Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tangle Episode 7

'What exactly is the problem with that man? Why is he doing all this?' Jeff asked.
'Captain is a very cunning man and his greed for money can't be underestimated he must have refused our offer because he has his own plan on our goods' Malik answered.
'If we lose this consignment, you know chairman won't forgive us, no matter where we run to, he will hunt us down. We have to do something' Jeff said.
'I don't know what else to do' Malik said.
‘I have an idea on how you can recover your goods back' Helen announced coming out of dinning room where she was eavesdropping all their conversation.
The guys were more than surprise that Helen was eavesdropping their conversation, they never had the slightest idea that she was at the dinning room.
'Helen so you have been listening to our conversation?' Malik asked.
'Yes I have, I know you are in a problem right now, your goods have been impounded by a custom officer but I have an idea on how you can get your goods from him without paying one kobo' Helen answered.
'You have an idea? What rubbish idea is that? Come on, get out of my face' Jeff shouted angrily.
'No Jeff, let’s hear what she has got to say, Helen tell us your idea' Malik said.
'From what I heard, he worked with you for a number of years which would have given you the chance to know his bane. Since you know that you can arrange a way to set him up and get some evidence. You will then threaten to blackmail him with it. Then, he won't have any choice but to do your bidden' She explained.
'Hum, you have a nice idea but I don't think Captain Thomas has any bane' Malik said
'I don't remember him having any either but I know he likes flirting with girls, we have done some stuff together' Jeff said.
After a long discussion it was decided that they would set Captain Thomas up with a girl and obtain some nude photo of him. They would then threaten to blackmail him with those photos.
The next day, a few minutes past twelve, Captain Thomas sat down in a bar putting on not his official uniform but a casual dress and drowning bottles of beer. He kept checking his wrist watch as if he was waiting for someone. A lady stepped into the bar, gorgeously dressed in a very sexy outfit. Her long hair and eye shade obscured her face so we don't get a good look at her but she cat walk stylishly to where the captain sat.
'Good afternoon sir' the lady greeted.
'Afternoon lady' He answered.
The lady removed her eye shade and flip her hair backward which made us realized who she was.
‘My name is Katherine Abiola, am the one who called you on phone' Helen muttered with her captivating smile.
Captain Thomas was swept off his feet by the figure he saw before him. She had called her on phone and request they meet here but he never for once thought she could be this epitome of beauty.
'Ohh, have your seat' he said pulling a chair for her to seat which she sat on with extreme gratitude.
'So what did this damsel have to discuss with me?' the captain asked anxiously. Helen smiled dutifully at the captain's pleasantry.
'I need your help sir, I have some highly expensive goods to import into this country by land and I don't want to have any trouble with your boys' she explained.
'Oh pretty, you won't have any problem with us as long as your goods are legally permitted ones and their excise duties are fully paid' Captain said.
'That’s the problem Captain, these goods cost a fortune, adding those excise duties would raise their price substantially and you know our people won't buy them if they are too costly' she said.
'What would you like me to do for you?' He asked.
'I need a safe passage for my goods into the country undisturbed. Am willing to reward you handsomely for it' she answered.
'That isn't a problem for me once you can pay the money and agree to my other condition, your goods will be fine' he said.
'What condition?'
'We can't just seal this deal without any affairs going between us, let’s have a sexual relationship' He proposed.
'Sorry, I can't agree to that, if it is money, I can pay you'
'Then no deal young lady' Captain said frankly.
Helen stood up and walked away without saying goodbye. The captain sat, still rest assured that she would come back. Like the Captain thought, she indeed called him back and an appointment was fixed at an hotel the second day.


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