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THE DARKEST HOUR Season 2 Episode 15

Nobody believed that someone like Sandra could take the life of her fellow girl. For what reason? The police, Mrs Williams and others were about to find out. They could see Sandra and Mike sitting on the floor with handcolfs.
"What's Mike doing here?" Faith
"Mike!" Ernest called out. "What are you doing here?"
"I'm innocent oh" Mike began. "I was on my own and they carried me!" he cried.
Hearing that, Sandra disdained him. Nobody talked to him again coz he was a suspect.
"I never knew you are so evil!" Mrs Williams said glaring at Sandra. "What did my daughter do to you that you wanted to take her life?"
The question made everywhere calm down coz all wanted to hear her out but Sandra kept quiet. She knew that even if she talks, she would still die coz her life span remained few hours.
"Speak!" a policeman shouted and hit her with the head of a gun but Sandra remained mute. The officer looked at Mike. "What relationship do you have with her and what do you know?" he asked.
"She's just my friend. I don't know
anything oh" Mike replied.
"You don't want to say the truth" the officer wanted to hit him too but Mrs Williams prevented him.
"Retain them and make them speak before they are taken to court" she said then walked out followed by others.
10: 42pm
Darkness had taken over the atmosphere, yet David had not returned. Where has he gone to? Ugonma and her parents became restless. They were outside the house hopping that David would come back. Already, the father had been boiling in anger. He wore a trouser without a singlet coz the weather was hot. His hands rested on his waist. The wife sat on the pavement likewife Ugonma. She was already shedding unseen tears.
"I said it, but nobody believed me. David won't come back again" Ugonma said.
"Where has my only son gone to?" Mrs Robinson cried. "Please, Nnayi, go look for my son oh! Better go look for him coz you caused it"
"How am i the cause?!" the husband glared at her.
"Aren't you the one that threaten to deal with him if truly he's responsible for that stupid girl's pregnancy"
"Nonsense!" Mr Robinson looked at Ugonma. "Call anybody in his school to know whether he's there" he instructed.
Instantly, Ugonma rushed inside. She had nobody's number but Udoka.
Mrs Williams and Monica were in the hospital waiting for when Udoka would wake up. They sat opposite each other in a way Udoka's bed was in between. The room illuminated by white light
bulbs thereby making all things vivid. Suddenly, Udoka's cell phone rang and Monica picked it.
"Hello, it's Ugonma, David's sister. I want to ask if David is in school"
"I'm not in school. Though i will confirm and get back to you" Monica replied.
"How is Udoka's hel.." Ugonma wanted to ask but Monica hung up the call. She called Ernest to confirm if David was in school but the answer proved negative. She also called Ugonma and told her that David wasn't it school. After the call, she glanced at her wrist watch: 11:00pm.
"What's going on?" the mother asked.
"Is like David is missing. He's nowhere to be found" Monica replied.
"Missing? I guess he's running away from his responsibilities" Mrs Williams concluded.
At midnight, Sandra began to shed tears remembering the past. Yes, she was a hard working and determined girl. She could remember how she promised her father to be responsible and obtain a PhD in law. Now, she's inside cell ready to die at any moment. She was alone inside the cell regarding her gender, while Mike stayed in the male cell.
Very early in the morning, Sandra
summoned everybody in the police station; Mr Caleb, her father, Mrs Williams, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Ugonma, Monica and friends. Only David and Udoka were absent. They all gathered around Sandra who laid on the floor shedding tears and breathing slowly.
"I'm sorry, papa" she began. "My time has come due to what i caused with my hands. I was a Runs girl but fell inlove with David who didn't reciprocate it due to the love he has for Udoka. I gave Mike, his best friend, a charm to poison him so that he would develop hatrate for Udoka.."
"My goodness!" Mr Robinson exclaimed and looked at his wife who was covered with shame.
"I am also the one who wanted to kill Udoka" Sandra added then Adaku and Faith opened their mouth surprisingly while Mrs Williams and Monica glared at her.
"I got the charm from the dark forest of Ikuku who told me that if i don't kill Udoka in three days I'll die. Please, tell Udoka and David to forgive me. I love you papa" Sandra concluded and took her last breath. It was known to everybody that David had been acting with the influence of the charm. Knowing that, Ugonma began to shed tears.
"I told you, Dad. Now, David is nowhere to be found" she said.
Mrs Williams couldn't bear the pains, so she walked out followed by Adaku..
