Sunday, 17 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 2

The woman came back for the tyre later in the evening…
Titus:Madam, welcome o
Madam: Thank you.. So how much for the tyre
Titus:Na 1million
Madam: (smiling)You are kidding right?
Titus:I no kid because I no be kid…Your money na 1million but I go pity you collect 300naira
Madam:(laughing) funny you, take it and keep the change
Titus:Thank you o..Chei,God don butter my bread o,madam dey patronize us o.You hear?
Madam: Okay, no problem (she zoomed off)
Titus:Today na today,ashawo go hear am..Thank God say Chinedu no dey shop so I no go share any money with am.
(5min later Chinedu came back)
Titus:Bia Chinedu, abeg I dey go house,I wan go s--t so stay for shop I go soon come back
Chinedu: No tey o
Titus:No problem
(Titus zoomed out and carried one ashawo to his one room apartment)
Titus:How far na,spread leg make I do fast fast dey go shop.
Ashawo:Money for hand,back for ground
Titus:Trust me na,I go pay you..
Ashawo:I no hear dat one o
Titus:Okay na,if my thing go down I no go do again o
Ashawo:Eeeh,make e go down na
Titus:E dey go down o……………..e dey go down o………In fact I no do again, come begin dey go.(pushing her out)
Ashawo:Oyaa no vex,I go lie down spread for you.
(After about 45-50min,they finished their business)
Titus:Oya hold this one
Ashawo:Ehn wetin be this..
Titus: Wetin e be you like
Ashawo:Abeg abeg abeg I no dey for this drama
Titus:Even me sef,I kukuma no sabi act drama.
Ashawo: I go wound you o,complete this money
Titus:For this economy, as I give you 500naira you no like am?Oya bring am back and return my sperm (abi coolvallers)
Ashawo: E be like say you be crase man but I go show you say we dey crase for our family.(holding his d--k and dragging it)
Titus:Ewooo,abeg abeg
Ashawo: You don ready to pay?
Titus:I no hold money again
Ashawo: You dey play,searching his pocket and taking 2000naira in total. You no even get money and you come dey f--k (leaving the house)
Titus:(almost in tears due to the pain from his penis)You dey crase, God punish your Toto,I no even blame you na (pointing at his d--k)na you I blame,I no know if na you dey control me abi na me dey control you. And this ashawo sef,she no fine o but her thing…E sweet!
to be continued…


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