Sunday, 10 December 2017


Nala kept smiling at me and after few minutes brian came out of the bathroom with a towel, as soon as he saw me he came close to me and kissed me.
Me: brian what happened here, why are u both on towels?
He looked at himself, then looked at nala
brian: ah no! Sweedy its not what you think
me: hmmn
brian: nala was stranded last night so. . . .oh my gosh! Am not good with this kind of explanations
nala: we had great s-x!
Brian: nala!
Me: i have to go
brian: ket!
I quickly left, i ran as fast as i could so he wont catch up with me
i went home feeling depressed, i was very much upset with him i hate it when a guy cheats on me
my cousin kella tried to calm me down but i was way too angry to be calmed.
After a couple of minutes brian came to my apartment, i didnt want to see him so i locked the door and begged kella to send him away. As i expected he refused to go, he was shouting untop of his voice that he loves me, my neighbours were all peeping through windows and kella begged me to go and talk to him but i refused
by night i didnt hear his voice and kella said he was gone so i decided to go out and buy a pad because i was expecting my period as soon as i came out, someone held my hand and it was brian
brian: you know i can never cheat on you
me: but you did
brian: please believe me
me: why was she on a towel?
Brian: she spent the night in my house
me: so?
Brian: see ket, nala is trying to get inbetween us
me: and you are already letting her do so
brian: sweedy please stop all this, you know i was’nt cheating on you
me: hmmmn
brian: i love you so much ket, you are the only key that can unlock my heart
i sighed and went inside while he just smiled and followed me to my room
brian: soo? Am i forgiven?
Me: no
brian: mimicking my voice) no
he drew me close to him and kissed me, this time i didnt resist, he placed me on the bed and was about to UnCloth me before i held his hand.
Me: no, not today.
Brian: am still not forgiven right?
Me: am expecting my period tomorow , i can’t risk it.
Brian: jokingly) whats wrong with starting now to give me my 12 children huh?
Me: you are so crazy, (standing up) be right back
brian: where to?
Me: to my bf’s room
brian: i see, you know i wil kill him right?
Me: you need a doctor
brian: i have a doctor in the making, i’ll wait.
Me: let me get something, i wont take long
brian: collapsing on my bed) alright i’ll be here.
I left and after i bought the pad i came back and kept it on my drawer
brian: why is it irregular?
me: meaning?
Brian: it was on the 17 last time right?
Me: you take record of my period??
Brian: sorry ma’am.
Me: crazy guy
brian: you caused it
i undressed before him, and went to the bathroom
brian: can i join you?
Me: NO!
Brian: why?
Me: you’d be tempted to touch.
He smiled while i took my bath, when i was done, we gisted and he finally left by 9:00 pm.
The next day, i dressed up for school early because i was having lectures by 7:30 am i wore a straight-cut black and pink gown that reached my knee a flat shoe and my hang bag i didnt want to disturb brian so i had to walk for close to an hour, i got to the lecture room but they was no one yet except for a guy who was on black and black and all i could see was his back i greeted him but he refused to answer so i decided to mind my business. I sat down and started reading my book before i heared ‘sexy’ i turned and saw josh and my heart skipped a bit.
Me: josh?
Josh: did you miss me?
Me: dont come close to me (pointing a pen at him)
josh: aaaarh! Am scared
me: crying) please dont hurt me again please.
Josh: i’d be gentle this time.
Me: you are a monster!
Josh: i have plans for us, i love you sexy dont you get it?
Me: you call raping me love?
Some students started coming in and i expected josh to go away but he didnt, instead he sat down an d brought out his books thats when it dawned on me that the devil is my course mate
i felt awfully uncomfortable and didnt even understand what the lecturer was teaching
as soon as i received all my lectures i ran home and tried calling brian but he was not answering so i got scared and sat down on my bed
josh suddenly came in and locked the door and i knew he followed me i was so scared and kella was not at home
i screamed but no one could hear me
josh tore my clothes and raped me twice i kept screaming and saying ‘josh please stop!’ but it was in vain he kept raping me and forcing me to change positions but i kept screaming
suddenly i heared ‘ket wake up’
i opened my eyes and saw brian, then i realised it was another dream about josh raping me but i was still crying
brian: was it josh again?
Me: crying loudly)he raped me, he raped me again and again he ra. . . .
Brian: sssSh i wont let anyone hurt you again alright?
I just nodded and drew close to him, he kissed my forehead and then placed my head on his lap.
Brian: sorry i didnt pick your call, i was in class am so sorry
me: i think josh gained admission into this school
brian: why do you say that?
Me: cos his now my course mate.
Brian: you spoke to him?