Mr Caleb was quite an old man with grey hair both on the head and jaw. As a titled man, he had a red cap on his head and a walking stick in his hand. He couldn't bear the death of his only daughter, Sandra. He wept bitterly in the police station with nobody consoling him. However, Faith, Monica and Ernest had followed Mrs Williams and Adaku who had already gone outside. Mr and Mrs Robinson also rushed out just to see Mrs Williams entering into her car.
"Excuse me, Madam" Mr Robinson called her attention. "We need to discuss"
"Let's do at my daughter's apartment coz my house is a bit far from here. Enter into the car" Mrs Williams replied then they entered. Monica and others used a different car. Inside the car, their
mouth couldn't shut for just a minute especially Adaku's.
"How can Mike betray his best friend for goodness sake?!" Adaku began. "I knew there was something hidden about him. He must suffer!"
"That isn't the problem now" Ernest began too. "The problem now is that nobody knows where David is since yesterday"
"I thought as much" Faith also began. "Why would David behave the way he did to the extent of breaking up with Udoka?"
"How i wish i knew he was being
controlled by a charm. People are
wicked" Monica concluded calmly.
At the twins apartment, Mr and Mrs Robinson and their daughter, Ugonma, sat on the same couch while Mrs Williams and Monica sat together too. Others were absent.
"Now we know the truth" Mr Robinson began. "I apologise for my son's behaviour. I was so blind to notice that he was being controlled by a charmed. His behaviour was unusual! He didn't behave as responsible as i trained him to be!"
"I thought as much too" Mrs Williams said. "The first and second time i met him, he was quite a good person. We should leave that for now. Let's see how we can find him" she added.
"Please, i have a confession to make" Mrs Robinson leaned forward then all eyes went to her especially her husband. "First, let me apologise to you, madam for being rude the other day you visited. I once accused and treated your daughter, Udoka, badly when he visited simply because i didn't want my son to have anything to do with her. I wanted
him to marry Sandra coz i made a
promise to her father years ago that my son will marry his daughter someday not knowing that the Sandra of a girl was a devil herself! Biko, forgive me"
"Heey, mum! You did all this?!" Ugonma shouted.
Mr Robinson became speechless. He suddenly averted his eyes from his wife and hissed bitterly. "This woman, you called Sandra a devil not knowing that you are the chief devil!" he said then looked at Mrs Williams. "Forgive her my
"Is okay" Mrs Williams replied. "The apology is for Udoka not me" she added. Suddenly, her cell phone rang-that was the doctor who called. He told her that Udoka had woken up, so all rushed to the hospital.
Inside the hospital, all rounded Udoka's bed smiling. Ernest, Faith and Adaku weren't present. Even the doctor couldn't help it but smile too. Udoka eyes were totally opened but didn't recover totally. She saw her mother and sister then smiled. She could recognize
Mr and Mrs Robinson even Ugonma who went closer to her happily.
"Thank God you are awake" she touched her hair. Seeing that, Monica smiled happily. Udoka didn't say anything but held Ugonma's hand warmly. She looked at her mother and called, "Mother?"
"Yes, darling" Mrs Williams replied.
"Where is David?"
The question rendered everybody
speechless, so they began to look at one another. Ugonma, who was squating down suddenly stood up looking at her parents too. Udoka detected confusion on their faces then her heartbeat increased.
"Where is David. Somebody should talk to me" her voice began to break.
"David is fine my dear" Mr Robinson replied forcefully.
"Why do you even need him? Can you recall what happened the last time both of you met?" Monica asked to know if that would decrease her anxiety to see David.
Udoka remained quiet trying to
remember. Of course she remembered how David treated and broke up with her but she said, "I don't care, i want to
see him. Please, bring David to me, abeg you, mother" tears dropped from her eyes.
"I think you people should let her be. Shen needs a rest" the doctor said.
"Let me go get him my dear" Mrs
Williams replied as she was going out with Mr and Mrs Robinson even Ugonma. Only Monica was left in the room. She sat close to her sister with her hand on hers.
"Monica, tell me the truth, has anything happened to David?" Udoka asked again.
"No, David is fine" Monica replied.
"Then why is he not here?"
"I will explain everything to you later. Just have a rest" Monica concluded.
Outside the hospital, Mr and Mrs
Robinson contemplated on how to find David.
"Let's start with the police" Mrs Williams suggested..
To be continued..


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