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Tangle Episode 18

While Jeffery drove past the express road, having learnt of Helen's true identity, he had waited to be sure that she was fast asleep before he packed his things and got out of the house leaving a letter behind for her.
When he left the house, Jeffery went to lodge into a hotel for the night. Even though the bed in his suit was standard, he still had problem sleeping. The issue on his mind had deprived him of it. He was alone; death has found a way to rob him of those he loved. First it was Helen (the original one) his fiancée when it was two weeks before he tie the knot with her. It’s now Malik the person who has been more than a friend to him for the past seven years. He had vowed to honour his death by avenging him in any possible way he can but first he has to protect the last asset left. He wouldn't like the only flower Malik has got to get withered by the impending storm. Jeffery planned to get the flower into a safer garden.
Travelling from Lagos to Port-Harcourt is a journey not less than eight hours drive. Jeffery has set out on the journey earlier so he would be able to reach his destination on time. Even though the road wasn't all-good but thanks to the fact that he was driving a good car. The car pulled over at the gate of a big building. The writing at the top of the gate reads,
Jeffery spoke to the security guard at the gate and the gate was opened for him to come in. He asked where the proprietor office is located and he was given the direction.
'Good Afternoon ma' He greeted as he entered the proprietor's office.
'May God be with you brother, come have your seat' the woman answered.
Jeff took a seat opposite her.
'Am here to visit my cousin, her name is Roseline Morris' Jeff said.
'Am sorry sir this isn't the visiting period, you can't see her' the woman declined.
'Please ma, I will be going on a long journey oversea I don't know when next am going to see her' Jeff begged and after much persuasion, the woman granted him his request.
A beautiful young girl of about eight years old was brought to the office.
'Uncle Jeffery' The girl shouted as she quickly ran to him.
'My sweet Roseline' Jeff said giving her a hug.
Jeffery took the girl out of the office to play outside. The played and laughed together as they walk to the gate. Jeff had told the proprietor that he would like the girl to follow him to his car so she can have the things he had brought for her and she agreed.
The gate man opened the door and they both walked to his car.
He told the girl to hop in which she did and without any warning he switched on the car and drove off with her.
To be continued....
Now y am having a bad feeling about this?
Roseline was taken aback as she saw the car driving away from her school.
'What are you doing uncle?' she asked.
'Am sorry I have to take you away from your school, I don't want you to be away anymore, I want you to always be by my side?' Jeff asked.
'Where is my dad?' the girl asked.
'Rose, your dad isn't around, he travelled to London. He asked me to take care of you and I promise him I will'
'Where are we going now?' she questioned again.
'Somewhere you will like' he answered.
As they were having the conversation, suddenly a truck hit their vehicle, it ran off the road and collided with a tree. Two guys came down from the truck with automatic rifles in their hand. They raced to where the car was but as they attempt to open its door, bullets came out of the car sending them down to their grave. Jeffery who was protected by the air bag in his car during the accident came down holding two nine-millimeter berretta gun. He checked on Roseline who was sitting at the back of the car, fortunately she wasn't hurt by the accident but she was frighten by the gun shots.
'It’s okay my flower' Jeffery said as he carried her out of the car.
Together they started walking to the main road but unknown to them, there is still more armed men around. Jeffery hid Rose somewhere inside the jungle before he went to engage the men in a gunfight. After a few minutes of heavy gunfire Jeffery ran out of bullet in his guns. When they realized this, the men wanted to go and get him behind the rock where he was hiding but they suddenly saw Roseline ran out of her hiding place. They bundled her up and threw her into their van. Seeing this, Jeffery came out and chased after the van as it speed off but he was shot and he fell down unconsciously.
Jeffery opened his eyes and found himself still in the jungle but not alone, he saw a police man looking around. He tried to get up and run but he was stopped.
'If you move an inch, you are dead' the police officer parading the area shouted pointing his gun toward him.
'Hey guys, I have the suspect in sight come over' he told his colleague and three cops came.
'Please help me they have kidnapped my cousin' Jeffery said as he saw the officers.
'Shut up and put your hands where I can see them' another cop commanded. Jeffery obeyed and he was arrested and taken to the station.
At the station, Jeffery sat down with an handcuff on his hand inside the interrogation room. The shot he received wasn't so serious, as the bullet only grazed the flesh of his shoulder.
A man sat opposite him.
