Friday, 22 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 10

*****3days later*****
Laura came to visit him in the shop.
Titus:How far
Laura:Fine o
Titus:I dey see am for your body.
Laura:So have you thought about the business?
Laura:So which one
Titus:Na rice business o,I go dey import bag of rice dey sell am.
Laura:Its quite good What about the capital
Titus:Eeerm…150k for a start.
Laura:What about shop rent
Laura:So 185k abi?
Laura:Okay,I go collect am from my papa come give you next tomorrow.
Titus:Thank you (kissing her) Hey Nedu wetin you dey look.
She left the shop promising to return next tomorrow.
Chinedu:Guy this woman love you die o..Wetin go happen next be say we need to go and see the father on time.
Titus:Money no dey na
Chinedu: No be to buy crate of beer go meet her papa. If she come next tomorrow she go give you like 4k na
Titus:Na true o.You get sense o.
Chinedu: B4 nko…
*****next tomorrow*****
Laura:This is the money so start running the business immediately
Titus:Okay,don’t worry I go soon see your papa.
Laura:Okay just tell me anytime you want to come. I think you know my house abi?
Laura:Bye (giving him 3k)
Titus was happy things were going smoothly for him then he exclaimed ‘poverty na disease’.
The next day he paid the rent of the shop he has priced already and started stocking his shop immediately with bags of rice.He made Chinedu the salesboy (such is life)..
In life when things are rough there is always that person there to help you but once you hit jackpot you forget that person.. Hope you Fams ain’t like that,remember no one knows tomorrow…
to be continued…


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