Friday, 15 December 2017

Joke Of The Day

Today I decided to go and rest at my mom's
When I got their, I met my younger
sister serving food to a pretty damsel.
I couldn't
resist her beauty, so I acted like a customer.
younger sister knew my moves, so she smiled
and played along.
ME: Hey! give me food am in a hurry, I didn't
park my car well (My sister smiled and the girl
gave me a charming look)
My sister: (Serving me) Customer, U can change
car ooo.
Look at the type of car u brought today
(Pointing at someone's Range Rover, that parked outside)
Me: Yaah, that one belongs to my mom.
My dad
travelled, so my mom took his lambogini, so I
decided to use my mom's Range Rover since am
tired of driving that my Ferrari.
My sister couldn't hold the laughter any longer, so she ran out and blast it.....I
was left alone
with the girl, so I introduced myself to her and we
started chatting and I brain washed her.
she was about to succumb, My Mom just
entered...Piam! The next thing I heard was...... #phoenix Na so u go dey chop like mumu. Na only food u know. Anyway, did u sell
the Moi-Moi
My village people later succeeded, I am still
looking for where to hang my self... I have finally
disgraced my ancestors... hahahajajajjaja


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