Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tangle Episode 13

Helen gently picked a stone on the table.
'This is beautiful, what a lovely stone' she admired.
'Let’s pack this thing out of here and keep it safe' Malik said before he packed all the diamonds into a container and both he and Jeffery went in.
They came back moments later.
'Guys, is the chairman really going to give each of us #20 million?' Helen asked.
'Of course he will, he is always true to his word' Malik assured.
'You guys must have been extremely rich' Helen said.
They both looked at each other and smile.
'Malik, today is friday, we have to go to the club' Jeffery said.
'Oh thanks for reminding me, we have to go clubbing and Helen you are coming with us' Malik said.
'No am not, I will just stay at home'
After a long persuasion, they weren’t able to convince her to go with them to the club. At exactly 10:30 p.m, the two guys left to the club leaving Helen alone.
Inside the car driving to the club
'Jeff I have an issue to discuss with you'
'What is it?'
'Am going to get married to Helen, I will propose my love to her tomorrow if you are okay with it'
'No problem guy, am happy for you' Jeffery said.
Their car came to a stop at the gate of a popular nightclub. They both went in and started having fun. Jeffery jumped on the dance floor and started dancing with any lady he saw while Malik sat at the bar drinking liquor.
Suddenly Malik's phone rang.
'Hello who is this?'
'Bro Malik, this is Peter, I have vital information for you'
'What sort of information?'
'We have to meet. Are you at the club?'
'Yes I am'
'Okay, am outside the club please come meet me outside'
Malik was reluctant to go but he was forced by the urgency he sensed in Peter's tone.
He got out and saw Peter standing behind a car.
'What is it?' Immediately he finished his sentence someone behind him smashed a heavy object on his head and he fell down unconsciously. He was carried into a car and taken away.
After rocking to his satisfaction, Jeffery stepped out of the dance floor. He scanned the whole place with his eyeball in search of his pal but he couldn't find him. At first he wasn't bothered by this, he thought maybe Malik was at the obscure side of the club where is eyes could not pierce but he started getting worried when people were leaving the club and he still couldn't see him. He started searching every inch of the club but to no avail. He thought maybe his friend had left the club early but he was convinced otherwise when he saw their car outside.
'Malik can't go home without taking the car?' he thought.
After searching for a while, Jeffery decided to go home and see that maybe his friend is at home.
In the middle of the night when both of her bosses were long gone, Helen rose up suddenly and stepped out of bed. She went to check if the door was locked and when she realized it was, she commenced her quest. She brought out a bag that she had carefully hidden under the bed, opened it and brought out a mini laptop. She switched it on and typed her password to log in.
After a few seconds of typing, suddenly an image of a man popped on the screen.
'Oh agent Nancy, it's nice to hear from you again after disobeying my authority by going back to the mission' the man said.
'Am sorry sir, I need to get back and finish what I started' she replied.
'But you know this operation is a goose chase, no positive result is going to come out of it' the man said.
'Sir, am beginning to see a positive side of the operation. Guess what I discovered? A conflict diamond' she announced.
'Conflict diamond? How?' the man asked surprisingly.
'It was concealed inside a bread. It was said that the diamond worth $10 million in the black market' she explained.
'Whao, this is the big bang we have been waiting for, I will be happy if I can lay my hands on a sample of those diamonds?' the man asked again.
'I have a stone here with me' she answered.
'Good, find a way to get it to us for confirmation'
Suddenly she heard someone knocking the door so she quickly closed the mini laptop and hid it. She then went to open the door and find Jeffery waiting alone.
'Welcome back, where is Malik?' she asked.
'I don't know, I thought he came back home early' he answered as he walked in tiredly.
'What? He never came home' Helen replied.
'He must have gone somewhere else, let me go have a sleep, he will come back home tomorrow morning' Jeffery said before walking into his room.
Malik opened his eyes and found himself in darkness. He felt it that he was sitting down and that his hand was tied to the back. He tried to speak but he couldn't move his lips.
The memory of what happened eluded him, he didn’t know why he was treated this way, and he had no idea of his current location. He thought maybe this was one of his bad dreams and that he will soon wake up on his king size bed.
The door opened and he heard someone stepped in. The footstep was moving closer to him. He was about the call on the person to help untie him when he suddenly felt the impact of a hard blow on his stomach. He fell down with the chair and groaned in pain. He felt the chair being pulled up and he was back in his former position.
Another blow landed on his left cheek, and this time around, he felt as if four of his teeth had jumped out of their place.
Another foot stepped in and for the first time since he found himself in this strange position he heard a voice.
'Unveil him' the voice said.
He felt something removed from his head and now he can see.
The sun ray went into his eyes disturbing his vision but his eye quickly adjusted.
When he could see clearly, he saw two men standing before him. One was huge, fierce and muscular while the other was an old man.
'Good morning Mr. Malik, am happy to have you here' the old man greeted.
Malik tried to speak but couldn't because his mouth was taped.
'Please help me remove the tape from his mouth' the man ordered.
The fierce looking man walked up to him and pulled the tape with force. A part of Malik's lips almost gone marred with the tape as his mouth was released from the bondage.
'My name is Chief Charles, the man you stole his precious bread' the man announced.
Once Malik heard the word ‘bread’ his memory quickly came back and he realized the type of shit he is in to.
'All I want is to get back what belongs to me, so I will ask you in a simple term, WHERE ARE MY DIAMONDS?' the old man requested.


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