Sunday, 17 December 2017

Oga Titus Episode 1

Ghen ghen…This is another story from the stable of Eze Israel, this one is called Oga Titus.
This is an hilarious story that centers on a young man Titus,he is between the ages of 26-29.He fights hard to eject poverty from his life but to achieve that purpose he needs to marry a woman whose father is rich.His advicer is no other person than his best friend, Chinedu. Join me in this story as we see what becomes of Titus,sorry Oga Titus like he said Chinedu should call him..
Madam Uche
Episode 1
Titus:Chai,Chinedu…Iyaf suffer,just imagine which kind life be dis one…Shey na dis vulcanizer work I go do die?
Chinedu:No talk like dat,no talk am..God dey,he go carry us go up
Titus:Which time dat time go come.
Chinedu:Just be patient, wait for Gods time
Titus:Oooh be patient be patient, dats why I like Olamide..He say I no get patient and I no want the bone..So forget this patient tin you dey tell me.
Chinedu:Na you dey talk o,if God do am now even you sef go shock
Titus:Okay o,I hear you… Oya go answer customer
Chinedu:You no fit go?After you wan make am abi
Titus:Abeg just free me..
(Chinedu went to answer the customer)
Chinedu:Madam, good afternoon
Madam:Afternoon, what’s wrong with your friend?
Madam:Are you afraid?
Chinedu: No ma o
Madam:So speak what’s wrong?
Chinedu: He’s hungry..We are hungry
Madam:Rili?! Is dat why he’s face is like that?
Chinedu:Madam,haven’t you heard that a hungry man is an angry man
Madam:Is true,you are right
(Titus coming towards them)
Titus:Come o,I no understand you Chinedu.Na work you come do abi na talk you com talk ehn?
Chinedu: Me and her dey talk price
Titus:Na price una dey talk siiinceee..Wetin be the work she wan do,na pumping of tire abi na patching
Chinedu: The two both of them join together
Titus:Chi…Chinedu, the two both of them together??Who teach you English
Chinedu: Okay,teacher Titus correct me na
Titus:It is errrrm…errrm…
Chinedu: Oya na,nwa teacher
Titus:Calm down, am trying to combinate my sentence wella…It is the two of them altogether join.
Chinedu:I know say you go know am
Madam: The both of you are just so funny
Chinedu: We are not comedy
Titus:Ah Chinedu, no be comedy, its joker.We are not joker
Chinedu: Eeh you go join am to become comedy joker
Titus:E be like say we go add ‘s’ to become ‘comedy jokers’ abi
Chinedu: Yea,you are correct
Madam: (Laughing hard) the both of you will not kill me with laugh,oya go to the boot and take the tire. I will come in the evening for it.. Take this money too (giving them 200n)just buy snacks its not money for your job. I will give you that when I come later.
Chinedu: Okay ma..Oya Titus go carry the carry the tire
Titus:Thunder fire you, you dey crase?You see say hunger wan kill me for here,you better go carry am.Bring the money make I go buy garri and groundnut.(collecting the money)
Madam: (laughing) both of you ehn
Chinedu took the tire out and bade the woman bye.
to be continued…


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