Me: he wanted to touch me
brian: that b-----d! you need a guard. I’ll get you one
me: am not clara the state governor’s duaghter, or mirabel the president’s duaghter am ketsiyah. . .
Brian: yea ketsiyah. . . . . the love of my life, the queen of my world, my treasure an. . . . .
Me: bri. . . . .
Brian: you are very important to me and am getting you that guard whether you like it or not
me: i dont want a guard!
Brian: but you need a guard
me: i wil just send him away, i dont want any guard its embarassing, someone might even kidnap me for a ransom thinking am a rich girl.
Brian: ketsiy. . . . .
Me: please talk about something else
Me: hmmmn
brian: miss hmmmn. . . . how was lectures?
Me: it was all about josh please say something else
brian: where’s kella?
Me: she went to see her parents. . . . .where’s your mom?, you never speak of her.
Brian: she’s in a psychiatric hospital (sadly)
me: am so sorry i shouldn’t av asked such a question
brian: smiling) you have the right to know everything that concerns me. . . . . I learnt your parents had an accident on your birthday but you’ve never mentioned it to me.
Me: they wer murdered on my birthday
brian: you dont know that.
Me: am old enough to know that bullets can’t just be found on someone’s body by mistake, someone shot them.
Brian: ketsiyah!
Me: fine how was service today?
Brian: today is thursday. . .put your mind at rest!
Suddenly i got a call from kelvin
me: helo?
Kelvin: can i stay in your apartment for a month?
Me: yea. . . Why not. . Wait! Are you on term break?
Kelvin: nah i got suspended. . . A fool got on my nerves
me: i thought that stupid temper was gone
kelvin: can i come or not? Uncle is getting on my nerves too
me: fine come. . . But dont come with that temper of yours
kelvin: ok thanks, open your door
I heared a knock and as soon as i opened the door kelvin came in, wearing a smile that does’nt even suit him. While brian became very happy at the sight of him. That spoilt brat!
The next day i woke up early and did the house chores, including preparing breakfast for kelvin and i
after eating i took my bath and dressed up for school i was about to open the door when kelvin insisted on coming with me.
Kelvin: i just want to walk you to school.
Me: i dont need your company
kelvin: i have to protect you from josh!
Me: what’s that supposed to mean?. . . Wait! Are you the guard?
Kelvin: yea brian and i already talked about it. . . And-
me: and you are both crazy. . . .sick in the head, tell him i said so
kelvin: i dont want you to get hurt again ket, am here to protect you that’s why am your brother
me: please stop! Josh can’t hurt me in public, dont follow me around i will just feel uncomfortable and loose focus
kelvin: see am tired of talking gently am coming with you whether you like it or not, lets go.
His eyes were filled with rage so i had no other option than to start moving before he will use me to play football and land me in a hospital.
As soon as i opened the door i saw brian standing close to his car and smiling at me while i gave him an awful frown and looked away, he just ignored me and talked to kelvin
brian: it didnt even take you an hour
kelvin: i just told her i work with time. . . . . .i showed her my serious eyes
brian: (laughing) i guess thats why she does’nt even want to smile
i wondered why they kept talking about me even when they knew quite well that i was standing there. . . . . . . Am realy surrounded by crazy guys. Josh, brian, kelvin, uncle, late dad i wonder who else is going to add to my crazy guys list.
After they were done talking we entered the car and zoomed of, brian tried to talk to me but i just ignored him, he made plans with kelvin and didnt even tell me.
We alighted few blocks away from the lecture room, i was about to start moving when brian dragged me back while kelvin excused us
brian: are you still upset with me?
brian: sweetheart??
brian: see if you dont talk to me i would start kneeling down, and the whole world would hear us.
Me: you should have told me about it, you and kelvin just acted as if you both own part of my life!
Brian: am so sorry, we thought it will be for you own good since josh is now your course mate.
Me: but atleast you should have told me
brian: am so so so so sorry.
Me: please dont do it again.
Brian: i wont, so are we forgiven? (winks)
me: yea. . . . I have to go now
brian: i love you, take care of yourself for me
me: i love you too, be careful
he gave me a quick kiss before he handed over a pepper spray to me.
Brian: for josh.
Me: thanks
brian: you are welcome
he left while kelvin followed me to class, posing as a student
kelvin kept staring at josh while josh was busy writting and answering questions asked by the lecturer
as soon as lecturer finished teaching i took my bag and was about to leave with kelvin when a girl walked up to me and gave me a note that read thus:
i quickly showed it to kelvin, he quickly shoved it into his pockets and then called brian who didnt waste time in coming to take us home
they kept making plans on how to get josh while i kept thinking of what to cook because i knew none of their crazy plans will work on josh.
Crazy life.. . . .


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