Thursday, 7 December 2017

CRY OF BABIES (Journey To The Unknown) Episode 14

“Haa… Nne, where did you get this from?”
Azuka asked mopping at the big grasscutter
Amaka held and at same time viewing the
irrestible shape of Amaka
“My Son, It was the twin hunters who gave
them to me” Lolo replied and ordered Amaka
to go and prepare it for meal. Lolo walked with
Azuka to the throne where Ebubedike was
sitted smiling at them
“Nna anyi I greet you” Lolo greeted
“Yes My Queen, I can see your walk today
produced something tangible” Igwe said and
they laughed. After in few minutes finished
preparing the meal and served to everyone of
which they ate.
Meanwhile, Ada and Anochie finished their
meal and had a long conversation till the
evening filled with laughter, smiles and body
“I have to be going now” Ada said
“It’s getting Late” She added and Anochie
jokingly frowned his face
“Silly boy” Ada said picking up her basket and
“Alright, we will see tomorrow” Anochie said
and Ada left.. On her way home she ran into
Mrs. Nworie who was coming back from their
“Arrh, Nne are you going already” Ada asked in
“Hmm.. Ada, yes I am ooh, let me go and meet
my husband at home” Mrs. Nworie said and
laughed along with Ada who left after the
happy conversation jumping around. Mrs.
Nworie turned around looking at her. She
shook her head and went her way..
The village of Umuanyanwu became calm and
silent as everyone has gone to bed. The clouds
glowed with stars and the illumination of the
moon was a bit bright. Noises and sounds of
animals were heard from the bushes and
streams with a cool wind blowing all over.
Anochie stretched out in slumber as he laid on
his bed. Moments later he began to shake on
the bed
Anochie was walking in a lonely path feeling a
bit scared as he held his flute in his right hand.
Suddenly, two unknown men jumped out from
the bush and attacked Anochie. Anochie luckily
escaped their first strike and ran as fast as his
legs could carry him. He ran meters away from
the place but they maintained the chase on
him.. He ran faster and fell to the grassy
ground and incurred a wound on his left hand
which he never noticed, he crawled
immediately and stood up running again. Few
seconds after running he ran into an old man
who was walking with a walking stick and fell on
the ground again pleading
“Please, don’t kill me” Anochie pleaded the old
man who looked so harmless.
“What is chasing you my Son” The old man
asked in a shaky voice and Anochie turned
around but surprisingly he didn’t see his
attackers anymore, so he breathed heavily not
knowing what to say
“It’s alright my Son, come” The old man said
stretching out his hands and Anochie quickly
stood up without holding the man and he
sluggishly followed the man thinking he was
among the people chasing him
“Don’t be afraid my Son Come” The old man
reduced the fear that gripped Anochie and he
followed him. They walked for few minutes
without talking but Anochie then broke the
“Old Man, who are you?” Anochie asked and the
man looked at him without saying anything
“Please talk to me” Anochie pleaded and the
Man stopped walking and starred at Anochie
“You will face difficulties and troubles my Son”
The old man said ignoring Anochie’s question
which made him confused
“What?? How??” Anochie asked
“Times and tide will tell the answer to your
question My Son” The old man said and
Anochie was speechless
“But always remember, I am with You” The Old
man said and began to fade away with the wind
“No wait, don’t go… Just tell me who you
are..!!” Anochie exclaimed and fell on his
kneels as the old man disappeared completely.
Only the last words of the Old Man echoed in
his ears…
Anochie woke up sweating profusely on his
bed. He didn’t scream as he never wanted to
awaken his mother who will never understand
what he explains to her.
“What a dream” Anochie said to himself and
wondered as he also recalled the words of Ete
the drunk.. He laid down again in thoughts
trying to sleep but he never slept.
Early and bright was the morning as Anochie
woke up picking up a cutlass. His mother was
behind the house sweeping when he met her
“Nne good Morning” Anochie greeted holding
the cutlass
“My Son, hope you slept well” Mrs. Nworie
asked dropping the broom she was holding
“Yes Mama, let me go and fetch some
firewood” Anochie said and the mother turned
to him
“Isn’t it too early my Son, have some rest. At
least wait for Ada to come” Nworie said
“No Mama, I want to also fetch for them today
as she normally does for Us” Anochie said and
the Mother smiled
“That’s good and thoughtful of you my son”
Nworie said and Anochie smiled and tried to
leave but his mother called him back
“Anochie” She called
“Yes Nne (Mother)” Anochie answered
“What is that bleeding in your left arm?” Mrs.
Nworie asked
“Erhhm.. I don’t know Mama” Anochie replied
also surprised to see the injury and the
“Maybe when I was collecting the cutlass I
pierced my hand into something” Anochie
covered his ignorance of not knowing what
happened to him
“Cheii.. You see what I am telling you my son.
Take things easy” Nworie said and brought a
leaf, squeezed out the liquid of the leaf and
touched it on the wound which seized the
bleeding a bit.
But what still baffles the imagination of Nworie
and Anochie was that the bleeding was a bit
much but Anochie did not even know that his
hand was bleeding.. Later on, after few local
medications by Anochie’s mother, he left for
the firewod…


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