Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Tangle Episode 12

'Helen is this really you?'Jeffery asked.
'Am sorry for leaving you guys' Helen said solemnly.
'Why did you change your mind?' Malik asked.
'Because I need some money to take care of my mom. She tried her best to raise me with the little she has, so I think it’s time I pay her back but I can't do that by selling fish. I need real money, please guys help me out' she begged.
'But you insulted me on phone just now' Malik said.
'Me?' Helen asked surprisingly. She ransacked her pocket and bag in search of her mobile phone but she couldn't find it.
'Oh, I left my phone at home. It must have been aunty Sikira who talked to you. She was infuriated when I told her I was leaving' Helen said.
'Thank God you are back, girl but before you can start working with us officially you have to talk to our boss' Jeffery said.
The chairman called at exactly seven pm and they all sat down beside the TV.
'Good evening sir' they greeted.
'Evening my loyal employee, I can see the new lady is here' the image on the screen said.
'Yes sir, her name is Adebimpe but we call her Helen' Malik announced.
'Am very much happy to be part of your workers sir' Helen said.
'Ok but you must work hard to earn my reward. Guys let’s talk about our next business. This operation is simple but delicate. A guy will arrive at the airport in Lagos by 2 p.m tomorrow, he will be carrying several luggage but I need you to get me one thing from him, his bread' the chairman paused.
'Bread?' Jeffery asked to be sure he heard right.
'Yes bread, Helen you will help them distract his attention, I heard this guy has an eye for good looking girls. Guys please make this a clean job, steal the bread and replace it with another. He mustn't know you stole from him.
'Okay sir, but once we have the bread what do we do with it?' Malik asked.
'I will call you 7 p.m tomorrow to give you further instruction. Guys please do this job perfectly, I won't tolerate any mistake. Good night' the Chairman vanished from screen.
More information about the man they were to rob including his picture was sent to them via email.
The next day, the three were at the airport searching for the man. After searching a while, they found him going toward the exit with a nylon bag on his hand.
The three who spread themselves in the airport communicate with one another through earpiece.
'I have him onsight approaching the exit' Jeffery said.
'Should I approach him now?' Helen dressed in a sophisticated outfit standing a little bit close to the exit asked.
'Wait let him get closer to you and remember our target is the bread inside the nylon bag he is carrying so let’s be swift about this' Malik said.
They had planned everything right from home. An exact replica of the nylon bag the guy will be carrying has been made ready and the same type of bread they were to steal have been bought.
The plan was that once they saw the man, Helen will approach him and talk to him like her husband who she hasn't seen in years. While Helen is doing this, Malik will diligently knock the bag out of his hand and swap it with their own; he will then immediately pass the bag to Jeffery before he apologies to the man. They had rehearsed several times and were assured that their plan will work.
Their target; a middle age man, walking swiftly with both his legs not meeting each other as he mount them on the ground one after the other.
'Ready Helen, you are clear to go in fifteen seconds' Malik announced.
Helen's heart pounded as the man was making his way toward her.
Suddenly someone else approached the man, wrapped his hand around his neck in a friendship manner and together they started walking.
'Wait Helen you aren't clear to go, there has been a complication. We have to follow them slowly' Malik warned.
'I get it' she replied.
The two men walked out of the airport and Malik with his crew followed them.
When they got out they found their target lying down with blood gushing out from his belly and the second guy carrying his bag into a car. Obviously the guy was robbed and the suspect fled in his car.
Seeing this, Malik and his crew quickly got into their car and chase the suspect. The suspect who realized that he was being chased, drove wildly and shot at the people tailing him. Jeffery swerved the car to dodge the bullet. Fortunately for them Malik had a gun in the car so he shot back. The car race was getting tougher; the suspect was knocking down anything in its way. Helen took the gun from Malik and shot the tyres of the car they were chasing.
The car collided with a road side electricity pole and stopped. Malik came down and went to where the car had crashed. The driver was wounded and unconscious. Malik saw the bag and took the bread they were after. He hop into their car and it sped off.
After the car took off from the crash site, they didn't drive straight to their house. They drove all around the town to see if any car was following them and when they were satisfied, they went home.
'Oh thank God today's operation was successful' Jeffery said.
'But we almost lose the bread. Who the hell was that guy who stole the bread?' Helen asked.
'We don't know, I think the chairman will tell us when he calls. By the way how do you learn to shoot a running car's tyre?' Malik questioned.
'You know I watch action films a lot, I learnt it from one of the movies' She explained.
Jeffery picked the bread up and started opening it.
'Why do you think this bread is important?' he asked.
'Stop asking stupid question and put the bread down' Malik yelled and Jeffery obeyed.
'Malik have you heard from Peter since the incident with that custom agent?' Jeff asked.
'Yes he called me but I told him we no longer need his service and I sent some money into his bank account. He is such a coward' Malik answered.
'That's good, since we already have the capable Miss Helen at our service we don't need him' Jeff joked.
At precisely 7 p.m the chairman was available again on the video call.
'Good evening chairman' the three greeted.
'The evening is good indeed, I can tell the operation was successful' the chairman answered.
'Yes but we encountered a few challenges. There was another guy trying to steal the bread' Jeffery said.
'Am sorry I didn't inform you earlier, other parties are interested in the package but am happy you guys did it. So where is it?' The chairman asked.
Malik brought out the bread from where he had kept it and put it on the center table.
'Here it is sir'
'Aren't you curious why this bread is so special? Jeffery go get a knife so we can check out this bread' the chairman ordered and Jeffery obeyed.
'This is it sir'
'Unwrap the bread and cut me a huge loaf from it' the chairman ordered.
Jeffery did as instructed and they saw something neatly wrapped inside the bread.
'Bring out that thing'
Jeffery cut the bread again and brought out the huge wrapping.
'Open it and pour its content on the table'
Jeffery did as ordered and behold a huge collection of the shining heavenly stones was on the table.
'Whao! Diamond!!!' Helen exclaimed.
'Yes, those are my diamonds worth over $10 million' the chairman said.
'What are we going to do with it sir?' Malik asked.
'You will hold on to it for three days after which you will help me deliver it to a buyer. Once this deal end successfully, each of you will be #20 million richer. So please safeguard them for me'.
'We will try our best sir' Jeffery answered.
The transmission ended and the screen became blank again.


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