Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 12

Chief: So which of them?
Titus:Oga,shey na dream be this abi na vision I dey see…Chinedu wetin dey happen?
Chinedu: Titus,as you see am na so I see am.
Titus:For the two of you, who be Lawra
They both raised their hands.
Titus:I say Who be Lawra?
They both raised their hands.Laura was telling Lara to put her hands down and Lara also told her to put her hands they were both arguing.
Chief:Will the both of you keep quiet?? And you Young man show me who you came for
Titus:Oga show me who be Lawra.
Unfortunately, the chief doesn’t know his daughters except by name so he couldn’t help Titus.
Chief: This children you have finally decided to put me to shame…Who is his wife to be here
They both raised hands again
Chief: Now the both of you should go inside now!
Titus:Oga,I think I go dey commot now…Nedu make we begin go
They left but not without carrying their drinks..
***inside the chiefs house***
Chief: So you both have finally showcased your madness outside abi???If by next tomorrow you both ain’t still ready to own up then you are disowned………..GET OUT OF HERE NOW!
They ran to their room.
Lara:Laura,pls lemme just marry him
Laura:Not in my life.
Lara:But you rejected him before
Laura:Did I now say you should marry him?
Lara:Pls don’t be like this lemme marry him.
Laura:I said never! Unless we both marry him
****Titus house****
Titus:Chinedu, chai…Abomination
Chinedu: No be small o.
Titus:No be you cause am?
Chinedu: How?
Titus:You no find out about the family well,you con tel me rubbish.
Chinedu: So you dey blame me now
Titus:Before nko.
Chinedu: You know wetin go happen?
Chinedu: Marry the two..
Fams…should he marry the two or forget about them
to be continued…


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