Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tangle Episode 21

Jeffery was at the kitchen making dodo and egg as lunch for his little princess. They have been having fun since they came back yesterday and Jeff had decided to give her the treatment that would make her forget the trauma she had passed through in the last few days.
'Rosey come here the food is ready' he called after he served the food on the dining table but no one replied.
He called again and there wasn't any reply. Suddenly, he saw a huge figure standing before him putting the sharp edge of an axe he is holding on Roseline's throat.
'Hello Jeff, I bet you have been having a nice time' the figure pulled off his mask and he turned out to be the supposed badly burnt Chairman.
'What!!!' Jeffery exclaimed.
'Don't be too surprise, I got out of the car, killed an agent and took his clothes' he said.
'Please Chairman, kill me instead, am the one who crossed you' Jeff begged.
'You are both going to die' chairman said as he raised his axe to hack the little girl down.
Jeffery swiftly grabbed the kitchen knife on the table and threw it at him. The knife went into the Chairman's right shoulder causing him to let go of the young girl. Roseline ran out immediately while the injured Chairman descended on Jeff. Jeff dodged his attack but he came at him again ferociously, he knocked Jeffery down and aimed for his head but before he could strike, someone shot him from the back. Chairman attempted to strike again and Helen sent another shot into his brain.
'This is becoming a habit' Jeffery said.
'Don't worry, I will always come in time just to save you. Where is Roseline?' she asked.
They both searched for her and eventually found her inside the wardrobe where she had hidden.
'It’s alright dear, come out, nobody is ever going to hurt you again' Helen promised and Roseline eventually came out after much persuasion.
Jeffery and Helen sat down at the dinning table discussing after they have successfully laid the girl to rest on her bed.
'Jeff, I actually came here to give you a bad news' she said.
'What is it?' Jeffery asked anxiously.
'The D.S.S director has order your arrest. I tried to talk him out of the decision but he insisted on having you arrested as a scapegoat since we couldn't get anything information from the Chairman' Helen said.
'What are you waiting for then? Arrest me' he said.
'Jeff I can't. Take the girl and run out of here' Helen advised.
'No I won't go away, you said your boss want information? I will give it to him' Jeffery said as he walked out.
He came back later with a flash drive and handed it over to her.
'What is this?' Helen asked.
'This flash drive contains all the information on every job we have ever done, I think your boss will be happy to lay his hands on it' Jeffery said.
'Whoa that is good, you are such a genius' Helen said taking the flash from him happily.
'I didn't do it, Malik was the genius' he said.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Mr. Lawrence the D.S.S director was more than happy when he saw the information inside the flash drive. The information led to the arrest of over thirty drug barons in Nigeria which marked a significant success in the history of the State Security service.
Jeffery and his little girl lived happily, ever after.


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