Thursday, 28 December 2017

Tangle Episode 15

Ko ko ko, Jeff knocked the door to the house where Peter was said to have been staying and a feminine voice answered requesting who is it.
'We are from the PHCN, please come have your electricity bill' Jeffery said.
The door opened and behold Peter was the person they saw at the door.
'Hello Peter' Jeff greeted.
Peter was fuddled to see them. He never thought they could find him there.
He wanted to slam the door close but Jeffery took the door from him and threw a punch on his face. They both entered the house.
'Who the hell are you?' Peter's mistress asked angrily.
'Stay out of this madam' Helen warned as Jeff dragged Peter out of the house into their car before the zoomed off.
Peter who only had his boxer shorts and singlet on him was taken to an uncompleted building in a forest where Jeff planned to give him the torture.
'Where is Malik?' Jeffery asked furiously.
'Please oga Jeffery, I don't know' Peter pleaded.
Jeffery threw a blow at him and he fell down.
'Where is my friend?' he asked again.
‘I haven’t seen him for a week now, please let me go' Peter pleaded again.
Jeffery kicked him as he attempted to stand up and he fell down again.
'Where is Malik my friend?' Jeffery said as he continued kicking Peter hard to the ground, with the tip of his shoe.
Peter kept on screaming that he knew nothing of Malik's disappearance as Jeffery's kick hit all part of his body.
When Helen saw that Jeffery's beating wasn't helping the situation she urged him to stop. When he did, she pulled Peter up from the ground and said to him.
'Please save us all the trouble and tell us where you have kept our friend, we have already seen his wrist watch on your friend's hand'
'Madam please help me beg oga Jeffery, I don't know where Oga Malik is' Peter insisted.
Helen suddenly did what Jeffery never expected from her, she grabbed Peter's balls and squeezed them together.
Peter groaned in pain, his eyes popped as if they were going to drop down from their sockets.
'I will confess' he mumbled.
Helen finally let go of his balls.
'I don't know where they took him, I was told by an old man to help them
kidnap him' Peter confessed.
'Which old man?' Jeffery queried.
'Chief Charles' Peter answered.
Having heard the name Charles, he knew what shit his friend was into. Mr. Charles was their competitor who they had crossed on more than two occasions.
Jeffery told Helen to let them go home and she agreed but as they were going, she turned back and sent two bullets into Peter's leg.
When they got home, Helen fixed both of them a nice dinner.
While they were eating, she started up the conversation.
'How do we deal with this Chief Charles?'
'We have to first confirm if he indeed have Malik in his custody and find out why?' Jeffery answered.
'Do you have a way to get in touch with him?' Helen asked.
'Yes I do' Jeff answered.
* * * * * * * * * * *
Inside the building where Malik was held captive, an SUV jeep zoomed in and Chief Charles alighted from it.
'What the hell happened here?' He barked at a guard.
'Sir the prisoner tried to escape but he was shot before he could' the guard explained.
'You morons, how did he get out of his cell? Hope he isn't dead?' Chief Charles asked.
'No he got shot at the leg but he is not in good condition' the guard answered.
Chief Charles walked into the building with his personal aid. He saw the prisoner chained to a bed with his bad leg on bandage, looking pale and weak.
'Huum see what is left of the smart Malik, you must have thought I was stupid to lock you up without sufficient security' Chief Charles said.
' Charles you have no idea what you are getting into, let me go now or else you will regret ever hearing my name' Malik threatened in a weak voice.
Chief Charles laughed wickedly.
'You, threatening me?' he suddenly smashed his walking staff on Malik's wounded leg and Malik screamed in pain.
Charles' phone rang and his aid gave it to him.
'Who is this?' he yelled
'Hello Charles, I heard you are holding someone called Malik as a prisoner,
is that true?' Jeffery asked.
'So what do you want to do about it?' Charles answered.
'Charles you are messing with the wrong man'
'Oh no Jeffery, it was you two who messed with the wrong man when you stole my diamonds. Now listen and listen good I want my diamonds back in the next twenty four hours or else, am going to butcher your friend and mail you his pieces' Charles said.
'You won't dare it' Jeff answered.
'Okay hear this' Charles put the phone on a loud speaker and then smashed
his staff on Malik's wound once again, so his friend could hear his scream.
'You will pay for this' Jeffery threatened.
'For your information, your friend has got a hole in his leg and he isn't doing pretty good' Charles informed.
'I will nail you for this' Jeff threatened and the call ended.
'What did he say?' Helen demanded.
'He said we have to trade the diamonds for Malik' Jeff said.
Silence prevailed at the sitting where Jeff and Helen were both thinking of what to do on the case of their abducted friend. Chief Charles had clearly stated what he wanted but they were in no position to grant him his request.
'I think we should tell the chairman about this or what do you think?' Helen said breaking the silence.
'You are right, he will be able to help organize a rescue team. Let me call him'
Jeffery replied as he dialed the Chairman's number.
'Hello my boy, how are you? I tried Malik's number but it didn't get through.
Where is he?' Chairman asked.
'Malik has been kidnapped sir' Jeff announced.
'Kidnapped! How? When? By who?' Chairman asked surprisingly.
'He was taken yesterday by a man called Charles.'
'Oh am sorry, Charles has been tracking my diamonds for quite a long time, he must have known you guys have it' Cheif said.
'Sir we have to organize a fast rescue mission to get Malik out' Jeff said.
'That I will surely do after my diamonds are delivered to the buyer safely, he will be in Lagos the day after tomorrow'
'But Malik would have been dead by then' Jeff protested.
'Am sorry, I can't act otherwise. Remember my diamonds are the top priority not your friend. I will call you when the buyer is in town, good night' the call ended.
Jeffery dropped the phone with disappointment.
'What is it?' Helen asked noticing the look on his face.
'I just realized that I have been working for an asshole all this while' Jeffery confessed.
'What did he say?' Helen inquired.
'He won't be helping, I guess we are on our own' He said.
'Then let’s organize a rescue ourselves' Helen said.
'No Helen there won't be any, am going to give Charles what he want' Jeff said.
'You must be joking' she said
'What other option do you think we have? Do you know where Malik is being held? Do you know how many securities are there? Do we have anyone to help us on such a mission?' Jeffery yelled at her angrily.
'Calm down Jeff, think about the consequences of the decision you are about to make' She said.
'No consequence Helen, Am going to fake our death to make sure the Chairman won't be looking for us' Jeffery said before he rose up and left the sitting room.


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