Wednesday, 6 December 2017

CRY OF BABIES (Journey To The Unknown) Episode 8

“Adanna wait up now!!” Ikemba one of the
strong youth of Umuanyanwu, average height,
very dark in complexion and very muscular
shouted the name of Adanna jumping out from
the bush, but Adanna didn’t care to look back.
She walked faster but Ikemba outran her and
held her hand but she shook off his hands and
turned facing him angrily
“Ikemba what is it?!!” She asked angrily
“I have told you to stop following me Ikemba!!”
She yelled at him
“Adanna, but you know that is not possible
because I love you” Ikemba said
“Love?? What kind of Love?? Eeh Ikemba,
Spiritual Love or Physical Love” Adanna angrily
“Genuine love Adanna, just give me the
chance” Ikemba said
“Ikemba, if you are the only one to Love in this
world, then I will prefer becoming a reverend
Sister in the city, mtcheew!!” Adanna snubbed
him and left immediately
“Cheei!! Me Ikemba just received this insult
from a girl?? Don’t worry, I will show you” He
said annoyed and went his way. On walking few
meters away, he met Etemmanya the drunk
“Ikemba, this one you are walking like this hot
afternoon” Ete said staggering and not looking
at Ikemba who stopped in front of him
“Ete, what is your business in my walking in the
afternoon” Ikemba answered him with a
“Ikemba, you must be very stupid to answer
me with a question. My wine is old enough to
give birth to your father” Ete said still
“Ete, if not because of one thing eeh, I would
have beaten you blue black” Ikemba said
“Cheii.. Try it!!” Ete said
“Let me drop this my wine and beat sense into
you” Ete said with a wine cracking voice
“Do you think having big breasts like a lady and
shaking them like basket ball or bouncing baby
boy. You think it makes you strong. Mtcheeew”
Ete insulted his potentials
“I don’t have your time” Ikemba said and tried
to leave
“No.. Come and fight me, black Monkey.
Hahha” Ete insulted him the more looking at
“This boy has drained my battery, let me go
and recharge at Mama Nkwu’s place, he said
looking at his empty bottle of wine.
“Mama, I am feeling that we have more
enemies than friends” Azuka said to his Mother
as they sat on the local bed in her chambers
“Thank God you have discovered that My Son”
Lolo said
“They are jealous that your father is the King
because no one ever believed he will be the
next King of Umuanyanwu” She added
“I see” Azuka said nodding his head
“We will conquer them one after the other”
Lolo said
“But Nne (Mother) what about the Priestess?”
Azuka asked
“She is nothing my son. She is working under
the bribery she collected from our enemies”
Lolo said
“What!!!” Azuka exclaimed
“Of Course” Lolo added
“We have to act fast, and I guess we should
begin with that Anochie, but how we will do it is
what I am still don’t know” Lolo said and Azuka
smiled evily
“Nne, leave that to me” He said and Lolo
Nwaaku praised him
“I think we should tell Papa about this” Azuka
“Don’t bother about your father, I will handle
him” Lolo concluded…


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