Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tangle Episode 19

After much deliberation the D.P.O agreed to release Jeffery. Helen left the station but not before she warned them never to mention her visit to him.
As promised Jeffery was released with all his things. He was surprised when he was shown the way out, oblivious that it was Helen who bailed him out of the situation, he walked out of the station.
The day was over and the night was drawing nearer, Jeffery took refuge in an hotel paying the bill with his master card. He gave himself a thorough bath in the shower to get rid of the cell's filthy odor from his body. After he was done with himself, he picked up his phone and dialed the
chairman's number.
'Hello Jeff my instinct told me you will call' the chairman said.
'Please don't hurt the girl, I will return your diamonds' Jeffery begged.
'Do you mean it? Or I should cut off her ear and have it sent to you?'
'I beg of you, let us trade the diamonds for the girl'
'Okay bring it to the geographic coordinate 3541937127NW by 2 p.m tomorrow, if you fail to show up the girl will die and I will hunt you down' the call ended.
Helen sat down on a bed writing on paper with her pen, the record player beside her was playing the recent conversation between Jeffery and Chairman.
Determined to solve the puzzle of Jeffery's kidnapping, Helen went to the school where the girl was reported to have been kidnapped. Showing her badge to the security, she was given access to the building. The school proprietress was quite co-operative, she gave out all information Helen wanted without hesitation.
'What is the name of the kidnapped girl?' Helen asked the proprietress.
'Her name is Roseline Edward, here is her picture' she showed one of Rose's picture to Helen.
Helen took a good look at the image on the table, she sensed something familiar about the girl in the photo but she didn't know what it was,
'Who are the girl's parent?' Helen inquired.
'We only knew her father, we were told that her mother died when she was little'
'What do you know of her father?'
'Nothing much, he told us he works as a contractor, so he travels alot and that's the reason he stated for putting the girl here' The woman explained.
'Do you have a picture of him?' Helen asked anxiously.
'Yes I think we have one' the woman searched an archive of picture, fished out one and handed it over to her.
Helen was entranced to see Malik in the picture posing with the kidnapped girl.
'Are you sure this is him?' Helen asked.
'Absolutely sure'
'Okay thanks so much for your co-operation' Helen rose up to left after finding the answers she were looking for.
'Can I keep the photo?'
'Sure you can' the woman answered before she walked her to the door.
Jeffery started making his way to the door.
Jeffery was in a plane going to Abuja where the chairman's coordinate leads. Even though he thought it might be a trap for him, he still decided to go. He was ready to sacrifice anything to save his late friend's daughter out of the of the tiger's den. His thought flashed back to three months ago while everything was going well with them. Then life was sweeter than honey, they had all they ever desired. The chairman had always treated them well, he sang their praises
Every day and drop millions into their bank account. None of the two would have thought things would turn out this way. They were aware of the Chairman's dark heart but they never thought he would kill any of them for the sake of his consignment, despite all they had done for him.
Jeffery swore to make the chairman pay for what he did but first Roseline must be rescued. While thinking on these, Jeffery drifted into slumber.
The plane touched down at exactly fifteen minute past one, Jeffery quickly alighted from the plane and walked out of the airport to take a taxi. The taxi stopped in front of a shop and Jeffery came down after paying the driver. He went into the shop and came out minutes later holding a brown parcel. He boarded another taxi to take him to the rendezvous point where the coordinate finally led.
Jeffery got down in front of an abandon factory where the meeting was scheduled to take place. He checked his wristwatch, and he was ten minutes late. He surveyed the area with his eyes and saw no one around, so he went in with all the courage he could gather.
Inside the old factory, he stood alone until someone came out to meet him.
'Hello Jeff, it’s nice to see you again' the man greeted.
'I wish I could say the same Jack, where is the girl?' Jeff asked.
'Where are the diamonds?' Jack asked.
'Show me the girl and I will show you the diamonds'
'Don't play games with me Jeff, you know I don't like games'
'I don't think you are ready to trade, maybe we will do this some other time'
Jeff turned his back and started going to the exit.
'You really want to see her? Come have a look' Jack said.
'Where is she?' Jeff asked again after he walked.
'Give me a few seconds' Jack brought out his mobile phone, switched it on and handed it over to Jeff.
He took the phone from Jack and checked it out. On the screen was Roseline shedding tears.
'Uncle Jeff, please come take me out of here' she cried.
'Don't worry my Rose, we will soon be together, I promised' Jeff said.
Suddenly the image of the chairman appeared beside Rose's.
The Chairman made a small cut on her face with his pocket knife.
'If I don't get my diamond in the next four hours, I will cut each of her fingers every hour after then' the chairman promised.
Jeffery couldn't hold back tears when he saw blood dripping down from the little girl's cheek until the screen went blank.
'You have seen the girl now where is my diamond?' Jack asked.
Jeff brought out the parcel out of the breast pocket of his jacket and handed it over to him.
'Ok good, you will get the girl when i get the diamonds to Chairman safely, now go home' Jack said after confirming the content of the parcel.
As Jeffery was walking to the door, suddenly a gunshot was heard.
'Take him down Clement' Jack whispered touching the device in his ear.
A gunshot was heard but nothing happened.
Jeffery turned back to see what happened and Jack who thought his partner missed brought out his gun and aimed it at him.
'Why do you want to kill me? You already have the diamonds' Jeff asked.
'It’s the order I was given, good bye Jeffery' Jack was about to pull the trigger when another gunshot was heard. Jack dropped down with a bullet in his right leg.
Jeff was surprised to see the guy who was about to send him to the afterlife down. He quickly pull out his gun and finished him with three bullets in the head.
'Rest in pieces' Jeffery cursed.
Suddenly he heard footstep of someone coming out of the dark. He aimed his gun in the direction.
'Put down the fucking metal Jeffery, I just saved your ass' the person said still standing in the dark.
'Who the hell are you?' Jeff asked, still pointing his gun to the direction.
The person stepped into the light and she turned out to be Helen walking toward Jeff with a riffle in her hand.
'What are you doing here Helen?' Jeffery asked as he lowered his gun.
'You are a fool of the first order for coming here without any contingency plan' Helen said.
'Fuck you' Jeff said.
'Did you kill him?' Helen asked referring to Jack's corpse.
'Yes and I wish I could do it five times more'
'Oh God, I shot him in the leg so we can question him on the whereabout of the Chairman'
'How was I to know?' Jeffery said.
Helen checked Jack's pocket and bring out his mobile phone.
'Let’s get out of here' Helen said and they both left the place with the diamonds.


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