Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 16

Chinedu: After spending money on the white wedding what next?
Titus:Na to go house na
Chinedu: Good, everybody go go their house abi..You and your wives go come dey hustle to recover the money.
Titus:Abeg leave matter for Mathias. Their papa go settle them so problem no go dey.
Chinedu:Sheybi dey don tell you say na only traditional wedding their papa talk say e go sponsor.
Titus:That one no mean say he no go settle them na.As he no get son wey go inherit hin property, e go divide am 4 dem and na me go still collect am.
Chinedu: I don talk my own o.
****Chiefs house****
Laura:So dad,you mean you won’t put a dime in our white wedding
Chief: Yes,is your husband not working? Does he not have friends? He should be able to do the wedding single handedly.
Lara:Dad buh at least assist na.
Chief: Okay,okay. I will be responsible for the drinks that day
Lara:Dad its too small
Chief: I see you guys are not serious.
Laura and Lara decided to go to Titus house and tell him.
****Titus house****
Lara:Baby,my dad said he is not assisting o
Titus:Make una find way o.
Laura:He said he’s only assisting in drinks.
Titus:That one no be anything.
Lara:Don’t worry, I will borrow some money from my friends
Laura:Me too
Titus:That’s why I love una (pecking them).
****wedding day****
The white wedding was celebrated in a big way,it was graced by many.
As usual good times in life will always come to an end such was the situation of Titus and his wives.
They were driven to their new apartment which is just 2 bedroom flat, one room for him and his wives,the other for Chinedu..
In the night they were calculating how much they made.
Titus:Wow, we don make money o
Lara:Just 900k and you are screaming.
Laura:Don’t even think you are taking this money.
Titus:For wetin na,maka why?
Find out why he won’t partake from the money in the next episode or better still you can start dropping your guesses
to be continued…


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