Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tangle Episode 17

'Malllliikkkk' Jeffery screamed as he watched his friend die.
Seeing their leverage gone, Charles' men opened fire at Jeff but he dodged behind a tree while Helen gun them down.
Some men came out of the jungle raining bullets at Jeffery also but he and Helen engaged them. When the fire was too much for them, Jeffery went to get their car while Helen covered him with her shots.
Moments later, he came with the car and Helen jumped in. Jeffery intentionally ran Charles who was trying to shoot them with the car before it speed off.
Inside the car, Helen kept wondering what had happened back at the exchange. Could her team be reponsible for the shooting? No they couldn't have, it’s true she gave them the information about the meeting but the time she gave them was wrong, she had told them the meeting will hold by 3 p.m while it hold at 11am. Even if they had shown up, they have no reason to kill Malik.
Jeffery found it difficult to concentrate on driving, his mind kept flashing back to the horror he had just witnessed. After he almost collide the car with a bus, Helen got the wheel from him and drove them home safely.
When they got home, Jeffery went to their bar and started drinking any alcoholic drinks he laid his hands on. He wept bitterly as he drank.
'Am so sorry Jeff' Helen said in tears.
'He doesn't deserve to die like that, he doesn't deserve to suffer like he did' Jeff sobbed.
'Please take heart' she said
'I can't believe he is dead, I can't believe he is fucking gone' he mourned, drinking terribly.
'I will make sure the bastard responsible for this pay dearly' he swore.
'You have to stop drinking, don't injure yourself' Helen said as he tried to take the bottle of liquor away from him but he didn't allow her.
'I have been injured the moment Malik went down' He said as he continued drinking.
Suddenly Jeffery's phone rang out. He first ignored the call but later took it when it’s noise was unbearable for him.
'Hi Jeff' the chairman greeted.
'Malik is dead' Jeffery announced.
'Am sorry Jeff' the chairman said.
'You aren't surprise? You knew it before? So it was you, wasn't it?' Jeffery questioned.
'Am sorry Jeff, i had no choice' the chairman confessed.
'How could you order his execution despite all what he has done for you?' Jeffery asked.
'You caused it; you left me with no choice when you got too emotional by deciding to trade my hard earn stones for your partner's life' the chairman said.
Jeffery was shocked when he heard what the chairman said. How did he know they were going to trade the diamonds?
'Look Jeff, I know how you feel that’s why am going to ease your pain by increasing your payment to seventy million naira for you and thirty million for the lady, just deliver my diamonds tomorrow' The chairman said.
'Thank so much for your generous offer, but unlike you, I do have a heart and only your blood can ease my pain not your money. Mark my word chairman, am going to have my revenge on you' Jeff threatened..
The chairman laughed scorningly.
'Jeff the best thing for you is to accept my offer and deliver the diamonds, please don't dare me' The chairman said before the call ended.
After the call, Jeffery explained everything to Helen who suggested that maybe the chairman had bugged them, he must have been listening to every conversation made in the house. They searched around and found the bugging device, which they destroyed.
'What do we do now?' Helen asked.
'First we need to move out of this house by tomorrow, then we plan on how to hunt down that bastard' Jeffery answered.
They both went to sleep in their room.
Once Helen was in her room, she locked the door and brought out her device so eager to talk to her boss about the recent development in the operation.
'Good evening sir' she greeted.
'What happened agent, when we got to exchange venue all we found was dead body including that of Malik' her boss and handler spoke from the computer screen.
'It was the chairman's doing, he had bugged the house and had learnt of Jeffery's plan so he sent his henchmen to stop the exchange and hijack the diamond but they didn't get it' she explained.
'Oh, did Jeffery know the truth' her boss asked.
'Yes he felt so bereaved and swore to get his revenge'
'That’s good for us, we are going to use him to nail that devil, just keep gaining his trust' her boss said.
Meanwhile at the other side of the door was Jeffery who had been listening to all the conversation.
Helen rose up from bed early morning to do the daily domestic chores and prepare breakfast like she has always done. The events that happened the previous days weighed so much on her, she had wished that it was Jeffery who died and Malik stayed alive. Ever since she had known them, Malik has been the one she liked ‘cause he was more compassionate and kind toward her. She was only acting normal with Jeffery because of the operation, she haboured a strong hatred for him but she had no choice than to stick with him since he is the only link to their target.
She stepped out of her room and made for Jeffery's room to ask him what he would prefer for breakfast. She entered his room but couldn't find him on the bed.
'This guy must have woken up early' she thought.
As she was about to leave the room her eyes suddenly went on the wardrobe where his shoes were kept, she found a few pairs missing. She went to open the wardrobe and discovered a few pieces of clothe missing too.
'What could have happened?' she thought.
She suddenly found a folded piece of paper on the drawer. She picked it up, unfolded it and read its content.
'Dear agent Nancy, I can't believe you have been fooling us all this while but thanks to God I finally discover your secret. Am gone now, I will avenge Malik's death my way, i don't need your help and that of your fucking agency' Helen read Jeffery's note.
After reading the note she picked up her phone and dialed his number but the call didn't get through because the phone has been switched off. She dialed another number.
'Hello sir, the mission has been compromised' she said.
'What the hell happened?' Her boss asked.
'Jeffery left the house; he must have heard us talking last night. He left a note telling me he is gone for good. Am sorry sir' she apologized.
'Oh what a loss, come back to the agency we will find a way to track him down' her boss said.
'Okay sir, I will report in' Helen replied and the call ended.
To be continued...


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