'So kidnapper, can we get to know your name?' the officer asked but Jeff didn't answer.
'Where is the girl you kidnapped?' the officer asked again slapping his face.
'I didn't kidnap her, she is my cousin' Jeffery answered angrily.
'Where is she?' the officer asked.
'They have taken her away'
'Who took her away?' the officer demanded but Jeff didn't answer.
'Talk to me you this bloody criminal' the office said as he threw a blow on Jeff's wound but still he said nothing.
After the officer tried all he could but couldn't get what he want from Jeff, he walked out of the interrogation room.
The interrogating officer went to the D.P.O's office.
'Sir I tried all I could but I couldn't get any useful information out of him' he said.
'That guy must have been a hardened criminal or terrorist. Get his fingerprint and run it through the national crime data bank, maybe we can find an information about him.
'I will do that sir' he replied and walked out.
Agent Nancy (Helen) was in her office at the yellow house (head quarter of the state security service) Abuja. Even though she was a high ranked officer, she had been the one who volunteered to go undercover to smoke out a notorious crime boss who had assassinated her father when she was young. She was depressed that she has lost the mission. Suddenly her office phone rang out.
'Hello ma, there is something you have to see here' the voice said.
'Okay I will be there' she replied.
The call ended and she walked out of her office to a guy working on a computer.
'What is it Daniel' she asked the guy.
'Ma, you told me to put this guy's information at the national crime data bank and that I should inform you when there is a click on it' the guy said referring to Jeffery's picture on the screen.
'Yes I said that'
'A few minutes ago, someone accessed the data'
'Who? Where?' she asked anxiously.
'I don't know who but I know where, it was accessed at a police station in Port-Harcourt'
'Are you sure?' she asked again.
'Yes, I’m absolutely sure ma'
'Okay get me the number of the state commanding officer' she commanded.
The interrogator stepped into the office of his boss once again but this time he wore a serious look.
'Sir I did as you have instructed and I got a match' he said.
'That is good, so tell me what you have got' his boss demanded.
'The data is inaccessible sir, the state security blocked it'
'What?' asking this question, the office phone rang and he picked it up.
'Hello this is Kalari police station how may I help you?' the officer said.
'This is the state security services, I have reasons to believe that you have a special prisoner' the caller said.
'We have lots of prisoners here; I don't know the exact one you are referring to'
'Am talking about the guy whose data you tried to access few minutes ago'
'Okay he is accused of kidnapping a young girl but we know nothing about him' the officer said.
'Like I said earlier he is a special prisoner, put him on a tight security, I will be there in a few hours'
'Okay I will' the call ended.
Helen alighted from a cab which halted in front of the station. Putting on a jean trouser and a well-fitted shirt, she walked into the station with her bag dangling at her side.
'Hi lady, what is the matter' an officer at the counter asked.
'Where is your boss?' she asked authoritatively.
'Tell us what the problem is young woman' another officer said.
'Take me to your superior' Helen shouted.
Hearing the noise D.P.O came out of his office.
'What is happening here?' he inquired.
'This lady came here asking for you sir' one of them said.
'Young lady am in charge here, what is it?' D.P.O said.
'My name is agent Nancy from the yellow house, we spoke on the phone' she introduced herself.
'Oh am sorry ma, please come into my office' he ushered her in.
'So where is my prisoner?' Helen asked.
'We kept him in a secured cell just as you have requested'
'Can I see him?'
'Sure you can, please follow me'
He took her to the cell where they were holding Jeffery. It was a poky room with a small window.
Helen chose not to enter the cell but turned back once she had confirm the prisoner's identity. They went back to the office.
'Who is this guy?' the policeman asked.
'He is a guy who means a lot to our agency, what have you got on him?'
'He kidnapped a little girl from her boarding school and was involved in a deadly gunfight with an unknown group where he killed two of them before he was shot. He claimed his attacker took the little girl from him' he explained.
Helen thought about what the officer just said, she was sure it was the
chairman's men who attacked him but what amazed her was why Jeffery would kidnapped a little girl.
She requested for the things they found on him and the items was brought before her. She picked up Jeffery's mobile and his wristwatch. She went out with them and came back five minutes later.
'I want him released today and all his things giving to him most especially this wristwatch and phone' Helen commanded.
'Why should he be released? He is still a suspect' the officer question.
'Yes but this is now our investigation, you have to release him' she said again.


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