Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 19

Lara:What happened to dad
Titus:Which hospital dey carry am go
Laura:It’s the gateman that called with dad’s phone
Lara:What did he say happened.
Titus: Wetin dey talk say kill am?
Laura:Titus,can you just shut up. Stop wishing anyone dead here pls…He only said that dad will be traveling tomorrow and come back in 4days time.
Immediately Titus heard that,he quickly ran outside and his wives were surprised at his action.
They waited for him thinking he will come back but after 11pm that day they knew something was wrong somewhere.
****Next day At Titus shop****
They went to Titus shop and met Chinedu sleeping.
Laura:What’s the meaning of this,come on wake up.
Chinedu: Yes,what is that.
Lara:Where is your friend
Chinedu: Who
Laura:Our husband, Titus
Chinedu: I should be asking you people that. After telling him to chase me out of the house.
Laura:You mean you don’t know where he is?
Lara:See how empty the shop looks
Chinedu: No be your papa wey no give am money.
Laura:Sis,let’s leave here and go to our Fathers house.Titus will surely come for us.
They left the shop and returned to their fathers house by then they were heavily pregnant…
Four days later,Chief returned from where he traveled to and met his daughters.
Chief:What are you doing here?Are you not meant to be in your husbands house.
Lara:(crying) Dad you see where you have landed us to… Rushing us to get married, see our condition and yet our husband left us to God knows where.
Chief: I don’t care,when he’s back he will come and take you both.
Meanwhile, for the past few days Titus has been in a shrine,the babalawo had told him to camp there for some days then on the final day he should go home and hug his father in law but immediately he lives here nobody should touch him in any form..
****Final day****
Titus thanked the baba and started going home,he boarded a keke to the Chiefs house and when he wanted to pay the fare,he just threw it on the floor avoiding the drivers touch.
He went straight to the gate and knocked, the gateman opened the gate and wanted to shake him but he rebuked him to the Gateman’s utmost surprise.
He went inside the compound only to see another hindrance.
to be continued…


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