Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tangle Episode 6

Malik was broken from the spell which had engulfed him by the gory sight. He didn't know what to do, he ran to Jeffery and place a clothe on his head.
'Helen do something' Malik barked at the strange girl who caused him to lose his temper.
Helen who just sat on the bed watching as the drama between the two friends unfold, too scared or ashamed to interfere now came to assist Malik. Together they both worked like expert doctors, stop the bleeding and put a bandage on wound. After that Jeff was carried to his room to rest.
'I was thinking maybe we should take him to the hospital' Helen said.
Malik ignored her and continued with what he was doing which was getting rid of his friend's blood that had stained the floor.
'Mr. Malik let us call the doctor to come attend to him' Helen suggested again.
Malik looked at her and for the first time frowned.
'Don't you dare do that slut' Malik replied ferociously.
'Slut?' Helen asked demanding the meaning of the word.
'Yes you are a slut, whore, bitch, prostitute, and harlot’ Malik answered.
'What have I done to be called such names?' she demanded with tears.
'So you are asking me? You are acting so innocent like you don't know the implication of what you have done?' Malik said.
'I haven't done anything wrong' she replied.
Malik quickly lighten up her face with his palm. The slap wasn't heavy but impacting, gushing out oceans of tears from Helen's face.
'If anything should happen to my friend, you won't go scot free' Malik threatened as he walked out of the room after completing the cleaning.
On getting to his own room, he sat down dejected. 'How could I have done this? How could I have hurt my bosom friend because of a girl, a mere girl' he thought.
'She isn't just a mere girl, I liked her, Jeffery shouldn't have done this, he should have controlled himself, and this is all bullshit' he thought again. He brought out the sugar box and attempt to open it but he drop it on the table and slumped on the bed.
'Mr. Malik, Mr. Malik' Helen called.
Malik opened his sleepy eyes and before him was Helen but this time not naked.
'What the fuck is it?' He asked angrily.
'Mr. Jeffery is now awake, he is asking of you' she answered before turning her back and left.
Malik got himself up, put on a clothe to cover his bare hairy chest and dashed out of the room.
'Oh Jeff am so sorry' he apologies when he saw his friend with Helen sitting beside him.
'It’s alright, right now I need something light in my stomach' Jeff said in a weak voice.
'Helen make yourself useful, go make tea and bread for him' Malik commanded.
She walked out of the room to perform the quest.
'You shouldn't have lain with her Jeff' Malik said.
'And you shouldn't have fallen in love with her. She is the one who called me into her room and I found her naked. Come on, am a man' Jeff said.
Suddenly Helen rushed in with the sugar box in her hand.
'What type of sugar is this? It tastes STRANGE' she cried.
The two friends looked at each other
'Come give me that, go find another sugar' Malik shouted.
She went out of the room.
'We have to kill this girl Malik' Jeff said.
'Indeed she must die' Malik approved.
Malik tried all he could to settle the problem but his effort yielded nothing. He had to write a cheque of a fat amount of money to bail himself and Peter out, but as for the truck and its content, they made it clear to him that it has been impounded.
Malik got home late afternoon feeling very tired and exhausted. The look on his face was enough to tell his friend that all didn't went well.
'What happened? Hope nothing went wrong with the distribution?' Jeff inquired.
'You can't believe it, we ran into those stupid road side police men and they arrested us' Malik answered.
'Arrested you? Base on what? Did they see the consignment?' He asked again.
'They said our truck ran away from the custom carrying contra band goods days ago and since then it has been on the wanted list' Malik explained.
'But we never had encounter with any custom agent' Jeff said still amazed.
'I suspect a foul play here; I will go back to the station after relaxing and having lunch. I must make sure our goods leave the station today' Malik answered.
'We have to get it out before the cops discover the true identity of our product. I must come with you this time' Jeff said.
'But you aren't fully recovered yet' Malik replied.
'I insist I go with you, If this deal got bad you know it’s both our asses on the line' Jeff muttered.
After a few moment, both guys head out to the police station with every legal weapon they have, well determined to get their goods out by all means. On getting to the police station, they went straight to see the D.P.O. After spending a few minutes with him, they realized that the case is no longer with the police and their truck has been taking away by the custom. They begged him to give them the name and number of the custom officer in charge of the case, which he eventually gave them after a small tip. As suspected, there was indeed a foul play. Captain Thomas Bakare is the man behind all the action, a man who was on their monthly payroll a few years ago until they cut him off due to a misunderstanding they had, now he is keen on having his revenge.
'What do we do now?' Malik asked after they left the police station.
'We have to go see that bastard. It seems he is now hungry, am sure he would release our goods after we grease his palm' Jeffery assured and they proceeded on their way to see Captain Thomas. They drove their car into the custom's head quarter where Captain Thomas office was sited. He was a high ranked custom officer which made the guys formed an alliance with him. He gave them safe passage through the border and they in turn pumped cash into his bank account. Their friendship ended when he seized their goods and demanded a huge ransom from them, which they paid before they severed all ties they had with him and find another means of importing their goods.
The door to Captain Thomas' office opened and the two friends stepped in.
The captain, a man in his early forties sat down reading a document with the help of his eye glasses.
'Hello guys, it’s nice seeing you again' he greeted with smile.
'You son of a bitch, how dare you seize our goods' Jeffery said angrily.
'Oh Jeff, don't be so rude? Come have a sit and let’s talk like gentle men' Captain said making gesture for them to sit down.
'First you guys have to understand something, am not the one who seize your goods, it’s the law. Am just an employer with no choice than to do the job given to me' Thomas explained.
'Let’s cut the crap Captain, how much do you want this time?' Malik asked frankly.
Malik's question made Thomas burst into laughter.
'What can I possible want from you people? I have no right to demand anything from you guys, I am well paid by the government I work for' Thomas replied.
'State your price Captain and let us take our goods home' Jeff said angrily.
'Sorry guys, no matter how much you pay, your goods isn't getting out of here. It's gone just forget about it and move on with your life' He confessed.
They begged Captain Thomas with an enticing sum of money but he turned deaf ears to their pleas. They left his office and head home with disappointment.


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