Thursday, 7 December 2017

Friends With Benefits Episode 3

I was still trying on the shoes when I felt like checking up on Jackson cause he's suddenly quiet.
I glanced over at him when he didn't respond . He had a sly smile on his face and my mind clicked towards what he was holding. Jackson turned to face me, a cocky smirk plastered on his face as he raised his hand which had a black lacy thong in it . I felt my cheeks heat up but I tried to act like it didn't bother me.
“Jenny, what's this ?” Jackson asked his voice cracking sightly as he tried to hide his amusement.
Slowly I walked towards him, until our body were almost touching, I reached up so my lips were hovering by his ear. As I started to speak, I heard him guarsp quietly,
“joke all you want Jackson, I know you'd love to see me in that ” And with that I grabbed the thong out of his hands and of cause added it to the list of the things I have bought so far.
“your catching flies ” I giggled, which seems to wake him up from his face
“teasing me, ain't you? ” he muttered under his breath
‘“don't deny it, I know you love it when I tease you. Any way I think we should start going ”’ I glanced at my wristwatch .
“ I guess, for the first time in your life, your right. ” Jackson joked, his eyes following mine to the watch.
“shut up ” I responded, shoving him in the chest.
“you just love to touch the abs huh? ” Jackson smirked, making my hand immediately drop to my side
“so what if I do ” I whispered, leaning towards him
“then am not complaining ” he said winking before grabbing the stuff we selected and sauntering out of the room .
“happy birthday princess ” Jackson said looking at me.
“happy birthday too big boy” there is something about his stare that sends goose bumps around my body but I tried to not let it affect me.
“who are you with ?” I asked when I noticed he was alone which is really not normal for Jackson cause where ever he goes he comes with a date but today...
“with you ” he smirked “or do you have a date? ” he asked looking behind me
“no I just broke up with my boyfriend so am alone tonight ”
“then be my date tonight ” I smiled of cause I will be his date especially since I know that he didn't come here with anyone because of me. He always does that on my birthday, our birthday actually.
‘“when you've finished checking me out can we go inside ”’ I smirked as his eyes snapped to my face and his cheeks darkened to a light shade of red
“Are you blushing? ” I teased, pinching his cheeks
“No ” he responded way to quickly .
‘“is okay Jackson, I know I look good ”’ I giggled
“ I look better ” he retorted, his cocky smirk slipping back onto his face.
“someone thinks a lot of themselves ” I chuckled as we walk inside the party house .
The party was really fun especially since our parents agreed to let us be in charge of everything by staying out of our way. We danced, drink to get drunk.
“so how long have you two been going out? ” a girl that was dancing close to us who I think I have seen in school before asked gesturing to Jackson and I.
My eyes widen and I couldn't help but burst into a fit of giggles. Jackson soon joined me, holding his stomach, he was laughing so hard.
“we are not going out ” we finally managed to splutter out simultaneously. ‘“we are just friends ”’ we continued, still in sync.
Her mouth dropped open slightly before her eyes locked on Jackson . His mouth instantly formed in a seductive way and she moved closer to him.
Wow she was being subtle. I smirked at Jackson , winking at him as the girl I discovered her name to be Tina reached him.
"So, now that I know you are single , how about get to know each other a bit better" she whispered, sticking her chest out. She looked desperate to me.
‘‘just because am not going out with Jennifer doesn't mean that am single ’’ Jackson said, looking annoyed.
“well I guess that's your loss then ” she shrugged and sashayed off towards her next target
“I didn't know you had a girlfriend ?” I asked as I moved closer to him .
“I don't but she was too desperate for my liking ” Jackson chuckled.
“whoah I never thought I'd see the day where Jackson Peters turn down a girl ” I said, faking horror.
“am offended, are you saying my standards are low? ”
“are you saying they are not? I mean you will jump in bed with any girl ” I giggled, turning to look at him as we continue to dance.
‘I guess, except there is one girl I have never jumped straight into bed with ’ he responded smirking as he stared at me.
‘‘oh no, don't ever try it ’’ I replied , holding my hands up as I back away from him.
“why not? You know you want to really ” he smirked as he started walking towards me a glint of evil in his eyes
Instead of responding , I turned and sprinted the rest of the way to the house . I could hear Jackson behind me.


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