Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 17

Laura:This 900k is way too low compared to what I borrowed.
Lara:Same with me too
Titus:Come I no understand o,una dey say una borrow reach 1million?
Titus:Say wetin shele na. No be for ordinary wedding? Now the wedding don end,everybody don go their house sleep,we still dey here dey quarrel
Laura:When you were dancing, you didn’t know abi
Titus:See ehn,make we sleep now. Tomorrow we go meet your papa to settle Una
Lara: Yes that’s true.
Laura:Don’t sleep now o,come and let’s have s-x. You know I haven’t done it with you before.
Titus:The belle wey you carry who com get am
Laura: That was just a stunt
Titus:Stunt??? You be Jet li abi Jackie Chan wey dey do stunt?
Laura:I just dey joke that time na wetin I mean
Titus:God punish you…Na joke you use com trap me so…Chai women
Laura:Come and f--k me jareeh
Lara:When you are done with her,I dey here o
Titus:No be death warrant I just sign so?
Laura:Stop lamenting and f--k me.
Titus had s-x with each of them twice before finally drifting in to sleep.
****next day****
They went to their father’s house with Titus in their car.
Chief: I see you have come for your present
Titus:Yes sir
Chief:In that case follow me
They went to where cars are packed,they were very happy but the happiness was cut short when Chief only pointed to one car.
Laura:Dad are you kidding me, one car for how many people. Are we just one?
Lara:Dad I don’t understand you o. Explain the meaning of this.
Titus was just shocked,he wasn’t expecting a car. I mean just one car. Even if he sells the car,the debt his wives are owing needs to be paid soon,his business has ran out of stock.
Titus:Oga why you dey do like this na,you get the money but you dey do akagum (stinginess).
Chief: If you all don’t leave here now…
Laura:What will happen
Lara:In fact dad,give us our share of the properties.
Chief: What property. As far as I am still alive, you are getting no share of the property and if you guys don’t leave now. I will retrieve my gift.
Titus:Oga abeg no vex..Oya,come make we dey go.
They took their present home..
One week later they sold their cars and settled their debts.Titus was regretting ever marrying the twins,they are always at each others neck.
None of them even have a work that can enable them not to rely on him too much,gradually gradually food started becoming a problem.
Titus seeked help from Chinedu who is still a sales boy at his shop.
Titus:See this whole thing don tire me.
Chinedu: You mean say the man no gree settle you?
Titus:Yes o.
Chinedu: Na to kill am be that and earn hin property.
Titus:Hey,Chineduuuuu…Nawa 4 you o
Chinedu: If you no wan return to your vulcanizing work,na wetin you go be that.
Titus:I go think am.
Chinedu: Think am well oo.
Titus thought about it very well and decided to kill the Chief the next day,because hunger was tearing his family apart and his wives were pregnant…
The next day,he went to meet Chief.
to be continued…


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