
that the world is in chaos. I
guess some people realize
that light at night is now a
necessity to avoid surprise
I’ll try and see if I can sketch
how the American scientists
say the world will look like
when the final tear occurs. It
doesn’t look so bad. We will
have three earths instead of
one. It looks interesting.
It’s eight o’clock and still
nothing, just this dull
underground humming noise.
I thought I wouldn’t be able to
sleep with it but I guess I am
going to, my eyelids are
already heavy. Sola is asleep
on my bed already. She has
been a real help for my psyche
and I am feeling much better.
I get the sneaky feeling Arnold
likes her.
For the first time since we got
home I take off my clothes, tie
my towel and take a warm
bath. Tomorrow is another
day. Hopefully it won’t be our
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I was fast asleep around 1am
when I heard the sound for
the first time. It was a grating,
low noise that temporarily
broke the silence of this cold
and quiet night. I was about
dismissing it and going back
to sleep when I heard it again.
Someone or something was
out by the window and
moving to the front door. I sat
up in bed, straining my ears to
see if I would hear it one
more time.
I did.
I rolled off the bed, being
careful not to wake Sola as I
didn’t want to alarm her
unnecessarily. I tiptoed out of
the room and went to the
The house was quiet, save for
the fridge which was
humming noisily in the
kitchen. I went into the
parlour and met Deji fast
asleep on the couch, the
parlour lights off. He was
supposed to be on lookout
but I guess tiredness from the
day’s activities had
overwhelmed him and he had
nodded off. I was
approaching him to tell him
what I heard when a shadow
passed by the side window. I
froze where I was, my heart
beating hard against my
chest, my lungs barely
working as I struggled to get
my body moving again. I
opened my mouth which had
suddenly become very dry and
tried to call Deji.
“Dej…Deji!” I whispered
urgently, but he didn’t budge.
He turned over and started to
snore loudly and I heard a low
chuckle from outside. More
frightened than ever, I turned
to run and get dad when
strong hands grabbed my
shoulder and mouth,
preventing me from
screaming out.
I looked up and saw Ayo, his
eyes cold, his body taut. He
put a finger to his lips
indicating that I should keep
quiet and I nodded,
He went forward and gently
put his mouth over Deji and
closed it hard, starting up a
fake snore at the same time.
Deji struggled for a moment
then relaxed when he saw it
was Ayo. Ayo continued to
snore but gestured for Deji
indicating that there were
people outside. Deji nodded
and timing himself with Ayo,
picked up the snoring once
again. They needed to make
the outsiders think they still
had the element of surprise
on their side. Deji motioned
for me to get back into my
room and quietly picked up
Dad’s gun that had been lying
beside him. I went back to my
room, trembling all over,
wondering why the under-
dwellers had decided to attack
at night, how many there
were, and if they had come
with their huge snakes.
I was wondering how I was
going to wake everybody
without letting those outside
know, and who to wake first.
I decided to go to Dad’s room
and let him know, he would
know what to do. I made my
way to the Master Bedroom
and peeked through the door.
Dad and Mum were fast
asleep. As I was about to
enter the room, a figure
passed by the crack in the
wall. It was only for an instant
and the night was dark but I
immediately realized
Our intruders were human!
I stood stock still. Deji and Ayo
were standing at the
doorway, Ayo armed with a
machete and Deji with the
gun, waiting to ambush the
people that were coming in,
believing them to be under-
dwellers! Maybe they were
part of the vigilantes making
their rounds! It didn’t occur to
me that anyone would want
to break into our house and
rob us, not in these trying
times. I was so relieved it
wasn’t under-dwellers I ran
back to tell Ayo, not looking at
where I was going, and fell
over a pot someone had left in
the corridor.
The clanging woke the whole
house. My dad shouted,
demanding to know who was
causing such a racket, Sola
must have woken up and not
seen me and started calling
out my name. I raised my
voice to answer:
“It’s me o, Dad!”
And then there was a crash as
the door was knocked down
by a heavy force.
There was a scuffle and
grunts as if people were
fighting and I screamed and
got up and ran to Dad’s room
with a wailing Sola appearing
behind me. Dad got up and
cocked his gun and made us
sit there with mum who was
now awake and wide eyed.
“Deji! Ayo!” he shouted but
there was no response.
He limped out, holding his rifle
at the ready. After a while we
heard a strange voice.
“Oya, the rest of you should
come out!”


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