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Tangle Episode 20

She walked Jeffery to where she had a bus waiting for them. She gently tapped the door of the bus five times before it opened.
The guy inside ushered both of them in before the bus sped off.
'Let me introduce you guys, Jeffery this is agent Kenneth, Kenneth this is Jeffery our allies' she said and the guys greeted each other.
'What do we do now? We have to get the chairman before it’s too late' Jeff said.
'How do we get him when we have no idea where he is? It’s impossible' Kenneth said.
'There has to be a way. He has got my niece, and he is going to hurt her if he didn't get the diamond within the next four hours' Jeff said.
'I think there is a way we can track him down' Helen said.
'How?' Kenneth asked.
'He is going to be expecting a call from his guy Jack about the safety of his diamonds, we can call him and track his location' Helen suggested.
'Brilliant idea but how will you do the voice?' Jeff asked.
'Don't worry Jeff we have a machine that can mimic any voice' Kenneth assured.
They checked Jack's phone and found Chairman's number. The phone was connected to a machine before agent Kenneth made the call.
'Hi boss' Kenneth said taking Jack's voice.
'Why did it take you so long to call?' Chairman said angrily.
'The bastard is dead and I have the diamond'
'Bring it to me, I’m at the base, and where is clement?' chairman asked.
Kenneth asked Helen using hand signal if she has the location and she shook her head.
'He is dead, I killed him. Am tired of being your errand boy, if you want to have your diamonds, bring me a sum of fifty million naira cash to Wanda forest by seven p.m today' Kenneth said.
'How dare you double cross me Jack? You will pay for this betrayal with your life' Chairman threatened.
'Oh chairman you can't kill me like you killed Jeffery and his friend.
Remember am your personal aid, I know all your secrets and if anything should happen to me, my guys will send all your information to the law enforcement agency' Kenneth threatened.
Helen signaled to him that she has got the location.
'If I don't get the money tonight, your diamonds will be gone' Kenneth ended the call.
'What have you done?' Jeff panicked.
‘I just diverted his attention. He has serious problem to deal with now than killing your niece. Since we have his location we would hit the house when he leaves for the meeting, am sure he would take most of his security along with him. It will be an easy rescue' Kenneth explained.
'What will happen to the Chairman?' Jeff asked.
'We will have the whole place covered with our agents, he would surely be arrested if he shows up' Helen said.
A pair of binoculars pierced into the compound of a bungalow house surrounded by armed men.
'Positive ID ma, this is the place' the man with the binoculars said.
'Nice, we would just have to wait till he leaves the house before we go in' Helen said.
'Why do we have to wait? Let us storm the place, nab the asshole and get my niece out' Jeffery agitated.
'Be patient Jeff this is all for your niece's safety or do you want her to come out of that house in a body bag?' Helen replied.
Jeff kept his mouth shut right from that moment.
* * * * * * * * * *
After learning the hideout of the hoodlums, Agent Nancy had called the office telling them the news and requesting for a reinforcement. A huge truck zoomed in minutes later filled with the the D.S.S agent. They all came down as soon as the bus stopped and by Jeffery's counting, they were eighteen well-armed men. Agent Nancy grouped them into two teams, the first team ‘Crocodile’ consisting of thirteen men led by agent Kenneth would go lie in wait for Chairman and his men to appear at the location. The second team ‘Alligator’ commanded by her would go burst the hoodlum's base and rescue Roseline.
Having given adequate information and the tactics to use during each mission, Helen armed herself ready to lead her team. She told Jeffery to wait in the bus but he declined. He insisted on going with them to rescue his niece. After a long argument, she eventually concurred and gave him a bulletproof vest and a fully loaded pistol.
When they got to the area, they laid low in a nearby bush surveying the house with the help of their binocular.
* * * * * * * * * * *
'Why did you join the force?' Jeffery inquired breaking the silence that had prevailed between them for about minutes.
'What do you mean?' Helen asked in reply.
'I mean a young sexy, oh sorry beautiful lady like you shouldn't be doing this dangerous stuff. Why not re-consider the idea of you being a banker, secretary or a model? I think those job suit you' Jeffery said.
Helen smiled a little before giving him a reply.
'I will ask you too, why go into drugs when there are legal businesses out there?' Helen said.
'I was in it for the money, come on, you know how much a kilo of those white powders worth' Jeffery answered.
'So you like making money at the expense of someone else's life being destroyed?'
'Who forced them to buy it? They bought it willingly knowing it will sabotage their life, it’s not my fault'.
'Have you ever seen a drug addict before? Do you know how horrible it feels to loss control of your desire to something you know will kill you someday?
Do you know what addiction really means?' Helen yelled at him.
Guilt covered Jeffery's face; her last question had stirred his emotions.
'They are leaving the building' the agent with binocular said.
