Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tangle Episode 16

Helen went to her room also, she locked the door and switched on a music player occupying the room with its sound. She brought out her mini laptop and switched it on. After a few minutes, we saw the person she communicated with perviously on it.
'Hello agent Nancy, how is the operation going' the man greeted.
'Not too good sir, a serious problem just came up' Helen said.
'What is it Agent?' the man questioned.
'Malik has been abducted and the kidnappers are demanding for the diamond in exchange for his life. The Chairman was contacted but he isn't helping so Jeffery is planning to give out the diamonds'
'Is he crazy? How could he do that? This is going to ruin our entire plans, try convince him not to do so' the man said.
'I already tried all I could but he isn't heeding' Helen replied.
'Then am afraid we would have to crash the exchange and take possession of the diamonds ourselves' he said.
'Okay, I will let you know the rendezvous point when it’s been decided. Good night sir' the conversation ended and the image vanished from screen. Helen hid her device and stopped the player to give herself a long sleep.
The following morning, Jeff called chief Charles and the meeting point was arranged. Jeff made sure everything they needed to fake their death was in place. Their death was planned to be a car accident where the car would summersault on the third mainland bridge into the sea, their corpse will be presumed eaten by sea animals.
After learning about the meeting point, Helen told her handler about it.
The meeting was scheduled to take place under a bridge, the same place they met with captain Thomas by 11 am.
Jeff and Helen had been waiting for about thirty minutes before Charles and his goons drove in with their mini bus. He had two goons with him carrying a bajinatu (gun) each.
'Hey Charles I have the diamonds here, where is my friend' Jeff said.
'Bring him out' Charles said to his men and they brought the almost lifeless Malik out of the car's truck.
'Send him over' Jeff commanded but Charles disagreed saying he would have his diamonds first. Jeff showed him the diamonds but insisted he send Malik over before he get it.
As the argument continued, suddenly a gunshot was heard from the jungle and Malik went down with a bullet in his head.
Oh readers is malik dead?
Who shot the gun? Jeff's boss or Helen's laptop boss?
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