Sunday, 17 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 3

****Chiefs house****
The chief has identical twins, he is seen scolding them…
Chief: See the both of you, useless children. All you know is to be calling daddy daddy….don’t go and get a husband o.
Lara:Daddy,are we going to beg men to come and marry us?
Laura:Or are we going to put ‘husbands wanted’ apply within?
Chief:Oh God oh God,see this foolish children… How old are the both of you?
Laura:Daddy,we are just 37 for crying out loud
Chief:Did I hear you call 37 just?
Lara:Yes dad,we are just 37 and you are rushing us like this. I don’t understand you o
Chief:Oh,you thought you will stay with me for life and be eating my food huh?That’s not possible. If you don’t get a husband in 2weeks time the both of you are disowned…get out of my view,spoilt brats!
(They scampered into their rooms)
Laura:Lara,we need to get ourselves a husband coz we ain’t getting young
Lara:True talk sis but there’s no guy coming our way..
Laura:You are right and I don’t know why its so..Am I not set enough? My b----t are still firm,see my butt too…So what’s their problem
Lara:I don’t know o,see my large melons yet nobody is coming..Which kind kasala be this?
Laura:Well, there is this dude I met on Facebook. We have been friends for long tho we ve never met,he asked me out on a date tomorrow
Lara:That’s a plus for you o
Laura:Don’t be too sure until I get there.
Lara:Am happy for you o (even though she was jealous)
****next day at KFC****
Laura:Hi,you Richard right?
(Richard should be between 22-25,tall ,fair and handsome)
Richard: Yea,I am and you are Laura huh?
Laura:(smiling) Yea.It’s nice meeting you
Richard: The pleasure is mine..So how’s your boyfriend
Laura:I have none.
Richard: You joking right?
Laura:Nah nah ain’t joking.
Richard: Wow,that’s nice…
What do you think will happen?? Will Richard and Laura date??Drop your predictions…
To me I think they will date but not marry,drop yours
to be continued…


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