'Let me have a look' Helen said taking the binocular from him.
From the two lens of the device, we saw, some men getting into two SUV jeep in the compound. An old man came out of the house guided by two securities until he entered one of the vehicles. The two jeeps sped into the road and zoomed off.
Helen dropped the devices and made a call.
'Mayday mayday, this is team Alligator, team Crocodile do you read me?' Helen said
'Team Alligator we read you loud and clear. What is the status over there?' Kenneth asked.
'The target is on the move, I repeat the target is on the move. Get your men ready for the show and tell me when you have him in your sight'
'Ok I will, thanks for the info' Kenneth replied and the call ended.
'Let’s go in now, he had left already' Jeff said.
'No we don't go in until we get a call from team Crocodile saying they have seen Chairman' Helen answered
'Why?' Jeff asked.
'Cause if we engage them now, they would call the Chairman to inform him that they are under attack and he is going to turn back and come here with all his forces.
Believe me, we will not get your niece out alive if that happens' another agent answered.
Minutes later, Kenneth called back confirming Chairman at the location and the whole Alligator team storm the bungalow house killing anyone at sight.
Roseline was frightened when she heard gunshots outside, she thought this was her one and only chance to escape since her abductors were preoccupied. She started working her tooth on the rope which bound her hands and she succeeded in freeing them. She freed her legs too and started making her away toward the door but suddenly, she heard someone banging the door hard.
Roseline thought on what's next to do, she searched the area and found a small door. She yanked it open but what she saw stunned her. A Rottweiler dog which she had disturbed by opening the door, barked at her angrily. She moved backward but the dog jumped out of its house and attempted to launch attack on her.
Roseline screamed as she saw the dog charged toward her, she closed her eyes giving in to her fate but suddenly she heard the front door open and a gunshot very close to her. She opened her eyes to found the dog lying dead before her, she shifted her gaze to the door and saw Uncle Jeffery standing there with a gun.
'Uncle Jeffery' she called.
'Oh my Rose, am sorry I put you in this trouble' Jeff said.
'They said you are dead Uncle' she replied
'No I didn't, I stayed alive for you'
---The war going on outside can be heard by any deaf man. The sound of the Israeli made assault weapon Travor TAR 21 took the air as the agents raid the house killing the bad guys.
'Let’s get out of here, it isn't safe in here' Jeffery said as he laid the little girl on his shoulder while he headed out of the room.
The air outside has been tainted by the heavy smoke from an explosion in a nearby apartment. Jeffery proceeded on his journey to a safe haven, still armed with his pistol. Suddenly a hoodlum ran out and came face to face with Jeffery. Jeffery pulled the trigger of his weapon to fire him but oops, he ran out of bullet. The hoodlum thinking he just got lucky raised his AK 47 rifle at Jeff and his kid but before he could fire, he was shot at the back by Helen.
'That's the second time I saved your life boy' Helen said.
'Thank you so much' Jeff appreciated.
'Am happy you got her out safely, now let's get her to the truck out there'
Helen said as she escorted them.
* * * * * * * * * * *
The Chairman with his best guys paraded the whole jungle waiting for Jack but they were met with heavy gun fire from the security agents. Chairman and his remaining three guards retreated into their vehicle and tried to run off. In other to prevent them from getting away, Kenneth ordered the car shot down and his agents shot two of the car's tyre. The car swerved into the forest and then tumbled twice before it was engulfed finally with fire.
When the Agents got to the car, they found out that Chairman and his accomplices had been burnt to ashes. Kenneth wasn't happy about what happened, they had wanted to get the chairman alive but all they got was burned body. He picked up his phone to give his superior the new information.
'Hello ma, am sorry the Chairman is dead' he said
'What the hell happened? You were asked to get him alive' Helen yelled on phone.
'He was trying to get away, we were left with no choice than to shot him down' Kenneth replied.
'Damn it agent Kenneth, you have made a mess of this operation. Get all the evidence you can acquire, I will meet you at the office' the call ended.
'What a bullshit' Helen cursed.
'It’s quite a pity that he died but believe me, he will do much good in being dead than him being alive' Jeffery said.
'You asked me why I joined the agency, I joined because of him. He ruined my life while I was a kid'
'What? Do you know him personally?' Jeff inquired
'I grew up at an orphanage where I long for someone to come adopt me. He came and took me away from the shit hole but to a miserable live. I was the same age as your niece then, he smuggled his drugs through my stomach' she opened her tummy to show the big scar to Jeffery with tears in her eyes.
'Am sorry Helen, I never knew you went through such thing' Jeffery said, giving her a hug in consolation.
They quickly broke apart when they realized that her whole team was gazing at them. They had finished raiding the place and only a few suspects were arrested while the others died in the attack.
'I have to get back to the office, you can go back home now' she said before she joined her team as they drove back to their headquarter.


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