Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tangle Episode 9

'Alright, I will stay by your side through the night' he said sitting beside her and gently brushing her face with his palm.
Jeff stared at them jealously for a few moments before leaving the room.
The next morning, Malik met his friend watching a movie in the sitting room.
'Good morning Jeff' he greeted.
'Xup my guy, how was the night?' Jeff answered.
'Jeff I think we have an issue to discuss'
'What is that?' Jeff inquired.
'It’s about last night; I noticed your expression when I was with Helen. You are no longer my friend but my brother; I don't want us to hold any grudge against each other again. DO YOU LOVE HELEN?' he asked frankly.
This is a big question for Jeffery, he knew his friend has feelings for her right from the start while he didn't love her but ever since he had sex with her, he has felt strangely attached to her. 'I don't Malik, she is yours and yours alone' Jeff answered courageously.
'Are you sure?'
'Yes I am, no hard feelings' Jeff answered.
It’s breakfast time everyone gathered round the table to eat. After they finished saying the grace, Helen grabbed the plate and started serving the food. Suddenly the plate fell from her hand and dropped on the ground; she cried out holding her head and slumped to the chair afterward.
'Helen, what is it?' Malik inquired with concern.
'I felt like a bell was rang inside my head' she answered.
'Sorry, you should go take aspirin in my room for the headache' Jeffery suggested.
She stood up going inside to get the pills but she screamed again and fell to the ground unconsciously. The guys quickly rushed her to the hospital.
Helen was quickly admitted and attended to by Doctor Peter the one who has be in charge of her case all this while.
Helen flashed open her eyes and found herself in an unfamiliar environment.
'Where am I?' she asked the nurse attending to her. The nurse told her to wait while she went to fetch the doctor.
The doctor came in with both Jeffery and Malik.
'Welcome back to life Helen' the doctor greeted with his smile.
'Doctor Peter what happened to me?' she asked again.
'You were involved in a traumatic memory disorder' he explained.
'Let’s just thank God you woke up' Jeffery said.
'Doctor, is she going to be alright?' Malik asked.
'She would be fine, I think this is what we all have been praying for' the doctor answered.
'What do you mean doctor?' Jeff inquired.
'Our prayer is about to be answered. You see Helen's old memory is coming back, the crisis she had is because her old memory is trying to fight its way in. If she can relax her mind to create space for the old memory, soon she would recollect every memory she ever had' the doctor explained.
After they finished their discussion, the doctor prescribed a list of pills for her to take and she was discharged from the hospital. She took the pills when they got home and she was made to give her weaken body a rest on her bed which later led into a deep slumber. Malik and his friend inside Malik's room having a serious discussion on what to do on the matter on ground.
'So Helen is going to have her memory back after all this while that will be
great' Jeff said opening the conversation.
'I wish there is something I can do to prevent that from happening' Malik replied.
'What? Why do you say such a thing?' Jeff inquired.
'This isn't the right time for memory recovery, she has just entered our family' Malik answered.
'Malik, I know what you are thinking. You think once that girl recall everything about her past life, she will leave us here and go back to her home. You think you are going to lose her love' Jeff said.
'What nonsense are you saying Jeff? Why can't you think reasonably once in your life? Am disturbed because we just divulged all secret about our business to her thinking she was part of us but if she recover her memory, she will leave us carrying all our secret with her' Malik explained.
'Okay, I get your point but what do you think we should do about it?' Jeff asked.
'We can't afford such a leakage in our operation' Malik said.
'We will have to kill her if she intends to leave in order to seal the leakage then' Jeff suggested.
'No it won't be up to that, let’s just pray she doesn't remember her past' Malik said.
As they were talking they suddenly heard Helen shouted from her room.
They rushed there to find her awake.
'What is it again, Helen?' Jeffery asked.
'I remember my mother' she announced.
Malik felt a sudden pound in his heart.
'I remembered helping my mother as she was smoking the fish which she was going to take to the market' Helen said.
'Do you remember your real name, you residence or anything else?' Malik asked.
'No, the only thing i can recollect is that. Haa my mother, she must have been worried sick about me' she said.
'Don't worry, she will see you soon, why don't you sleep again and see if you can remember anything else' Jeffery said.


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